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Fitness Blogs: Definition, Types, Income & 25 Examples

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If you love to eat right and exercise to stay healthy, you may want to follow your passion by teaching others.

For instance, starting a fitness blog is great if you want to teach other health enthusiasts the perfect workouts and nutrition tips.

When it comes to writing fitness blogs, do you have any idea where to start?

If not, you’ve come to the right place.

Here, we will detail:

  • The definition of a fitness blog
  • The varying types of fitness blogs
  • The ways you can make an income as a fitness blogger
  • 25 examples of popular fitness blogs

Ready to learn the steps you need to take to become a fitness blogger?

Let’s get started!

The Best Fitness Blogs (Examples)

We’ve included an overview of our top picks below. For detailed information on each pick, scroll down.

Fitness Blogs for Losing Weight

  1. ITEM
  2. ITEM
  3. ITEM
  4. ITEM
  5. ITEM

Fitness Blogs for Physical Fitness

  1. ITEM
  2. ITEM
  3. ITEM
  4. ITEM
  5. ITEM

Fitness Blogs for Health and Wellness

  1. ITEM
  2. ITEM
  3. ITEM
  4. ITEM
  5. ITEM

Fitness Blogs for Kids & Teens

  1. ITEM
  2. ITEM
  3. ITEM
  4. ITEM
  5. ITEM

Fitness Blogs for Nutrition

  1. ITEM
  2. ITEM
  3. ITEM
  4. ITEM
  5. ITEM

What Is a Fitness Blog?

A fitness blog is a website where a health and wellness expert provides advice and information about nutrition, mental health, sports, exercise, general health, and more.

Often, the expert writes a post every day or every week.

You will find different categories on the blog.

The expert blogger will likely have numerous ideas for fitness blogs.

What Does a Fitness Blogger Blog About?

The typical fitness blogger is likely to write blog posts about:

  • The best home workouts
  • How to create a fitness space at home
  • The best yoga poses to try first thing in the morning
  • The best dance classes to help you lose weight
  • The healthiest recipes for a quick dinner
  • The top restaurants serving healthy meals
  • Why physical fitness is good for your mental health
  • Research shows that exercise can reduce anxiety levels
  • Working out as a way to cure depression
  • How to reach your weight loss goals and stay motivated

What Is Included in a Fitness Blog?

The top factors that a health and wellness expert includes in a fitness blog include:

  • A top about nutrition, fitness, or wellness
  • A domain name that aligns with the blog
  • A blogging platform meant for the fitness niche
  • How-to instructional blog posts
  • Nutritional tips and advice

1. A Fitness Blog Topic

There are numerous fitness blog topics available that a health and wellness expert may choose.

For instance, a blogger may write about the 15 best workouts to strengthen one’s abdominal muscles.

However, if nutrition is more up your alley, you may want to write about the top ways you can enjoy Thanksgiving dinner without sacrificing your health.

2. A Domain Name That Aligns With a Fitness Blog

The right domain name for your fitness blog does matter, as it’s the first thing that readers will see online.

A well-picked blog name can align perfectly with your brand and the type of fitness advice you plan to disseminate.

When creating a domain name, make sure it’s memorable and easy to pronounce.

Also, make the blog name short, simple, and unique.

3. A Blogging Platform For the Niche

You must also choose the right blogging platform for your fitness niche.

A few of the most popular blogging platforms include WordPress, Squarespace, and Medium.

Many bloggers enjoy WordPress, a free, user-friendly, and flexible blogging platform.

Squarespace provides you with a free domain name but also includes pricing options.

Plans start at $12 per month. Medium is also easy to use and a free blogging platform.

4. How-To Instructional Posts

Many fitness blogs also include how-to instructional posts where readers can learn the steps needed to complete specific workouts.

For example, you may want to write about the dance steps to the tango and explain how dance can help your readers lose weight.

You can also provide a how-to about cooking vegetable soup and other healthy recipes.

5. Nutritional Advice

You will also find that many fitness blogs include nutritional advice.

For instance, you can write information about meal prepping and grocery shopping tips to help your readers stay healthy.

You can also pick a few healthy recipes and explain what foods have the highest amount of nutrients and vitamins.

Other Things That You Can Find on a Fitness Blog

You will find a few other categories and types of content on a standard fitness blog.

Below, we describe several other important things found in the fitness blog realm.

  • Unique Training Techniques: You can write about workout and training techniques for specific muscles like the biceps to create more unique content.
  • Fitness Club or Athletic Center News: Are you running a fitness center, and you’re having a sale on the annual membership? If so, you can blog about such fitness club news.
  • Workout Advice: A fitness blog will surely cover standard workout advice, such as tips for how to complete a Pilates workout and ways to stay motivated when working out.
  • Lifestyle & Wellness Topics: You will also need to cover health and wellness topics such as mental health advice, mindfulness tips, and yoga routines.

Types of Fitness Blogs

There are numerous different types of fitness blogs available for people at every step of their fitness journeys.

The most popular fitness blog types include those to help readers lose weight, boost physical fitness, tips for health and wellness blogs aimed at children and teenagers, and nutrition blog categories.

  • Fitness Blogs for Losing Weight: Many people reading fitness blogs look to lose weight. Your topics will need to outline how to minimize caloric intake, what type of workouts focus on losing belly fat, and the healthiest recipes to cook at home.
  • Fitness Blogs for Physical Fitness: It’s also essential to write about cardio workouts, weight training techniques, and stretches that can strengthen an athlete’s body.
  • Fitness Blogs for Health and Wellness: When writing about health and wellness, you can focus on topics like mindfulness, mental health, and supplement intake.
  • Fitness Blogs for Kids & Teens: You can also write about topics that aim to improve health among teenagers and children. For instance, you can advise how a student can prepare before joining a sports team in high school.
  • Fitness Blogs for Nutrition: Are you a nutritionist looking to advise others on better nutritional health? If so, your fitness blog should focus on the right diet tips for people with varying chronic health conditions. For instance, you could write out a daily schedule for nutrition among pre-diabetic patients.

Do Fitness Blogs Make Money?

You can monetize your fitness blog by advertising certain fitness, health, or nutrition products.

You can even sell space on your fitness blog for ads if you have made a real dent in the market and have a large, influential audience.

Bloggers can make good money, including fitness bloggers.

There are numerous ways you can make money through fitness blogging, such as sponsored posts, affiliate marketing, and even by advertising your virtual personal training lessons.

So how else can fitness blogs make money?

Read on to find out!

How Do Fitness Blogs Make Money?

Many different types of blogs make money, but fitness blogs come out on top of the list.

A fitness blogger can make money by providing reviews and sponsored posts from top fitness brands and companies.

A blogger can provide these companies with a place to put their advertisements or sponsored posts.

You can also write a positive review of the brand itself and post it on your blog for money.

You can also join fitness affiliate programs.

In these cases, you can add affiliate links throughout your blog content somewhere on your site.

Then, whenever a reader clicks on that link and purchases the advertised product, you, as the fitness blogger, can get a commission for the sale.

How Much Do Fitness Blogs Make?

The amount of money you can make from a fitness blog depends on the amount of time you put in and the quality of your blog.

With affiliate marketing alone, you can earn anywhere from $3,000 to $10,000 from your fitness blog in only one month.

You can make even more money when adopting sponsored posts and brand advertisements on your blog website.

You can also create website memberships for an annual fee when your fitness blog becomes significantly popular and influential.

However, you will have to work hard to drive a good amount of traffic to your blog site.

Products To Promote and Sell on a Fitness Blog

You can promote and sell athletic-based and health-related products on your fitness blog through affiliate marketing.

Fitness affiliate programs like the Reebok Affiliate Program, the Nike Affiliate Program, and the SheFit Affiliate Program provide you with affiliate links that you can weave into your blog posts.

That way, you can potentially make a commission for every click and sale from your site.

What is the type of products you can promote and sell through your blog?

You can sell nutritional plans, like the Jenny Craig meal plan, through your blog site.

Also, you can sell comfortable sneakers or athletic clothing meant for sports and exercise.

You can even advertise products through the Amazon marketplace.

For instance, you can promote dumbbells and exercise equipment like a stationary bike.

In addition, you can work with health and wellness authors to promote their ebooks or published books through your fitness blog site.

These are some typical products you can promote and sell on your fitness blog.

Best Fitness Blogs: 25 Examples

To create a truly successful fitness blog, you will need to look at the most popular blogs from the niche on the Internet.

You will also need to focus on your motivations for starting a blog and write from a place of passion.

Do you know how to start a blog and make it successful?

If not, reading and analyzing the top 25 examples of successful fitness blogs will help you find ways you can succeed when creating your fitness blog.

How Many Fitness Blogs Are There?

Well over 2,000 fitness blogs on the Internet provide fitness information.

Some of the best fitness blogs available include Born Fitness, Carrots N’ Cake, and Fitnessista.

Readers can find blogs about unique workouts, meal plans, and how to prepare for certain sports.

Below, you will learn about blogs for losing weight, physical fitness, health and wellness, nutrition, and health tips for children.

Fitness Blogs for Losing Weight

Many readers search for blogs about losing weight, including how to exercise and focus on losing belly fat.

Readers also search for ways to improve their meal plans to reduce caloric intake and lose weight.

Below, we outline five popular blogs about losing weight.

No Thanks to Cake

a screenshot of the no thanks to cake homepage

On the No Thanks to Cake blog, you will find information about Jenny Craig recipes, breakfast options, and healthy crockpot meals.

The fitness blog here provides more than mere ways to lose weight and eat healthier, detailing ways to improve mental health.

For instance, one blog post details meditation practices and setting boundaries.

It’s also a successful blog due to the never-ending recipes that can help people lose weight.

The Real Life RD

a screenshot of the real life RD homepage

A dietician and nurse practitioner writes content for the Real Life RD blog.

The blog emphasizes getting to a peaceful place in terms of diet and helping people get closer to their natural body weight.

Readers can enjoy learning about meal plans and how to schedule a week of meals.

The blog’s success stems from its focus on motherhood and women’s health.

Running Diva Mom

a screenshot of the running diva mom homepage

A certified women’s running coach and personal trainer writes for the blog Running Diva Mom.

Essentially, the author focuses on how exercise can help people lose weight and get closer to their goal weight.

Readers can benefit from learning how to set fitness goals and develop healthy habits that will help them lose weight.

The attractive website design also makes the fitness blog more successful.

Double Chin Diary

a screenshot of the double chin diary homepage

The author of Double Chin Diary outlines her journey with weight loss.

The weight loss blog is so successful because overweight readers can relate to the woman writing about ways she attempts to restrict calories and stick to healthy dietary options.

The author also provides reviews of natural supplements.

300 Pounds Down

a screenshot of the 300 pounds down homepage

The writer of the 300 Pounds Down blog details her journey with weight loss after being severely obese.

In particular, she describes her stressful relationship with food and how she gained peace with her eating behaviors.

The author advises readers on how to end binge eating, avoid the diet culture, and understand how one’s psychology and mental health relate to eating behavior.

Fitness Blogs for Physical Fitness

You will find plenty of readers interested in exercise and physical fitness.

Readers want to know the best workouts to follow, which sports to pursue to meet their health goals, and how to avoid injuries.

Below, we describe five popular blogs meant for physical fitness enthusiasts.

Reebok Fitness Blog

a screenshot of the reebok fitness blog homepage

Readers interested in exercise can learn how to train for marathons, pick the perfect running shoes, or even work out with their dog on the Reebok Fitness Blog.

The fitness blog even focuses on ways to make workouts more inclusive for people of all abilities.

The blog’s success relates to its focus on running, CrossFit, and even exercises like Yoga and Pilates.

Born Fitness

a screenshot of the born fitness homepage

Born Fitness is a blog focused on different workouts, including squats, kettlebell exercises, and weight training sessions.

So why does the blog succeed in the fitness space?

The readers benefit greatly from the combination of science-based nutrition tips and workouts.

Love Sweat Fitness

a screenshot of the love sweat fitness homepage

The Love Sweat Fitness blog has an attractive and user-friendly website design.

Readers here can enjoy participating in summer body transformation challenges and spring slim-down competitions alongside the author.

The blog also provides ways to reach fitness goals, follow specific workouts, and steps to avoid weight gain during the holidays.

The Fitnessista

a screenshot of the fitnessista homepage

The Fitnessista blog is perfect for busy readers, including mothers looking for simple and fast workouts and easy yet nutritious recipes to cook for the entire family.

So why is it a successful blog?

Here, you can read about workouts and watch videos of strength training workouts.

Garmin Fitness Blog

a screenshot of the garmin fitness blog homepage

The Garmin Fitness Blog teaches its readers’ safety tips for outdoor cycling and guides for indoor cycling and winter running.

Furthermore, the blog explains to its consumers how to use Garmin smartwatches and widgets to train for marathons and improve their aerobic fitness training.

Fitness Blogs for Health and Wellness

Health and wellness enthusiasts tend to prefer more holistic strategies and focus on their mental health.

For instance, these readers will have an interest in yoga and meditation.

Below, we have gathered five popular and effective fitness blogs in the health and wellness space.


a screenshot of the nami blog homepage

The National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) Blog focuses on different forms of therapy and debunking myths about medication.

It also describes mental health and depression in the elderly.

Essentially, readers of all kinds can benefit from the advice here about improving one’s mental health.

ACE Fitness

a screenshot of the ace fitness homepage

The ACE Fitness blog aims at unraveling unhealthy habits and boosting overall health and wellness.

For example, you can find a post outlining how to ditch diet culture.

Readers can also learn ways to improve their sleep and overall mental health.

The blog also provides information on nutrition and key workouts.


screenshot of the zenhabits homepage

The Zen Habits blog details the ways to stay motivated and ambitious regarding fitness and wellness goals.

Furthermore, the blog is all about changing one’s life and gaining more meaning from life.

Readers can learn how to gain patience and mindfulness, improve productivity, and quit bad habits.

Yoga With Adriene

screenshot of the yogawithadriene homepage

Health and wellness enthusiasts love the benefits of yoga, and a blog focused on the workout routine is sure to get plenty of readers.

Here, readers can learn short and intermediate yoga routines to try out.

You can even find posts about prenatal yoga and yoga sessions for children in the classroom.

Dear Therapist

a screenshot of the dear therapist homepage

Dear Therapist is a health and wellness blog on The Atlantic website.

The entire blog is an interactive letter-writing platform where readers ask the expert specific questions about their personal lives.

The expert provides answers about ways to improve their family life, mental health problems, and more.

Fitness Blogs for Kids & Teens

Older children and teenagers are well-versed in computers and will search for fitness tips and health and wellness advice online.

We have compiled a list of the top five fitness blogs for kids and teens.

You may want to consider writing a fitness blog aimed at improving the health of children and teenagers.

Cincinnati Children’s Blog

a screenshot of the cincinati childrens blog homepage

Through the Cincinnati Children’s Blog, parents and children can learn ways to cut sugar from the diet and address school bullying.

In addition, you will learn about childhood development and children with special needs.

The blog even focuses on mental health and suicide risk in children and teens.

News Medical Life Sciences

a screenshot of the news medical life sciences homepage

The News Medical Life Sciences blog provides a scientific approach to children’s wellness.

For instance, you can find a blog post about the impact of COVID-19 on children with Type 1 diabetes.

Pregnant women and parents can learn about pregnancy risks, including ectopic pregnancies.

In addition, the successful blog provides beneficial information about positive parenting and relationships with teenagers.

CHOC Children’s Blog

a screenshot of the choc childrens blog homepage

The CHOC Children’s Blog provides nutrition information, including how whole foods can improve immunity among children.

Parents can read the blog to learn about gun safety, water and swimming safety, healthy breakfast ideas, and more.

The blog is effective due to its wide variety of topics that are likely to answer most new parents’ questions.

Beachbody on Demand Healthy Kids Blog

a screenshot of the healthy kids homepage

The Beachbody On Demand Healthy Kids Blog provides back-to-school tips for parents and kids alike.

Here, readers can also learn about nutrition, healthy snacks, and how to stay active with kids in the house. Parents can also read about yoga routines to try with their kids.

The Healthy Balance Blog

a screenshot of the healthy balance homepage

The Healthy Balance Blog from UVA Health outlines many different medical conditions among children.

For instance, you’ll find a post about steps parents can take to take care of a child with cancer.

A children’s digestive health specialist also provides answers on the blog.

The blog is successful in the area of childhood cancer and other common children’s diseases.

Fitness Blogs for Nutrition

The world is full of different diets and nutritional guidance.

Fitness and dietician experts provide useful advice, but readers often don’t know which dietary tips to follow.

Here, we provide five popular nutrition blogs backed by a scientific premise.

A Healthy Slice of Life

a screenshot of the healthy slice of life homepage

The blog A Healthy Slice of Life provides plenty of healthy and nutritious recipes and how-to advice on feeding children and prepping meal plans for the week.

The blog is a popular choice due to its numerous healthy breakfast and dinner recipes, snacks, and soup recipes.

The Picky Eater

a screenshot of the picky eater homepage

The Picky Eater blog focuses on healthy plant-based recipes using delicious ingredients.

You can find vegan recipes here and gluten-free, vegetarian, and kid-friendly recipes.

In addition, it’s a great place for parents to find recipes for baby food.

Readers can even find healthy pizza recipes and appetizers like vegan empanadas and garlic bread.

Nutrition Facts

a screenshot of the nutrition facts homepage

The Nutrition Facts blog looks at the most recent scientific basis for improving one’s diet and daily meals.

Readers can learn about their favorite foods and healthy ways to lose weight.

One of the most effective parts of the nutrition blog includes the videos showcasing the science behind nutritional advice.

The Full Helping

a screenshot of the full helping homepage

Under The Full Helping blog, readers can benefit from vegan recipes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

You can pick out healthy salad recipes or white bean recipes.

The blog has tapped into the vegan market, so you can expect a large audience of vegans and vegetarians.

Nutrition Authority

a screenshot of the nutrition authority homepage

A nutritionist developed the impressive and user-friendly Nutrition Authority blog where readers can learn science-backed ways to improve their health and boost energy with their meals.

With the help of the blog, readers can learn ways to reach their nutrition goals, improve their brain health, and strengthen their bones and overall wellness.

How To Become a Fitness Blogger

There are numerous steps you need to take when attempting to become a fitness blogger.

We cover these steps below.

1. Determine the Direction of the Blog

You will need to figure out the main topic of your fitness blog and the direction you plan to take it.

Most importantly, you will need to do keyword research to uncover opportunities for a more intriguing blog.

2. Select a Niche

What specific topic and niche are you most interested in blogging about?

Pick your favorite fitness-related niche before starting the blog.

We refer you to another article to learn how to

choose the right niche.

3. Select a Name

Choosing the right name for your blog can be difficult, as it’s the first thing readers see.

So you need to pick a creative and unique title that grabs people’s attention.

Take a look at another article for coming up with a blog name.

4. Select a Blogging Platform

You will also need to pick the right blogging platform for your content.

Find out about the different blogging platforms available here.

5. Register a Domain Name

Fitness bloggers also need to register a domain name.

Click on the following link to learn about the best domain registrar.

6. Get Web Hosting

Another step to take is to choose a website hosting brand.

Personally, out of the many options available, we suggest managed WordPress hosting.

7. Build the Blog

When building your fitness blog, you will need to pick specific themes and categories, add plugins, and develop essential pages.

That includes landing pages or an About Us section.


When building a blog, you need to choose a theme and design that readers will see on all of your site’s pages.

Read the following article to learn how to install a WordPress theme.


Plugins are necessary to improve the performance of web browsers and applications.

Click on the following link to learn how to implement WordPress plugins.

Essential Pages

When building the essential pages for your blog, you need to focus on your content.

Make it easy to read and navigate. Also, keep the content organized.

8. Produce Content for the Blog

Now, you will need to develop ideas for your content, put them down in a post, and publish your article.

Click here to learn more about creating content for your blog.

9. Launch the Blog Publicly

When launching a new blog, you can use one of many different platforms.

The multiple hosting platforms include WordPress, Wix, Squarespace, Blogger, and Web.com.

10. Promote the Blog

There are multiple ways to promote a blog, such as using social media platforms, email marketing, and more.

Similar Blogging Types to Check Out

If you are looking for other ways to make an income through blogging, you may want to check out similar blogging types, including blogs for women, health blogs, and self-improvement blogs.

  • Blogs for Women: Blogs for women can include topics ranging from relationships, fashion, and lifestyle to parenting tips and women in science.
  • Health Blogs: You can try writing health blogs that focus more on medical concerns, diagnostics, treatments, and health-based tips. These blogs include both mental and physical health topics.
  • Self-Improvement Blogs: Self-improvement blogs also offer another similar blogging type. The content can include improving productivity, organization skills, nutrition, and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you’re interested in becoming a fitness blogger, you may still have a few questions left.

Below, we answer some common questions about fitness blogs.

vector graphic showing an illustration of fitness, with the words

How do you write a fitness article?

Start by picking a workout or sport you know about.

Then, provide key advice and tips in your article about how to perform that workout.

Finally, publish it on your blog and promote it through your social media sites.

How are health and fitness related?

Health and fitness align because people who exercise regularly or play sports tend to have stronger physical and mental health.

Wrapping Up

After reading through the guide above, you should have a perfect understanding of how to create and monetize a fitness blog.

If you follow the advice here, you will soon have a fun, new source of income.

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