Finding the right images for each of your blog posts is a big deal. I know that I always want to have some screen shots or high quality images and clip art for my latest posts. Not only does it divide up your post content nicely, but the images will also get ranked in the search engines and used as thumbnails on social bookmarking sites.

One of the biggest problems with using images in your blog posts is the legal issues involved. Just because you can go to Google Images and search through a billion images that match your blog content, it doesn’t mean you can post them to your site. Should someone want to take legal action against you, it’s almost an immediate win if there is copyright issues involved.

So what can you do to keep yourself safe? Use royalty free images!

I’ve been using Depositphotos’s royalty free images for over a year now and it makes grabbing images for my blog posts a breeze. What’s even more important is that I don’t have to worry about someone else having ownership over the images, and they have a ton of images to choose from.

I just logged into my account and did a quick search for “blogging”. You can see all of the search results below. Once you select the image you would like to use, you can save the file directly to your computer and use it as many times as you like for future posts, ad creative or even word/powerpoint presentations.

The cost for downloading and using any of the images on Depositphotos will vary depending on the size of image you would like to download. I always use the smallest image size, which works fine for the blog, and ends up being around .50 cents per image. As you can see in the screen shot below, the smallest size on this image is 400×300, which is more than large enough for a blog post, and only costs half of a credit).

If you don’t want to spend any money on images, you can select from a few of the free stock photos they have on their site. If you are a graphics designer, there is also a massive selection of nearly 300,000 different vector images to choose from. is currently holding a promotion for both bloggers and photographers, which offers a free trial subscription for site owners and special deals for high volume photographers.