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Facebook Ads Blocked: Reasons For Blocking and How To Fix 2022

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As a business or institution owner, Facebook marketing is a fantastic way to get leads.

But, people often dive into ads without paying attention to Facebook’s ad policy.

If you do this, you’re likely to end up with disabled accounts or disapproved ads.

For casual Facebook users, Facebook ads can seem invasive.

You may want to disable these ads due to safety concerns or simply because you find Facebook ads irritating.

This article explores the reasons you get your Facebook ads blocked, how to fix these issues, and why Facebook users block ads in the first place.

What Is a Facebook Ad?

Facebook ads are advertisements designed and broadcasted on the social media platform by various institutions and businesses.

Facebook ads are display ads since they are visible to selected users.

These users get them through Facebook’s targeting tools.

Facebook ads are open to interactions such as shares, comments, and reactions.

With Facebook ads, you specify how much you want to spend, including the total amount, daily budget, or cost per result.

Why Am I Getting Facebook Ads?

You wonder why you see certain ads when you scroll through Facebook.

Often, advertisers personalize and tie Facebook ads to your interests.

Facebook uses your special media account activities and public information to tailor ads to you.

For instance, your activity across Facebook products can help generate ads for you.

Also, the company may use your location information to show ads of advertisers near you.

Are Facebook Ads Dangerous?

No, Facebook ads are generally not harmful.

Facebook has a strict ad policy that all ad posters have to abide by.

If an ad seems harmful or potentially dangerous, you can report the ad or change your personal ad preferences on your Facebook account.

All Facebook ads should:

  • Be compliant with Facebook’s community guidelines
  • Not spread misinformation
  • Not promote illegal activities or substances
  • Not have adult or explicit content

By having various policies in place, Facebook ensures that its users are safe from dangerous advertising efforts.

Can Facebook Ads Cause Viruses?

Normal scrolling through Facebook and updating your timeline won’t give you viruses.

But, like on any other site, viruses can spread through Facebook.

To avoid viruses when using the social media platform, don’t click on unfamiliar links, whether they’re in an ad or a direct message.

Why Block Facebook Ads?

There are times when you might feel that Facebook ads are a little invasive because of how targeted they are.

Some of these ads may be based on what you once searched on your browser.

Many people feel like this is an invasion of their privacy.

On Facebook, most people want to scroll through friends’ posts, share content they love, and react to pages.

You might shy away if you feel your information and location are being monitored by Facebook marketing efforts.

For this reason, you may choose to block Facebook ads.

Doing this reduces the number of advertisers trailing you. It will also increase your online privacy.

With ads blocked, you don’t have to worry about creepy ads or location-based marketing.

How To Block Ads on Facebook

Blocking annoying Facebook ads is relatively simple.

In a few easy steps, you can start enjoying the social media site ad-free.

There are two main ways to get rid of Facebook ads.

vector graphic showing an illustration of what happens when facebook ads blocked screen comes up

How To Block Facebook Ads With an Ad Blocker

There are several ways to block Facebook ads on your devices.

The first way is by installing an ad blocker on your device to control ads.

Good examples of ad blockers we trust include AdBlock and AdGuard.

But, of course, there are many more which may suit your preferences.

Is It Safe To Use Ad Blockers?

Depending on your device and needs, getting the right ad blocker is essential.

Different ad blockers work on various devices.

However, they are safe to use.

Research your options before settling on one, and opt for a free trial before spending money to ensure you’re satisfied with the ad blocker.

Blocking Ads on Facebook Without an Ad Blocker

It’s nearly impossible to block all ads on Facebook without an ad blocker.

But, you can still take control of the ad experience on your account.

If you’re forced to view adverts, they should at least align with your interests.

So, you need to adjust your ad preferences in the settings menu of your Facebook account.

Setting your ad preferences will reduce annoying and creepy ads from popping up while you browse the site.

Why Is Facebook Blocking My Ads?

You might have experienced a scenario where Facebook has blocked your ads.

As common as it is, it’s crucial to understand why this happens.

Facebook may decide to block your ads because of a few reasons based on their site-specific ad policies.

First, it does so because of a violation.

Once you violate a Facebook policy, they will block your ads, or you could receive ad disapproval.

Ad disapproval happens because of flagged words or incessant amounts of characters.

Also, it may occur because of issues with your landing page or using Facebook’s logo.

Therefore, you should consider digging around to identify the cause and rectify it.

How Do I Unblock Ads on Facebook?

As stated above, there are various reasons why Facebook could be blocking your ads.

To get your ads up and running, you first need to identify why Facebook blocks them.

Doing this will give you a good idea of how to get started with the unblocking process.

It’s easier to handle violation problems than disabled account issues.

Ensure all your ad content is up to Facebook’s standards, that your links work, and that your pages are up to date.

Why Was My Facebook Ad Account Disabled?

You may have heard someone complain about Facebook disabling their Ad account.

Unfortunately, it’s a common phenomenon for people who violate Facebook policies.

If Facebook suspects that your account defrauds people, they will disable it.

Getting your ad account disabled can be frustrating, especially if you have a long subscription.

This misfortune calls for identifying the best solution to have your Facebook ad account restored.

How To Restore a Disabled Facebook Advertising Account

Restoring a disabled Facebook advertising account is not a walk in the park.

On the contrary, it can be a tedious process.

The best option involves using the platform’s chat appeal process.

This is an avenue in which Facebook listens to complaints and attempts to issue its verdicts.

If this doesn’t restore your ad account, you should consider setting up a new account.

But, be careful not to fall into the trap of getting your ad account disabled again.

Wrapping Up

Facebook ads continue to be an everyday thing on the social media platform.

As a result, many advertisers reach their target market through Facebook marketing efforts.

But, it’s not always a smooth run for advertisers and Facebook users.

Users may find most ads irritating and choose to disable them.

Users have the option of setting preferences on ads and using ad blockers to get Facebook ads blocked.

Many advertisers encounter blocked ads and disabled accounts, hindering their set goals.

Advertisers should be target-specific with their ads.

They should learn how to keep their ads relevant and policy-compliant.

This move prevents the blocking of ads and disabling of ad accounts.

Now that you understand why Facebook ads are blocked, it’s time to update your ads to ensure they comply with Facebook’s ad policies.

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