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Fashion Blogs: Definition, Types, Income & 25 Examples [2022]

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Fashion blogs are some of the most popular sites on the internet, where you can get real-time advice from style makers and influencers.

Anyone can be a fashion blogger if you have the style, time, and consistency to post fashion ideas regularly.

This guide will show you how to start a blog and turn your fashion hobby into a money-making machine in just a few simple steps.

What Is a Fashion Blog?

There is no single definition of a fashion blog.

Essentially you can focus on whatever style or element of fashion appeals to you.

Some fashion blogs cover how to accessorize mundane outfits to make them more appealing.

While others may focus on a specific style niche or combination of style niches.

You can combine preppy style with punk or even boho elements to make it all your own.

In short, fashion blogs generally center around making style yours and looking timeless no matter what the fads are.

Some fashion bloggers write about day-to-day life that showcases what style they’re working with that day.

Other fashion bloggers follow specific trends, or even fashion houses like Channel, to show how these institutions have evolved.

You also have your historical fashion bloggers that look at the evolution of style and how to incorporate timeless pieces into your look.

What Is Included In a Fashion Blog?

Although all fashion blogs are different, a few items are apparent with every successful fashion blog.

If you want to start blogging about fashion, you’ll need to incorporate a distinct voice, your purpose and create your brand into your blog to get and keep the reader’s attention.

1. Voice

Regardless of your motivations for starting a blog, you need a strong, compelling, clear, authoritative voice to be a fashion blogger.

This reason is why people should follow and respect your opinion.

It doesn’t matter what style you write in; what matters is that your voice is strong and consistent.

2. Purpose

People need to know what they get when they sign onto your blog.

You should make it very clear on the blog and any social media platforms what readers can expect.

If your purpose is muddled or constantly changing, people will find different fashion blogs that better suit their needs.

3. Branding

You should be consistent in every part of your online presence.

Keep the same look and tone throughout your social media feeds and on the blog.

Ensure the content and posts are light and to the point.

Your image is just as important as what you write on the blog.

Other Things That You Can Find on a Fashion Blog

While branding, purpose, and voice are the main elements you’ll find on every fashion blog, there are a few other things that will set you apart.

Remember that fashion blogging is a highly competitive business, so following proper design, using excellent photography, and using smart text will make it more meaningful.


Your website design is critical when you’re writing and blogging about fashion.

Make sure the design is on-point, and the page loads quickly.

Readers should view text clearly and see images correctly.

You should also ensure the website is responsive and conforms to different devices, such as iPads, phones, and laptops.

Excellent Photography

When you’re discussing a visual medium like fashion, it’s important to have excellent photos.

Remember, many photos online are copyrighted, so make sure always to credit the photographer.

Alternatively, you can take the photos yourself.

Pay attention to details like hemlines and embroidery.

Good light and proper backgrounds also help make your photographs shine.

Smart Use of Text

You should be including essential text on your blog.

Whether it’s a picture caption or an entire blog post, mindful text use is critical to establishing credibility in a great blog.

Avoid big blocks of text.

Instead, use smaller paragraphs to let your text shine and work intelligently with all of your images.

Types of Fashion Blogs

Now that you have some fashion blog ideas, understanding where your skill set can work is vital for success.

We’ll outline some types of fashion blogs here, including ones for women, men, high-end fashion, budget-conscious readers, and social media followers.

However, there’ll be several subsets and niches within these types.

1. Fashion Blogs for Women

These blogs are the most popular type of fashion blog and dominate the web.

They generally focus on one type of style or a mixture of styles to help readers develop a signature look.

They talk about what’s appropriate for different settings and draw on inspiration from around the world.

2. Fashion Blogs for Men

Although less popular than those for women, fashion blogs for men are still all over the internet.

Many of these blogs focus on how to dress for success or a special event.

They typically cover pairing different colors and suitable fabrics with accessories and transitioning properly between different seasons.

3. Fashion Blogs for High-End Fashion

High fashion often incorporates fashion houses with casual looks.

You’ll find many blogs on elevating your wardrobe with a pair of heels or an excellent bag.

They focus on stylish high-fashion combos without being over the top.

A subset is the runway look blogs, celebrating fashion as an inspiration in day-to-day life.

4. Fashion Blogs for Readers on a Budget

Budget blogs help you put together an amazing look for pennies.

These blogs are great for people on a budget and those who want to look like a million bucks without spending it.

You’ll find tips and fashion hacks, plus things you should invest in and things you don’t necessarily need to.

5. Fashion Blogs for Social Media

Fashion blogs for social media tend to be prevalent on Instagram and TikTok.

These will be much more visually oriented, with links to the blog itself.

Social media is the crux of the blog itself, with actual websites available to bolster credibility and lend more content to what the influencer or blogger is saying.

Do Fashion Blogs Make Money?

There are many different types of blogs that make money.

So when it comes to fashion, bloggers can make good money, starting at $2,000 or more a month.

Most times, bloggers receive commissions when promoting specific fashion houses or retailers.

This way, they receive passive income from affiliate links on their fashion blogs.

image showing an illustration for the header of types of blogs that make money post

How Do Fashion Blogs Make Money?

Fashion blogs make money in a few ways.

Bloggers using a collaborative effort, including affiliate links, personal coaching, and sponsors, can see a profitable passive income.

Remember, you won’t start to see the fruits of your labor immediately.

It takes time for blogs to become credible and popular.

Collaborative Efforts

If you work in a niche like high-end fashion or vintage, you can collaborate with different design houses and manufacturers to promote looks.

You might even access up-and-coming designs and get inside information on trends to watch.

To collaborate, you need to establish yourself and set up relationships, especially with larger trendsetters like Chanel.


The easiest way to monetize fashion blogs is using affiliate links.

You receive money every time someone clicks from your website to a retailer or shopping service.

Choose affiliates that work with your brand and purpose.

To maintain credibility, you should signify that you get a small amount of money from affiliates, although you don’t have to specify the amount.


People are always looking for personal stylists and help with wardrobes.

To achieve this status, you’ll need to establish yourself as an expert in the field.

You can put together capsule wardrobes for clients or do personal shopping.

You can also offer classes, style guides, and lookbooks for a one-time fee.


Sponsors are a very lucrative way to monetize your fashion blog.

Essentially, companies will pay you to have their logo, branding, or message on your website.

With sponsored content on Instagram or TikTok, always use a hashtag that indicates it’s sponsored.

It is good business sense and also helps you to keep your integrity.

How Much Do Fashion Blogs Make?

According to ZipRecruiter, fashion bloggers can make up to $92,500 annually, with some influencers exceeding that.

Many bloggers who just starting make less, but by working hard, you can see around $15,500 for your efforts.

Famous influencers make millions a year between blogs and content, although they are a rarity.

Products to Promote and Sell on a Fashion Blog

The options for what you can promote and sell on your fashion blog are endless.

From affiliate products to personalized lookbooks and online events, the choices can be profitable.

1. Affiliate Products

If you find a fashion house or favorite boutique that you simply love to work with, you can start to market their products on your website, getting a cut of the profits in the process.

It’s essential to use affiliates and products that match your mission and goals.

2. Personalized Lookbooks

You can create specialized lookbooks for various clients and sell them on your site.

These lookbooks should have more detailed information than readers can find in your blog and offer them a more enhanced experience.

Make sure they’re relevant to the tone and style of your blog itself.

3. Online Events

Hold online events to showcase new looks, answer questions, or give tutorials.

This tactic helps engage with your audience, making you more personable, accessible, and attractive to clientele.

People will relate to you as a “real person” rather than a distant Influencer who they don’t have much in common with.

Best Fashion Blogs: 25 Examples

Now that you know the nuts and bolts of setting up your fashion blog, it’s time to look at some great examples of blogs and blogging.

Use these popular choices to help craft your ideal fashion blog to suit your needs and goals.

How Many Fashion Blogs Are There?

There are countless examples of fashion blogs out there encompassing aspects of style, beauty, and fashion.

Some estimates put the number as high as 60 million.

This approximation encompasses all niches including the most popular ones for women, men, high-end clothing lines, budget-conscious shoppers, and social media followers.

Fashion Blogs for Women

Fashion blogs for women are the most popular ones out there.

These examples provide a good overview of your competition.

The Fashion Guitar

screenshot of thefashionguitar homepage

The Fashion Guitar focuses a lot on how to stay stylish while pregnant and in the early stages of motherhood.

Instead of embracing sweatpants and tees, Charlotte Groeneveld-Van Haren looks at innovative ways to incorporate fashion into her life.

She includes brand collaborations, beauty inspirations, and innovative ways to wear your clothes.

Girl with Curves

screenshot of the girlwithcurves homepage

Instead of embracing the stick-thin model of most fashion blogs, Girl with Curves helps women of size love their bodies and find clothes that compliment their gorgeous curves.

It’s body positivity at its finest, and the looks are easy to pull off.

It also showcases beauty and wellness on top of her fashion trends.

Glamazon Diaries

screenshot of the glamazon diaries homepage

This blog tackles more than fashion; it focuses on how to fill the gaps in your closet and perfect your individual style.

With subcategories that touch on stylish travel and wedding planning and a whole category on body positivity, it’s a great blog that promotes attainable and sustainable inclusive lifestyle.

My Fash Diary

screenshot of the fash diary homepage

This blog focuses more on individual styles than trends, helping readers to craft a style that’s unique to them.

It also has a heavy international slant, taking fashion advice from all over the world.

Its subcategories include beauty, travel, and food for a well-rounded offering as a fashion blog.  

The Daileigh

screenshot of the Daileigh homepage

The Daileigh helps you focus on putting together a great closet full of items that you’ll want to wear again and again.

It also focuses on personal style and how to look great at any age.

It includes the basics, and offers customizable wardrobes for any age or style.

Fashion Blogs for Men

While women’s fashion blogs might dominate the industry, plenty of blogs focus on men too.

Ape to Gentleman

screenshot of the ape to gentleman homepage

Incorporating what men love and using it to guide their fashion sense, Ape to Gentleman focuses on timeless style and value men can use.

They showcase essentials for men, covering clothing brands, style, grooming, and accessories to create the ideal wardrobe.

Men can browse outfits, watches, and even hairstyles that are trending.

What My Boyfriend Wore

screenshot of the what my boyfriend wore homepage

A men’s blog run by a woman, What My Boyfriend Wore, is pretty self-explanatory.

Essentially, it’s all about Sergio Ines’s fashion diary and how he incorporated different styles into his daily life.

It’s a great inspiration for any budding fashionista looking for information on dress etiquette, product reviews, tutorials, and more.

Style Girlfriend

screenshot of the style girlfriend homepage

This is an excellent blog for men who want a feminine bit of advice on what to wear.

Run by Megan Collins, it gives actionable advice to fashionably-clueless men.

It covers current trends, helping men feel more confident in their clothes and improve their outlook with attainable looks to suit any style.

One Dapper Street

screenshot of the one dapper street homepage

Run by a former model, One Dapper Street brings dapper style to the masses in a non-fussy way that shows how easy it is to dress and look your best no matter what.

It offers inspirational outfit combinations, curated shopping selections, and lifestyle tips to round o ut the look.

The Modest Man

If you’re a shorter man looking for advice on how to look and feel your best, The Modest Man can help.

Knowing how to shop for your size is critical.

They offer simple tips from building a wardrobe to choosing colors and accessorizing, so you make the best selection for you.

Fashion Blogs for High-end Clothing

High-end fashionistas will gravitate towards these impressive fashion blogs.

If you want to break into this niche, definitely check them out for inspiration.

Glamour and Gains

screenshot of the glamour and gains homepage

Full of tips on how to wear high-end fashion and live a luxe life cruelty-free, this website is an excellent resource for fashionistas who want to be responsible as well.

It also includes the latest fashion trends from around the world and offers diverse inspiration for fitness, beauty, and travel.  


screenshot of the pursuitist homepage

Focused heavily on up-and-coming trends, Pursuitist focuses on what the most prominent fashion houses are doing.

It gives you insider advice on what trends and fads you can expect to see with trusted advice from fashion experts.

In addition, it focuses on getting you set up with your unique style.

Permanent Style

screenshot of the permanent style homepage

This blog deals with fashion, accessories, and timeless style, predominantly geared towards men who want to up their style game.

You’ll get good tips and tricks and plenty of insider advice on how to look your best.

From fashion guides to trending brands, it has everything you need to build your high-end wardrobe.

Gracie Opulanza

screenshot of the gracie opulanza homepage

Fusing sports and high fashion, Gracie Opulanza takes leisurewear to the foreground by conducting interviews with top leaders in the field and creating accessible looks.

This blog platform incorporates all the critical elements from shoes and eyewear to using a style guide for building your fashion collection.


screenshot of the luxuo homepage

Luxuo has everything you want in a high-end fashion blog.

From style and culture to lifestyle and business, they cover it all.

You can read about what the celebrities are doing and wearing while taking inspiration for your own closet.

You can even watch videos and learn about new products trending.

Fashion Blogs for Readers on a Budget

Most people don’t have all the money in the world to put together a stunning closet of clothes, making fashion blogs for readers on a budget a great niche.

The Budget Babe

screenshot of the budget babe homepage

As the name suggests, you’ll find many top clothes at reasonable prices, plus advice on making your wardrobe dollars work for you.

This blog includes gift guides and choices that you can find at popular retailers like Target, Walmart, and Payless ShoeSource to help you look great staying within a budget.

Budget Fashionista

screenshot of the budget fashionista homepage

Focusing on budget fashion and affordable looks for women of all ages, Budget Fashionista is one of the go-to blogs for women who want quick, actionable fashion advice.

They have guides on how to shop, what to wear, and financial advice on making your money stretch further for your clothes budget.

Living Lesh

screenshot of the living lesh homepage

Focusing on beauty hacks, great fashion, and how to travel on a budget, Living Lesh is a good resource for achieving the luxe lifestyle while keeping your bank account intact.

It offers terrific advice for mothers, working professionals, and a podcast to keep up to date on trending subjects.  

Broke and Beautiful

screenshot of the broke and beautiful homepage

Broke and Beautiful proves that you don’t have to have tons of money to look like a million bucks.

From style and beauty trends to inspiration from popular brands, you can create the perfect look without spending a lot.

They cover every aspect of fashion, including swimwear, activewear, maternity, lingerie, and more.

Penny Pincher Fashion

screenshot of the penny pincher fashion homepage

The name says it all! Penny Pincher Fashion helps you determine what to spend money on and what you don’t need to achieve the perfect look.

It’s an excellent guide for everyone, including mothers, professionals, or if you want to create capsules wardrobes that won’t let you down in a pinch.

Fashion Blogs for Social Media

There are also plenty of fashion blogs on social media.

Let’s look at some of the key influencers you might encounter on Instagram.

Katie Sturino

screenshot of the katie sturino homepage

Champion of inclusive fashion and cutting-edge, colorful looks, @katiesturino is an Instagram mogul.

She uses her voice and personal style in many ways to advocate for empowering women of all sizes.

She is a published author of Body Talk, and founder of MEGABABE, an innovative beauty brand for non-toxic solution-based products.

I Am Beauti Curve

screenshot of the beauti curve homepage

Go to @iambeauticurve to see exceptional plus-size styles and amazing looks you’ll use daily.

She catalogues her personal fashion choices to help inspire others in finding their unique style in a plus-sized world.

It offers info about fashion trends, beauty tips, and how to have fun with your choices.

I Am Tarah Lynn

screenshot of the tarah lynn adorned homepage

Straight from the stylebook of a Cosmo fashion editor, @iamtarahlynn helps you define your style and obtain a flawless work/life balance.

She is a published author and podcaster offering a unique look into finding your confidence and helping you look great while building a meaningful and purposeful life.

Kool Kelsey

screenshot of the kool kelsey homepage

Model @koolkelsey works predominately with perfect fits and tailoring to help you make your style your own.

She enjoys teaching other aspiring models about her methods and fashion sense.

She provides her day-to-day looks, seasonal collections, and videos for everyone to take inspiration from for their own closet.

Asiyami Gold

screenshot of the asiyami gold homepage

Popular on Pinterest and Instagram, @asiyami_gold uses visuals to create exceptional effects in her stories that you can draw inspiration from for your wardrobe.

She combines her love of photography with her sense of timeless fashion and travel to produce creative looks that suit various individuals around the world.

How to Become a Fashion Blogger

Once you choose to become a fashion blogger in the industry, it’s time to get to work.

There are several essential steps needed to start a fashion blog.

Taking the time to tacke each step properly is imperative if you want it to be successful and provide a passive income as a fashion blogger.

vector graphic showing an illustration of fashion affiliate programs

Determine the Direction of the Blog

Decide who are you writing for, and what is your intended purpose.

Once you determine the direction of your blog, you can optimize it with SEO.

If you are torn for a target audience, you can do keyword research to uncover opportunities and ensure your branding is always on point.

Select a Niche

Many people wonder how to choose the right niche, but the answer is relatively straightforward.

Just think about what you love and what you can be an authority on, and go from there.

You can use these examples as guides and resources or find a niche that lacks more resources on the subject.

Select a Name

Coming up with a blog name is one of the most important things you can do to set yourself apart.

Make sure that it’s easy to remember and something that represents your brand to the fullest.

Avoid hard-to-spell phrases or terms that may be confused with other bloggers in the industry.

Select a Blogging Platform

There are several different blogging platforms available, so it’s a good idea to do your research and discover which one is right for you.

You should also consider your computer and web editing skills and choose one that fits your skill set so it’s easy to post regularly and edit content.

Register a Domain Name

You’ll need to register your domain name to get started, so nobody else can snag or use your platform.

The best domain registrar is different for everyone, so do a little research to find the best one.

You may want to include multiple country-specific domains so they all lead to your blog.

Get Web Hosting

If you’re looking for something hands-off and easy, we suggest managed WordPress hosting.

Finding the best web hosting for WordPress can make creating, editing, and maintaining your fashion blogs simple and stress-free.

This way, your readers can load your content quickly and easily on all devices to help maintain loyal followers.

Build the Blog

Once you have your hosting and domain, it’s time to build your ideal fashion blog.

You will do this by selecting your overall theme, adding plugins, and creating your essential pages to tie everything together.

Each step is vital for solidifying your brand and gaining popularity and authority in the industry.

WordPress Themes

The first step is to install a WordPress theme.

This way, all elements on your fashion blog will have consistency and look uniform.

These themes control everything, from your page colors to font sizes, and even additional touches.

Therefore, ensuring a seamless look to help build your authority and professionalism in the industry.

WordPress Plugins

Next, you want to add on any useful WordPress plugins.

These built-in interactive items include things like contact forms, ecommerce options, and media players to enhance your visitor’s experience.

This way, your fashion blog can offer videos, newsletters, affiliate purchasing choices and more, which help build your brand and authoritative presence.

Essential Pages

Finally, you’ll want to beef up the blog with vital fashion information.

Essential pages for your blog could include seasonal guides, lookbooks, historical information, and ways to develop a signature style.

Create separate pages for each subcategory, making it straightforward for your visitors to navigate to the page they want.

Produce Content for the Blog

Creating content for your blog is critical if you want people to stay engaged.

Keep your blog posts regular, on brand, and visual-heavy.

It’s vital to include content that grabs your visitor’s attention, establishes your brand and voice in the industry, and establishes trust for increasing traffic and eventually revenue.

Launch the Blog Publicly

When launching a new blog a proper approach is vital for success.

Learn how to optimize your site for SEO, with your compelling content, and have the correct strategies in place.

Including social media profiles, email subscriber lists, and incorporating Google Analytics can aid in gaining awareness in the industry.

Promote the Blog

Promotion will help get your blog out there where people can find it.

This step is more than sharing it on social media, so finding other ways to promote a blog before taking it public are beneficial.

Remember, the blog will only work if you set it up for success.  

Similar Blogging Types to Check Out

While not specifically fashion blogs, these similar styles will help you get a good look and feel for your blog.

  • Style Blogs: Style blogs encompass more than recent clothing trends. Generally, you’ll find information about travel, beauty, wellness, and general lifestyle tips in these blogs. From runway releases to classic seasonal wardrobes around the world, style blogs offer a broad view of fashion.
  • Beauty Blogs: Beauty blogs focus predominantly on hair, makeup, and skin care and are great companion pieces to fashion blogs because they help solidify a look. You can find product reviews, tutorials, and recommendations throughout popular beauty blogs.
  • Blogs for Women: Blogs focused on women might touch on fashion, but they have more of a lifestyle feel to them and are similar to style blogs. Many of these blogs will include clothing choices for different phases of life, along with relationship or parenting advice.

Frequently Asked Questions

vector graphic showing an illustration of elements related to fashion next to words that say

These frequently asked questions and answers will help you understand the fashion blogging world and hopefully get you started on the path to creating your own fashion blog.

Are fashion blogs still relevant?

In a word, yes.

Fashion blogs are very relevant, especially since they can focus on specific niches and help people develop their sense of style through visual and social mediums.

What does it take to be a fashion blogger?

To be a great fashion blogger you need to put in the time and energy it takes to create consistent content, plus have a specific vision and voice.

Although it might seem mysterious or inaccessible, fashion blogging is a great niche that you can get into.

You’ll be well on your way with a little pre-planning.

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