If you are a writer and maintain a regular blog or simply call yourself a freelance writer who contribute on a regular basis, creating an online portfolio for your blogging is imperative. By having a competent online portfolio, you can showcase yourself before your prospective clients or employers as a right candidate. This can also add values in your resume. Today, online writing is considered to be a competitive world where you can find a number of freelance writers clamoring for relatively a little amount of writing jobs. By creating a good online portfolio, the bloggers can develop a proper platform which portrays his or her skills and experience along with the number of published work and area specialization. The below is the list of competent ways of creating competent online portfolio for your blogging.

Choose an appropriate platform

One of the basic and major steps in creating your online portfolio is to select a right CMS or content management system. You can find a number of systems available over the web including the popular ones- WordPress, Drupal and Blogger. Every system offers you some special and unique benefits, key features and some specific styles. An important element which you have to keep in mind while creating your online profile is to use appropriate format that can help you to portray your writing experience and professionalism. If you are able to create a well designed and appealing kind of online portfolio you give enough reasons to your prospective clients or employers to get attracted towards you.

Focus on simplicity

The basic purpose of an online portfolio is to impress and influence your potential clients or employers. Hence while creating your portfolio it is important to appear in a professional fashion. At such point of time, simplicity is the key to competent and effective web design. Therefore it is recommended to focus on simplicity while creating a competent online portfolio for blogging.

Specify your experience

Generally, you will see traditional writers collecting copies of their published work in different magazines, journals or newspapers. Even when you work in print media, you may likely to see the online edition of your newspaper or magazine which can be incorporated in your online portfolio. However, the bloggers and freelance online writers have their articles published in different websites and blogs carrying a countless links having their name. It is therefore recommended keep a list of their published work along with the site, date and subject. By having a proper track of all these published articles, you as a writer can refer back to your work history and instantly pull up your works as references.

Emphasize upon your experience

Generally, when clients or employers look out for any writer the first and foremost thing which they check is your area of expertise. They simply want to know whether you as a writer can understand their topics the best and produce high quality content as per their desired formats. Hence it is imperative to put across everything regarding your area of specialization or expertise.

Portray your best works in your portfolio

There are different ways and means in which you can portray your best works as a writer in your online portfolio. There are few who simply put a number of links over their profile, while others are seen attaching a word or PDF documents carrying their best works. So irrespective of the way you put your works across your targeted people, simply remember one thing that your prospective clients do not have ample of time to check them all. Hence it is recommended to pick out one or two best articles and put in different fields in a form of various links over your online portfolio. Further, it is always a good idea to add your recent and relevant links over your online profile to give your professional image as a writer.

Check your ‘About Page’ in your portfolio

The significance of ‘About Page’ cannot be underestimated as it is a section which your potential clients would certainly like to visit. They visit this page simply to check about you and your qualification along with tangible amount of your experience and exposure. They will also check for factors like reliability and trustworthiness in you which you can address by incorporating few testimonials from your past clients. They will also check your contact details which should be complete with things like your name, address, email addresses and your phone numbers. You are supposed to incorporate all these details in a clear way without any distraction.

Standing out different in a rush of countless writers can be a difficult task to accomplish especially when you see a massive kind of internet explosion. However, with these fabulous tips and ideas, you can create stunning online portfolio for your blogging. These tips would help you in portraying your writing skills and expertise the best before your prospective clients.

This post was written by Kate, a blogger by profession. She is fond of reading, writing and decorating her house.