With the fireworks dying down and people recovering from their new year drunken stupor, it’s time to think about how social media will affect us all in 2014. Facebook has reached quite a bit of milestones in 2013 so it’ll be interesting to watch out for more of their notable announcements.

Check out some Facebook trends that we predict may happen this year:

1. Better performance and responsive design for Facebook mobile app

Do You Love Facebook Contests?

With everything mobile going mainstream these days, Facebook is not about to lose out to other social media network by sacrificing their mobile market share. Some known issues such as slow-loading pages, regular crashes and inability to access timelines at times are highly annoying, prompting users to access Facebook using mobile browsers instead of its the mobile app.

2. Blogging will continue to rule – Facebook may possibly capitalize on this


There are rumors saying blogging will die a slow death in 2014. Well, believe them not. Blogging WILL continue to rule, mark my words. And what’s more, who’s to discount the fact that there may be a new blogging platform built into Facebook itself (maybe even replacing the Note feature)? The social networking giant could provide a breath of fresh air to blogging and likewise, it would be very profitable for Team Zuckerberg as users find new reasons to log into their Facebook accounts daily.

3. Facebook cracks down on spam

Spammy content and fake likes will not get you anywhere in 2014 – the Facebook team is continuing their efforts to banish these negative elements to ensure a viable social network that creates value for all (genuine) users.

For those who are frustrated over having to pay to get their posts seen, here are some strategies:

  • Create authentic, awesome content your mother would be proud of. And that means creating and sharing something that other users would find value in.

  • Embed Facebook posts. Conversations are not only conducted on Facebook but it’s possible to have one on other sites and blogs if you embed your best posts.

  • Encourage your fans to receive notifications. Ever wondered why so few of your posts get seen even though you have thousands of fans? Post an update on your Wall asking if your fans would be so kind as to hover their cursor over your Page’s ‘Like’ button, and then click on receive notifications. This simple act can instantly get you more eyeballs for your content (just make sure they’re good!)

  • Curate the best content you can find. Seen or heard about articles, videos or photos that impress you? Why not curate them, insert your own take or annotations and see your fanbase grow?

Facebook Likes Viral Content

4. Pictures will go BIGGER on Facebook this year

Everyone knows Facebook bought Instagram right? But not everyone knows about its integration. Did you know that you can share BIGGER Instagram photos on Facebook? Once you do, you’ll get a dedicated “Instagram Photos” album to collate all your uploaded Instagram shots.

With image-centric sites like Instagram and Pinterest ruling the Internet in 2013, this trend will possibly continue with Facebook revamping both mobile and desktop app to feature a more image-rich layout. Larger thumbnails, anyone?

5. Videos will make a big splash on Facebook

And not just any videos too – the ability to post short videos from Instagram onto Facebook pages will lead more marketers and businesses to capitalize on this. The fact that Instagram became the fastest-growing network (150 million users uploading 40 million pictures per day – imagine that!) in 2013 is proof that Instagram will only get bigger, and Facebook is about to capitalize on this.

We may not have seen a lot of these videos but 2014 will be a year where everyone will try their hand at taking short videos via Instagram and uploading them on Facebook. Here’s how:

  • Shoot a short product demo video. This lessens questions on the hows, whys and whats, thus saving the company and the user’s time.

  • Create lookbooks. A twirl of your model wearing your newest creations or a DIY video on how to wear your brand’s latest makeup range is video-worthy, yes?

  • Contest opportunities galore! You can create a contest and invite users to send in their own unique video submissions. Some people would win and everyone will have fun!

  • We may even see more repair viral videos from non-business users – viral animal videos, anyone?

6. Facebook will continue to acquire, acquire, acquire

Failure to buy Snapchat over from its stubborn founder for $3 billion has its implications. Besides feeling scorned, it admitted last year that it is gradually losing teenage users, so Facebook is looking to make amends in 2014 and possibly acquire another startup that would appeal to the young user market.

This post was written by Adam Prattler – aka the Lord of Loathing – is somewhat of a Renaissance man transported through time to the Information Age. He is currently focused on launching his new business. While tech focused, his interests go beyond the Internet. Part artist and designer, part programmer and coder and part writer and wordsmith.