Not only will Twitter be using hashtags. Apparently, reports said that Facebook has been rolling out plans to implement hashtags into its News Feed, which performs the same way as that of Twitter. Here, a person would include a hash symbol (#) attached to a word related to a certain post. It will then link users to a certain page where post and discussions related to the hashtagged word is displayed. Just like Twitter, the Facebook’s hashtag feature will allow users to see what is trending all over the Internet (on Facebook, at least).

More importantly, however, the rumored plan to incorporate the hashtag into Facebook would greatly benefit social media marketers, especially those who use the platform to promote products or services through Facebook pages. Here are some reasons why:

•    Hashtags act like SEO keywords.

Facebook HashtagsIn search engine optimization or SEO, keywords are used to help optimize certain business pages so that search engines can index them and rank them accordingly. For Internet marketers, the use of keywords will help brands get discovered by the right demographic or people. The same concept can also be said on Facebook hashtags. Brands can go into conversation threads being read by people with the same interests on a certain subject.

•    Hashtags will make Graph Search more legit.

Both users and advertisers can greatly benefit on hashtags to get to know the trending real-time events on Facebook. However, this feature is more than just that. In fact, many believe it will be implemented any time soon to help legitimize the previous feature that Facebook included, which is the Graph Search. With the two features combined, this would make Facebook marketing even easier.

•    Hashtags are basically trackers.

For Facebook marketers, the hashtag enables them to keep track of what their target audiences are engaging in, helping them analyze and determine what consumers are thinking. No more exertion of effort just to follow the audiences’ conversations and other unnecessary activities.

•    Hashtags help brands a great deal.

Facebook hashtags can help brands obtain customer feedback by following hashtags and finding out what their local or even worldwide audiences say about the product or services that the brands promote online. Also, hashtags enable customers and other online followers the power and freedom to tell others about the brand they follow. Their words may serve as testimonials for prospective clients or customers, which make hashtags a primary factor in merging the functionality of product or client blogs or reviews into Facebook.

When this new Facebook feature pushes through some time this year or even next year, it is expected that not only will users benefit from it, but also Internet marketers. Brands will easily earn recognition. Empowerment for customers ensues. Marketers can keep track of what is trending worldwide, as well as respond to client or customer feedback. Hashtags, however, should be used in moderation so as not to spam online users. Still, Facebook hashtags are still up in the air as of this moment, and all we can do is wait for the big announcement.

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