Fitness Web Design: Gain High Ranking with Great Design

By: | Updated: July 22, 2021

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Are you a fitness professional in need of a website? Chances are you’ve debated between tackling the task yourself and hiring a professional web designer. After all, fitness web design is important to your livelihood because a great design will gain high ranking, which translates to greater exposure and more clients.

Thanks to FatCow’s free website building tools and WordPress features, which come with a website hosting package, you can take total control of your fitness web design. You won’t need the aid of a potentially expensive designer, and you’ll have the freedom to make updates and changes whenever you want.

Fitness Web Design-4 Tips for Building a Fantastic Fitness Website That Ranks

The design of your website is crucial. It will determine whether visitors want to stay on your page and if they understand what you are presenting. You’ll want to incorporate:

A Clean, Easy to Navigate Design

Visitors will use numerous devices to view your website, from desktop computers to Smartphones and everything in between. A clean, easy to navigate, and responsive design is imperative to appeal. Fresh, clean designs with easy to see menus and easily understood calls to action appeal to your audience.

Give them the ability to quickly find what they seek on your website, and chances are they’ll bookmark your site for future use. They’ll also be more inclined to follow you on social media and through an email opt-in.

Email Opt-In

Getting people to follow you on social media is important, but growing your own email list is equally vital. You need a clear conduit of communication with your audience. Incorporate an area to gather visitor email addresses. You can make it a side tab or a pop-up, but the point is to encourage visitors to sign up for updates and special offers.

Service Information

Information about your services should be easy to find. If a visitor has to search just to understand what you offer, they won’t stay on your site for long. Give them a clear path to your services, a bio or about page, plans and rates, contact information, and maybe even a special offer page.

Quality Content

It’s tempting to focus too heavily on sales. While you need sales pages and landing pages pointing visitors toward your services, you don’t want all of your content to push the sale. Instead, you want quality content that educates and informs them.

You want to address some of the problems they face and show how you can provide real, reliable solutions. Using a blog to give tips and information that people can use right away can sway them to invest in your fitness services and a blog gives you another subscriber opt-in opportunity.

The best advice to follow when creating a fitness web design is to keep it simple. Don’t overdo it with ads and pop-ups. Give your audience the meaty content they want and focus on their needs first. FatCow is here to make designing your website easy. If you can identify and focus on your target audience, the tools from your FatCow hosting package will make design an easy task.

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