12 Free WordPress Plugins for Ad Space

By: | Updated: July 23, 2021

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WordPress has made it increasingly easy for business owners and personal bloggers to create a website. Placing ads on your site can help generate revenue, but it can be tricky if you do not have the right know how. here is our Free WordPress Plugins you can use to generate the revenue you need from your website.

WordPress offers several free plugins that are ideal for optimizing ad space. This will help your website look great, and maximize your chances of making some extra cash. Here are some plugins you may want to consider if you are placing ads on your WordPress site.

Free WordPress Plugins for Ads Space

Here they are:

#1 Advanced Advertising System

This plugin is ideal for someone who wants to sell ad space on their current website. It will allow you to set up prices for different areas on your site. You will also be able to upload images to use for banners, decide on timing rotation and schedule your ads.

Advance Advertising System works with a short code, which means you can simply place the code where ever it would look best. You may have issues with understanding some of the settings initially, but once you have placed your first campaign, you will be able to use this plugin with ease. There are loads of options, which will help you design ads according to your needs.

#2 Advanced Ads

Advance Ads will allow you to place ads on your site, set up ad rotations, schedule ads, set expiration dates for ads, and choose which location ads are displayed. This plugin also gives you the ability to display ads on specified pages, post or tags.

You also have the ability to show specific ads to specified visitors. Installation and setup are easy. You will need PHP 5.3 or higher to use this plugin. You can also use Advanced Ads with Google AdSense.

#3 Corner Ad

This plugin allows you to place ads on either top hand corner of your site. It will give a peel away effect to the page, and reveal your ad underneath. The ad will be fully exposed when the mouse moves over it. When the mouse is moved away, the page will flip back to its normal state.

This is a great way to visually stimulate your audience, and give attention to ads. It does it in a subtle way, without overwhelming your visitors. This plugin works with Flash, so it will have to be installed for it to work correctly.

#4 Ad Plugg

This is a one of a kind plugin, as it includes analytics and multiple other ad tracking options. This will ensure that you are getting the most out of your ad placement. Ad Plugg will give you the choice of where to place your ad, as well as rotation and scheduling of each ad.

You will be required to set up an account with the Ad Plugg Website for it to work, but the account is completely free. With your free account you will receive 100,000 impressions each month. There are options to upgrade to a pro plan, which is highly affordable.

#5 Ad Injection

One of the most popular ad insertion plugins, Ad Injection lets you add advertisements on WordPress posts, pages and widgets. You can insert ads from AdSense, ClickBank, Amazon Associates and more.

There are various optimization options such as displaying ads based on content length and the duration of the post being live, restrict IP addresses and decide visitor referrers. It is possible to configure the ads for various placement positions such as top, bottom or random visibility. You can do A/B split testing. Lastly, the plugin does not conflict with caching plugins like W3 Total Cache, WP Super Cache and WP Cache.

#6 Ad Rotate

If you are running a site offering a lot of advertisement options and placements, monitoring the ads are quite cumbersome especially when they need to be changed at due intervals or tested to improve performance. The Ad Rotate plugin is recommended here.

It has an extensive ad management interface and can be easily managed right from the blog dashboard. You can oversee ad performance, add and/or edit banner codes, add new ads, preview banners while adding and more. The plugin is capable to host unlimited number of banners and their placement within the site.

Further, the icing on the cake is its GeoLocation feature which enables you to display ads depending on the geographical location of the visitor. This is a really cool feature to maximize ad revenues. If you are displaying ads or promoting affiliate products, GeoLocation will help a lot to gain targeted leads.

#7 Quick AdSense

Though the name implies the plugin is custom made for AdSense insertions, the plugin works with ads from other networks too.

The plugin has a simple interface to insert ad codes and manage their placements within a blog post. You can also use the plugin to place ads randomly. If you want fixed placements, you can assign them at the beginning of the post, before last paragraph, end of the post, after certain paragraphs and after some images.

You can use the plugin to display a maximum of 10 ads on a page. If you are using AdSense only, note that it is limited to only 3 ads on a page. The ads can be placed on the sidebar widgets too. Moreover, it ads simple tagging options in the post HTML editor so all you need to do is place the relevant tag and save. The same method works for disabling ads too.

#8 Buy Sell Ads

BuySellAds is an online advertisement marketplace and the link above leads to their official WordPress plugin.

Once approved, you can sell blog advertisement space directly from BuySellAds and they retain a portion of the earning as commission. They offer multiple ad placement options and to make placement easier, they have the official plugin which will integrate sold advertisement inventory seamlessly on your blog.

The plugin helps to insert ads on RSS, mobile responsive theme and widgets. It is important to note that this plugin will not cause conflict with other ad insertion WordPress plugins.

Other WordPress Plugins that you may consider include:

These plugins offer multiple customization options to suit the needs of any blogger. Except for the BuySellAds plugin which should be installed once the BuySellAds marketplace account is approved try and test all other plugins and use the one which best serves your requirement. If you just want a simple plugin to insert ads, the Quick AdSense plugin is the best. Use Ad Injection and Ad Rotate when you need more customized and targeted options.

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