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Are you looking for free Instagram likes because you don’t have the budget for Instagram ads?

If yes, then don’t feel bad about it.

Businesses are usually frugal during their early days, so they try to attract Instagram likes without paying for them. The concept of free likes has also been popularized quite a bit by various companies offering them.

But should you get those free likes for your Instagram posts? We’ll try to find out the answer in this article. Let’s begin!


#1. What Are Free Instagram Likes Being Sold By Some Vendors?

Free Instagram likes are often used as samples of likes that a company can deliver if you pay for their service and buy a larger package of more likes from them.

These likes are almost always delivered through fake or bot Instagram accounts controlled directly or indirectly by the vendor providing the like service.

In a nutshell, they are likes from fake or bot Instagram accounts offered as a proof of concept to make you pay for a larger order of likes.

#2. Should We Buy Free Instagram Likes For Our Posts?

The short answer is NO. You should never acquire Instagram likes for your post, regardless of whether they are free or paid, as it can not only increase the risk of your account being banned.

It will also not serve any purpose, as the likes acquired through this method can vanish anytime when Instagram decides to crack down on fake accounts.

#3. What Are Some Ways To Get Free Likes For Instagram Posts?

There are several genuine methods to get free likes on your Instagram posts.

Some include posting when most of your audience is online, using hashtags, running contests, asking questions, using carousel posts, and collaborating with others. You can learn more about all these methods in the sections below.

Acquiring Free Instagram Likes: To Do or Not To Do?

You can acquire free likes for your Instagram posts in two ways:

  • One is through various vendors and companies;
  • The other requires your own effort and time.

We’ll explore both approaches in this post, but first, let’s explore how it works when you acquire them from a company and the pros and cons of doing it.

How Does It Work?

Free likes are generally delivered from fake or bot accounts owned by various companies. Such companies create hundreds or even thousands of accounts to deliver these kinds of likes en masse through Instagram like automation methods.

They are often supplied as a sample for convincing people to buy larger packages of likes and followers from those companies.

These followers or likes are usually added to your account quickly to leave a good impression. They may also remain active on your account by leaving comments or liking your posts for some time.

Pros and Cons

The pros and cons of getting free likes for your Instagram post are as follows:



No investment required

Fabricated likes that can vanish anytime

Quick turnaround time

Risk of shadowban or permanent ban by Instagram

Good first impression on the visitors of your page

You can acquire only a limited number of likes this way

Can increase post visibility in the near term

No long-term value

In short, you can’t derive any long-term benefit or value from free Instagram likes. Instead, you may only increase the risk of being shadowbanned or permanently blocked by Instagram.

6 Genuine Ways to Get Free Instagram Likes for Your Post

After understanding the pros, cons, and methods of acquiring free likes from various companies selling them, let’s look at some genuine methods you can apply to boost the likes on your posts. All these methods are 100% legit and approved by Instagram, so your account will have zero risk of any negative action from Instagram. They are slower than the free likes delivered by vendors who sell likes, but they can generate much more valuable and real likes for your posts. Here they are:

#1. Post When The Majority Of Your Audience Is Online

Analyze your Instagram insights and find patterns in the timing of your most engaged posts. If posts done around a specific time have higher engagement than the others, try posting your best content (or the post on which you want to increase the likes) around that time to help them gain the maximum likes.

#2. Use Hashtags Wisely

Hashtags can give a lot of exposure to your posts if used wisely. The right combination of specific, niche and broad hashtags can significantly boost the discovery of your posts on Instagram, thus increasing its likes as well.

So make sure that you use no more than 3–5 hashtags in your post caption, with 1–2 of them being specific hashtags relevant to your brand or campaign, 1–2 niche hashtags pertinent to the post topic, and 1–2 broad hashtags related to the overall industry or topic.

#3. Run Contests

You can also run contests to increase the visibility and likes of your post. If the contest is successful and receives a lot of engagement, your posts done after the contest will also receive more visibility and likes organically. That is because the Instagram algorithm shows more content from accounts whose posts people find interesting and engage with.

Also, to run a contest, you don’t always need expensive cash prizes or gifts — you can also distribute a few of your products as giveaways for your contest.

#4. Ask Questions

Asking questions, whether in the post graphic or caption, is a surefire way to boost your posts. It makes people engage more with your post by leaving comments on it, thus boosting its visibility in other users’ feeds. When a post is more visible, it will have more likes and shares too. You can ask many types of questions depending on your niche and brand and brainstorm ideas around them.

#5. Try Carousel Posts

Various studies have concluded that Carousel posts — the ones you swipe right and left to check out the full image — work extremely well for boosting all kinds of post engagement, including likes. They attract 1.5x more reach and 3.1x more engagement on average. And since the Instagram algorithm shows people more posts from the accounts whose posts people like and engage with, it can also boost the likes for future posts.

#6. Collaborate With Others

Finally, this one is the best way to boost your Instagram post likes. Collaborate with some other Instagram influencers of your niche on an SFS (i.e., Story for Story) basis, where you share their posts on your account, and they share your posts on their account in stories. This can significantly boost the exposure of your Instagram post, thus increasing its likes as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Instagram Punish Us For Buying Likes?

Instagram’s policies discourage its users from faking or fabricating numbers on the platform. If you are indulging in such activities, the reach of your posts may decrease eventually, and your search visibility may also suffer.

Moreover, in some worst cases, even your account can be banned.

What To Do If We Get A Free Instagram Likes Offer?

The best you can do about it is to ignore it. There’s no point in acquiring likes from accounts that Instagram may block at the drop of a hat, jeopardizing your account’s visibility and discovery.

Instead of taking so much risk you’ll be much better off by hiding likes on Instagram posts instead.

Wrapping Up

So that’s how acquiring free Instagram likes works for your account. We explained both approaches that can be taken to get them — acquiring from a company and applying your own efforts, and we also explained in detail the impact it could have on your account.

Hopefully, you have understood everything and are in a better position now to follow the correct approach to increasing your Instagram likes.

Thank us later, and if you liked the information provided in this post, share it on your social media handles.

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