It’s no surprise the Internet is constantly looking for more content. It’s never satisfied and part of the job of any content writer is to think on your feet to satisfy the need . One of the logical places for you to look are the news release distribution sites around, but you need to know how to leverage the news and flip it into great content.

Stay aware of what’s going on. Being able to spin news articles around what your clients need is all about being aware of the information that’s out there. The more recent a news story the more relevancy it has and you need to be able to pick these apples off the tree while they are still ripe. It’s good to have these coming into your inbox on a regular basis or be able to know where to go to get the current headlines.

Research in always important. Social media comes into play here. Remember that when you want to get the updated stories from the thought leaders in the niche you’re working in, Twitter can get you a direct line to the top news stories you’ll be able to use. And no matter what industry you’re looking at, there will more than likely be a blog from some expert in the field there that can give you a useful starting point.

Look to the comments section as well. Picking the brains of other people that are looking at the same content as you is another great way to get fresh ideas and new trails when it comes to newsy content. You might even be able to comment and get a response from a journalist who wrote the piece and start a correspondence that could lead to some good story ideas.

Once you’ve got the relevant content you’ll need to understand how to go about writing it up.

It’s easy to tell someone they need to take a news release or story and rewrite it to make it their own and give it some connection to their client, but it’s harder than it first appears. Taking the time to sort through what’s relevant and what’s not helps and you should be able to take only the important quotes from the piece and paraphrase them to suit your purposes and make the content original.

Being able to edit well changes the texture of the article. Taking out any extra words or phrases while leaving the meanings intact is a great way to sharpen the content before your republish it.