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Facebook groups

facebook groups A year ago, I learned about the awesome power of Facebook groups.
I went to a conference called Pioneer Nation in Portland, Oregon. It had a private Facebook group where conference attendees could connect before and after the conference.
A week or so after the conference, I noticed a post where a guy named Josh was asking for feedback on his website. I responded with a couple of suggestions, and asked if I could interview him for my blog.

We ended up talking for 2 hours. Now, a year later, I still talk to him every single week. We share our business goals and struggles and keep each other motivated. I am not sure if I would still be blogging if it weren’t for his constant support.
Facebook groups can, and often do, lead to real relationships that keep you blogging even when it gets hard, give you great post ideas that people are dying to read, and provide opportunities for you to expand your audience and your reach.
You just have to approach them in the right way. Which means:

  1. Choosing groups where “your people” hang out.
  2. Showing up to the same groups consistently so people get to know you.
  3. Only promoting yourself when it’s requested.
  4. Being helpful as much as possible.
  5. Being willing to get vulnerable and ask for support.

Once you learn to do those 5 things, the magical Facebook group doors will open and lead to great things for your blog.

1. Get support on your blogging journey

Let’s face it. Blogging can be a lonely process, especially in the beginning. Often it feels like you’re putting yourself out there without knowing if anyone will even see what you’ve written.
That’s where Facebook groups can feel like a lifeline.
You need people in your life that really “get” what blogging is all about. People who can walk the blogging path alongside you. And Facebook groups are a great place to find them.

You can use Facebook groups to:

  1. Get feedback on your posts and build confidence.
  2. Brainstorm headlines that really work.
  3. Ask technical questions about your blog.
  4. Share struggles you’re having and get support.
  5. Ask for comments on your blog.
    …and so much more.

I don’t know about you, but it’s MUCH easier for me to keep blogging when I know there are loads of people out there who will support me when I need it most.
NOTE: There is a platform is created to give bloggers and others in our field easy access and a good overview of what type of Fb groups are out there and how beneficial could they truly be for their blog by looking at the group’s engagement score. It’s

2. Find great post ideas and connect with potential blog audience members.

The best blog post ideas come from listening to what people want to read about. And Facebook groups are a perfect place to find out what people really care about.
Here are a few ways you can use Facebook groups to get post ideas:
Ask people what they’re excited about/struggling with that is related to your blog topic.
Even if you only get a few responses, you will know what people really want to read about. And it may even lead to a discussion where you can build relationships and show your expertise.
Pay attention to discussions started by other people in your groups.
When someone asks a question about a topic that your blog covers, copy and paste it into a note in Evernote. That way you’ll always have something to refer to when you feel stuck on what to blog about. Then go back and respond to their question with some helpful suggestions. You can even direct them to a post you’ve written (if it feels appropriate).
Do a search within groups for keywords related to your blog topic, or read through old comments from the past few days/weeks to see if anyone mentioned something that you can write about on your blog.
Getting blog post ideas from Facebook groups is WAY better than coming up with them on your own, because you already know that someone cares about the topic!

2. Build relationships with other bloggers that lead to opportunities for greater exposure for your blog.

Facebook groups aren’t just great for getting post ideas – they can also lead to opportunities to grow your blog. Here are a few of the ways you can make that happen:
Blog post promotion days that lead to long-term relationships.
Many Facebook groups have blog sharing days when you can post a link to your blog post so that other people can comment on or share your post.
It’s nice when other bloggers share your stuff, but the real magic of these blog sharing days is that they give you an opportunity to support other bloggers and build relationships.
When you share other bloggers’ posts week after week, and they do the same for you, something amazing happens: you actually become friends. And that leads to great opportunities, like collaborating on blog posts, webinars, etc.
Getting guest posting and interview opportunities.
Many bloggers actively seek out guest posters and people to interview. And they do it in Facebook groups, because they know that other bloggers hang out there. Keep your eyes peeled for those types of posts.
You can also be proactive and write your own post letting people know that you are looking for guest posting opportunities. A good format for this is, “Hi, I am loving this group! I write about ______ and am looking for opportunities to guest post on blogs about _____. Let me know if you’re interested!”
Getting your blog listed in link roundups.
Many bloggers publish monthly link roundups of blog posts they’ve loved that month. A great way of getting featured in these lists is by connecting with other bloggers on Facebook groups. I’ve been featured in a number of link roundups without even having to ask, because my blogger friends wanted to support me and liked my posts.
So, are you convinced of the awesome power of Facebook groups? They can provide emotional and technical support, help you come up with great blog post ideas, and expand your blogging reach as well.
Jump in and join a few groups today!
Daniela Uslan is a blogging strategist who helps business owners blog with clarity, confidence and focus. Check out her blog for more blogging tips or connect with her on Twitter.

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