Ezoic Review: An Ad Platform Built With Publishers In Mind

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Ezoic is an advertising platform that bloggers and website owners with previous advertising experience might find useful. The reason being the overall holistic approach Ezoic takes to the advertisement in general.
The company stresses that they’re not an ad network or even an ad tech partner, but a service that uses machine learning to optimize your website performance.
They focus on customizing the on-site experience for each website visitor specifically. This article will talk about Ezoic in more detail and focus on one of their most prominent features – the Ad Tester.

More About Ezoic

Since launching around a decade ago, Ezoic has been continuously developed as a platform designed with publishers in mind. They focus on the user experience, as well as generating the most revenue for their publishers.
Something that Ezoic has going for them that other platforms don’t is that they’re a Google Certified Publishing Partner. Essentially, that means that Ezoic is a powerful and trusted tool that helps publishers with Google’s AdSense and Ad Manager services.
They’re the only website testing platform Google has partnered up with, and there are good reasons for that. The most important being the powerful machine learning approach they use.
The other has to do with Ezoic’s experience and knowledge when it comes to AdSense implementation. The company is also a member of Coalition for Better Ads, an organization that has set the standards for best user experience and ad placement.

Ezoic Pricing

The good news about using Ezoic is that it comes with an entirely free plan: Ezoic’s core platform is free for all websites. The one condition they do have is that all websites will have to place a small ad at the bottom of their blog or website, that’s it.
The free plan includes Big Data Analytics, SSL generator, and other useful features. You’ll also have access to 24/7 support and have the option to talk to their experts directly. You’ll also get an account manager and assistance for setting up your account.
Also, they have a subscription option for a 10% portion of the ad revenue, but it also gives you many more features to take advantage of.
Finally, they also offer a custom integration plan for large digital media brands. Pricing for these companies is customized, and you’d have to contact Ezoic directly to get a quote.

Ezoic Eligibility Requirements

Even though Ezoic isn’t a typical advertising platform, and they don’t have conventional “publishing partners,” they have certain guidelines and requirements about who can work with them.
You’ll be able to create an Ezoic account in a matter of minutes. It will then be up for review by Ezoic. Unlike some advertising and website testing platforms, they don’t make it too difficult to join.
To become eligible for ad monetization, you’ll need to have around 10,000 sessions each month on your website. As with any major ad platform, they set a high standard when it comes to content. This means that unique and fresh content will be considered.
Another important requirement is that if you already have an AdSense account, and that your website needs to be in good standing with Google. Also, there needs to be an identifiable traffic record on your website.
Ezoic requires you to adhere to Google’s Ad Policy, as well, so that’s important to keep in mind. Here’s the list of the most egregious offenses that will lead to an automatic rejection by Ezoic:

  • Inappropriate content
  • Dishonest behavior
  • Promoting counterfeit or dangerous products
  • Abusing the ad platform in any way
  • Misrepresentation of any kind
  • Copyright violations
  • Political content

Ezoic Mediation App

The way Ezoic works is that once you open an account, they’ll connect you with Google Double Click Ad Exchange, which is a marketplace where all the advertising space is bought and sold.
If you already have ads on your website, you don’t need to worry about them being replaced with Ezoic. But to do that, you’ll have to install the Mediation app to your Ezoic account.
Once you do that, Ezoic will link other ad networks you’re already using to your account. If the ads you already have bring more revenue than Ezoic offers, they will remain on your website.
If not, Ezoic will replace them for more profitable ads. Also, after you’ve set up the Ezoic account and the Mediation app, the entire process is completely automatic.

Ezoic Ad Tester

Most publishers turn to Ezoic because of their Ad Tester tool. Ezoic understands that many publishers only use the static ad layout on their website.
That means that every user sees the same ad in the same place. Ezoic emphasizes that no two users have the same browsing experience and behavior. What the Ezoic’s Ad Tester tool does is it personalizes the experience for every user.
For some, they’ll place the same ad at the top of the page. And for others, at the sidebar. But the tester uses other variables as well, such as the time of day users visit your website, the traffic source, which devices are used, ad density, and ad size.
The Ad Tester goes even as far as to examine the connection speed each user has and the weather in their location, if it serves a purpose to place ads that will bring more revenue.
What’s evident is that Ezoic has a unique attitude towards this process because equally focuses on the publishers and users. They believe that the key to more revenue is when users have a more positive experience on your website.

Which Website Category Does Ezoic Work With?

Some advertising platforms tend to gravitate to a specific niche in terms of content and overall website category. Fortunately, for many bloggers and independent publishers out there, Ezoic works with all content verticals.
Websites that feature content ranging from gardening to culture, education, and technology are more than welcome to apply.
Also, Ezoic doesn’t limit publishers to use specific website building platforms like only using WordPress or Blogger.
They welcome every website configuration and host. However, you need to have access to your nameserver and DNS records for this to be possible.

Ezoic Payment Method

Before signing up for Ezoic, we should also look into what the options are when it comes to the payment methods and payout thresholds. Ezoic keeps things pretty simple, and the minimum payout amount is $20, which is more accommodating than the Google AdSense threshold of $100.
However, similarly to AdSense, Ezoic has payouts every 30 days, at the end of the month. You’ll be able to track all of your earning through the Ezoic platform and request payments once you reach the threshold.
Payment methods include a direct bank transfer, PayPal, and check. You can also request an International Wire Transfer Via Payoneer that is subjected to a 2% currency conversion fee.

Advantages of Using Ezoic

The most significant advantage Ezoic has over other advertising platforms is the Ad Tester tool that takes a broad approach to optimize the user experience and publisher’s revenue.
If a publisher has difficulty assessing the best ad placement and what they can do to increase their revenue, Ezoic is a powerful tool to apply.
They also provide excellent reporting metrics. The company also allows websites with fewer impressions to access advertisers by not having a high traffic requirement.

Disadvantages of Using Ezoic

Perhaps the only striking disadvantage of Ezoic is that it has a learning curve to it. It’s not the simplest tool to implement, and there might be some trial and error involved.
Fortunately, the Ezoic support is there to help guide you through the process, and over time it’s not going to seem so complicated.

Choosing a Different Advertising Platform

If you’re not fully satisfied with what a typical ad network offers, the Ezoic platform will surely be a different experience. And if you’re already in good standing with Google AdSense, Ezoic is the tool that can lead you to the next level.
Their Ad Tester is something that the users who visit your page will likely appreciate. And so will you if the revenue starts to increase. When it comes to requirements, Ezoic keeps it simple and copies Google’s rules, and getting approved shouldn’t be too complicated.

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