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Best Fiction Podcasts: 15 Examples [2023]

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Given the popularity of podcasts, it is unsurprising that there is a wide range of genres.

Many podcasts focus on exposing elements of real life or educating listeners on information based on reality.

As fun as non-fiction podcasts can be, fiction podcasts can provide escapism and insight into life in equal measure.

Read on to learn about the many types of fictional podcasts you can listen to.  

What is a Fiction Podcast?

A fiction podcast is usually a scripted audio performance that tells a fictional story rather than a non-fictional story.

In some cases, a fiction podcast may recreate the format of a non-fiction podcast with fictional content.

While many of these podcasts focus on a different story each week, others have an overarching plot over several weeks.

What Does a Fiction Podcaster Talk About?

The content of a fiction podcast can vary widely.

Often, these podcasts aim to recreate some of the most popular podcasts which focus on the true-crime genre, others tell traditional folk tales from around the world, and others offer child-friendly fictional bedtime stories.

A fun aspect of fiction podcasts is they are unbridled by the limitations of facts.

So, the content can be whatever the creator likes.  

What is Included In a Fiction Podcast?

There is quite a bit of variation within this podcast genre.

However, fiction podcasts usually contain components, such as introductions, a scripted story, repeated segments, and sourcing.

Introductions help the listeners understand who is speaking, while a script and segments provide structure.

If the story in the podcast comes from an outside source, providing information on the story’s origins is essential.

Other Things You Can Find on a Fiction Podcast

There are a few other elements you may find in a fiction podcast.

Not all fiction podcasts share these elements, but they are common in the genre.

Connections to non-fiction:

While many podcasts are purely fictional, some podcasts will contextualize the fiction elements by connecting them to the real world.


Podcasts of all kinds are oftentimes supported by ads as a way of gaining income.

You can hear advertisements throughout many podcasts.

In other cases, a podcast may use a membership system to get income.


Some podcasts immerse the listener in a story without additional commentary.

Others analyze the story.

For example, many podcasts that provide analysis may discuss fictional books.


Many fiction-based podcasts will recommend how to find a podcast’s related media, such as books or even other podcasts.

Types of Fiction Podcasts

Fiction podcasts are not one-size-fits-all.

They can fit a range of formats and cater to several different listener types.

Some fiction podcasts focus on existing stories and literature, while others are original.

Subgenres include horror, mystery, romance, comedy, mythology, and family-friendly.

Fiction Podcasts for Kids:

Fiction podcasts for kids have content appropriate for the whole family.

Many podcasts in this subgenre work well as bedtime stories for small children.

Fiction Podcasts for Middle Schoolers:

Fiction podcasts for middle schoolers have slightly more mature themes than those aimed at children.

Some of these podcasts also have overarching stories over several episodes, which work well for longer attention spans.

Fiction Podcasts for Adults:

Fiction podcasts for adults may have darker themes and longer arcs.

This podcast category tends to be more complex than those aimed at children.  

Best Fiction Podcasts: 15 Examples

Since the fiction podcast genre can be a little different than other pods, it can be difficult to delve into this space.

Here are a few podcasts you can start with if you like fiction.

Some of these podcasts are best for kids, adults, or pre-teens.

How Many Fiction Podcasts Are There?

There are fewer fiction podcasts than non-fiction.

As a result, there are between 75 and 100 fiction podcasts from which to choose.

There may also be some restrictions on the number of podcasts you can listen to depending if you listen on iPhone or Android phones.

Fiction Podcasts for Kids

Fiction podcasts for kids cater to children under the age of 11.

They are often short and simple, which allows small children to focus on the story.

These are a great option for bedtime stories or calming down.

The Story Pirates

screenshot of the story pirates homepage

A group of actors, musicians, and other artists come together to tell stories written by children in this podcast.

The episodes are usually close to half an hour long.

This podcast is successful because it engages kids with the creative process and offers paid and ad-free options.

Stories Podcast: A Bedtime Show for Kids of All Ages

screenshot of the stories podcast: A betime show for kids of all ages homepage

Each episode of this podcast tells either familiar favorites or other stories.

The episode lasts between 10 and 20 minutes, making it ideal for bedtime.

There is a combination of stand-alone episodes and recurring characters.

The Alien Adventures of Finn Caspian

screenshot of the alien adventures of finn caspain homepage

While many children’s podcasts are different every week, this podcast continues a single story week to week.

The story follows the adventures of Finn Caspian, an eight-year-old space explorer as he and his friends travel through space.

Each episode is between 15 and 20 minutes long.

Circle Round

screenshot of the circle round homepage

Each 10 to a 20-minute-long episode of Circle Round tells a simplified folk tale from around the world.

This podcast is ideal for children aged four to 10.

Along with the stories, this podcast also teaches essential lessons, such as generosity and kindness.

The podcast also provides activities that relate to the story.  

Girl Tales

screenshot of the girls tales homepage

Girl Tales is a podcast for children that focuses on stories inspired by fairytales with a feminist spin.

Look out for guest contributors who are famous actors and playwrights.

These nicely produced podcasts are a great choice before bed or for the little girl who needs a confidence boost.  

Fiction Podcasts for Middle Schoolers

Middle schoolers are often too young to engage with the mature themes found in podcasts for adults.

However, they are also too old to engage with podcasts made for young children.

Podcasts for middle schoolers are a good combination of engaging and understandable.

The Unexplainable Disappearance of Mars Patel

screenshot of the unexplainable disappearance of mars patel

This mystery podcast is a fun take on the true-crime podcast genre, but for middle schoolers.

It is unique because actual kids perform it.

The podcast tells the story of some middle schoolers as they look for their missing friends.

Myths and Legends

screenshot of the myths and legends homepage

Each week, Myths and Legends tells stories from different points in time and the world.

While many of the episodes on this podcast are fine for all ages, some may have some mature themes.

This podcast has a huge following thanks to its high production quality and diligent research.

The Two Princes

screenshot of the two princes homepage

The Two Princes is a podcast that tells its story throughout several episodes.

Its story starts with two princes from opposing kingdoms who eventually become allies.

This podcast works for kids eight years old and up.

Welcome to Night Vale

screenshot of the welcometonightvale homepage

Welcome to Night Vale is one of the most popular fiction podcasts around.

Each episode is another installment in a radio show that takes place in the fictional town of Night Vale.

Anyone from pre-teens to adults may enjoy this show.  


Fictional explores stories within classic literature.

This podcast is a great way to introduce your middle schooler to the classics in a way they can digest.

The podcast is successful thanks to its robust following, strong production value, and engaging content.

Fiction Podcasts for Adults

These podcasts for adults can cover many different areas of fiction.

Some are long narratives told throughout several episodes, while others have a single episode per topic.

Compared to the podcasts made for younger audiences, these series may cover more complex and mature themes.


screenshot of the lore homepage

LORE is similar to other myths podcasts, except it focuses on dark stories from history.

However, while some episodes can work for teens, much of it is scary, making adults the best listeners.

This podcast has a loyal following.

Alice Isn’t Dead

screenshot of the alice isn't dead homepage

This mystery podcast follows a truck driver as she looks for her missing wife and finds more mysteries along the way.

The tone is darkly funny and engaging.

Since this podcast comes from the same people who created Night Vale, it carries with it that strong following.

The Amelia Project

screenshot of the amelia project homepage

The Amelia Project tells the story of a fictional agency that creates new identities for those who fake their deaths.

While many episodes can stand on their own, the series also contains an overarching narrative.

Bone Marry Bury

screenshot of the bone marry bury homepage

Bone Marry Bury tells the story of Allie, a fateful New Year’s party, and the chaotic month that will follow.

This podcast has some raunchy moments, making it suitable for adult listeners.

Besides the unique concept, listeners also love this podcast thanks to the presence of big names, such as Sarah Hyland and Harvey Guillen.


screenshot of the limetown homepage

Limetown tells the fictional story of the disappearance of 300 people from a small town.

The podcast is popular thanks to its true crime premise and high production value.

This podcast later became a TV series.

Similar Podcasts Types to Check Out

If you love fiction podcasts, there are plenty of other genres you may want to check out.

These genres may focus on similar subjects or appeal to related demographics.

  • Story Podcasts: As the genre title suggests, these podcasts contain narrative storytelling based on a real-life event. They are similar to fiction podcasts, except the content is often non-fictional.  
  • Conspiracy Theory Podcasts: This genre explores different conspiracy theories and the habits and psychology surrounding them. Since much of the content of these podcasts is fictional, these podcasts can be similar to fiction podcasts.  
  • Movie Podcasts: Movie podcasts focus on the discussion and analysis of movies. This genre is similar to fiction podcasts because the content often relates to fictional storytelling.

Frequently Asked Questions

When learning about this genre, many listeners have questions.

Here are a few of the most frequent questions about the fiction podcast genre.

vector graphic showing elements related to fiction writing, with the words

What is the #1 rated fiction podcast?

With so many podcasts coming out, it can be tough to determine the highest-rated fiction podcast.

Rating platforms include iTunes, Google, and Spotify.

Some of the highest-rated fiction podcasts include Welcome to Night Vale, The Sandman, and Homecoming.

How do you monetize a fiction podcast?

Podcasts are usually free to listen to.

So, how do they make money?

There are several ways you can monetize a fiction podcast.

You can monetize using techniques across other genres, including advertisements and membership programs.

Given the unique qualities of fiction podcasts, there are some unique ways to make money in this genre.

If you produce unique pieces of audio fiction, you can produce books based on those stories, and other merchandise.

Wrapping Up

Whether you love listening or want to make one of your own, the fiction podcast space is a great one to be in.

These podcasts go beyond the facts and take you into a world of make-believe.

Sometimes fiction can tell more about a topic than comprehension on a factual level.

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