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Finding the right platform for your new website or blog isn’t always easy. You need to know what’s necessary for your specific project and where you can get it. Fantastico is one of the best choices because it comes with WordPress and a number of other scripts and programs you can use. Some hosting companies even provide this power-packed feature free of charge. Fantastico is best for Fantastico WordPress hosting.

What is Fantastico?

Fantastico is a commercial script library usually provided with a hosting package through cPanel. This script library provides a number of different tools for creating a blog, forum and many other online entities. Most of the scripts found within Fantastico can be installed with just one click.

What is WordPress

WordPress is a CMS or content management system that comes with Fantastico. It’s the most popular choice for bloggers and for webmasters all across the globe. With WordPress, you can use custom themes and plugins to customize your website or blog.

Why is Hosting with Fantastico and WordPress the Best Choice?

For most beginners and many others looking to start a website, blog, forum or any other online entity, choosing a hosting package with Fantastico and WordPress is the best choice. Fantastico provides an easy way to install WordPress, along with many other tools, while WordPress gives you the best CMS on the planet. You won’t have to worry about learning how to code anything when you choose hosting with WordPress and Fantastico.

How to Install WordPress with Fantastico

When you choose hosting that includes Fantastico and WordPress, you will need to know how to install it. This is a very easy process that starts when you log into your cPanel through your hosting company.
Once you’ve logged in, you will need to scroll down to the “Software/Services” section of cPanel. This section is where you will find the blue smiley face that represents Fantastico De Luxe.
Click on the smiley face and you will enter into the Fantastico script library. This is where you will find WordPress.
Click the link for WordPress and choose the option for “New Installation.
The next screen will ask you to choose the options for your new WordPress website. You will want to choose the right domain name in the first option, but you can leave the option for “Install in directory” blank.
After you choose the right domain name for the installation, you will need to set an administrator username and password. You want to make this hard to guess and avoid the “admin” username. Make sure your password isn’t easy to guess and includes a capital letter, a number and a symbol.
The final section you will need to enter your admin nickname, email address, site name and description. All of these sections can be edited within WordPress if you decide you want to change them or if you make a mistake.
After you’ve entered all the necessary information, just click the “Install WordPress” button and you’re all set.
This will take you to a page with the “Finish Installation” button.
Just click this button and you will have installed WordPress through Fantastico on a new domain name.

Final Thoughts on Fantastico and WordPress

Hosting is one of the most important parts of your website. Without great hosting, you may not make it very far with your new online business. Choosing the right hosting is necessary and the best hosting comes with cPanel, Fantastico and WordPress.

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As one of the oldest blogging sites on the internet, you can trust us to show you everything you need to know about blogging.

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