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Best Funny Podcasts: 15 Examples [2022]

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Many of us use the many ways to listen to podcasts from the internet to keep updated on the planet, but let’s be honest about the news; it can be depressing.

Sometimes we need a break from it, and we can find that break in these funny podcasts.

What Is a Funny Podcast?

Funny podcasts can run a pretty wide range of content.

Most people will think of comedians when looking for a funny podcast, but these are not the only people that can make listeners laugh.

Funny podcasts include satire, romantic stories, and even spins on news shows.

What Does a Funny Podcaster Talk About?

The thing is, once again, there is no set topic that a funny podcaster talks about.  

Humor is subjective to each person and based on that fact, a podcaster can put a funny spin on almost anything.

Clever observers can talk about news in funny ways, funny groups of friends can talk about their weekends in ways that split your sides, and other content can even hilariously discuss true crime.

What Is Included in a Funny Podcast?

A funny podcast usually follows a few formats that include rather specific elements.

At their most basic level, they include audio content meant to be engaged with through listening.

They can include regular hosts who discuss matters they find funny or interview comedians and other such figures.

Other funny podcasts can include a running storyline with recaps before each episode.

Other Things That You Can Find on a Funny Podcast

No matter their format, you can expect to find all of these elements featured in a funny podcast somewhere.

  • Satire: Funny podcasts often include satire. A funny podcast will likely include an irreverent take on the world’s events, reality, or current values.
  • Jokes: If the podcast is in talk format or features comedians, you can expect funny podcasts to include either on-the-fly jokes from its creators or expect them to bring up classic jokes with a new spin.
  • Gimmick: You can expect a funny podcast to have a gimmick or hook, such as a fake news show format, interview show format, or some other unifying theme.
  • Short Length: Humor is the hardest voice to pull off as a creative, but people looking for humor are also usually not looking for it in long-form content. So, funny podcasts are often short.

Types of Funny Podcasts

There exist so many types of podcasts, to begin with, let alone subcategories of funny podcasts on the internet, as this category is broad.

But for the sake of understanding and to help you find the content you can chuckle at now, we will narrow it down by niche.

  • Funny Podcasts for Women: Many funny podcasts are produced by women, giving them an excellent representation in this niche of podcasts. Many women will also find these women-produced podcasts comical and wonderfully relatable.
  • Funny Podcasts for Teens: A growing demographic among podcast listeners are teenagers. To escape the depressing media cycles, many teenagers have turned to funny podcasts that are appropriate for them and that they relate to.
  • Funny Podcasts for Kids: Children love humor for entertainment, so many content creators create brilliant and hilarious podcasts for kids.

Best Funny Podcasts: 15 Examples

Did you think we would just tell you what a funny podcast is and then leave you?

No – keep on reading for good examples.

These examples span a range that extends from satire to bizarre sci-fi stories.

But what they all have in common is that they are hilariously funny.

How Many Funny Podcasts Are There?

There is no data for the number of funny podcasts that exist, but we can give you this figure: a lot.

There are thousands of funny podcasts on the various streaming platforms, which also means that a lot of them might not be very good.

But with these examples we have picked, do not worry.

They are not only among the best funny podcasts; they are among the best podcasts that exist.

Funny Podcasts for Women

Funny podcasts for women take on a broad range of topics.

This list ranges from friends talking about the importance of their relationship to satirical advice that no one should follow.

Friends Will Be Friends

screenshot of the friends will be friends homepage

Friends Will Be Friends is a production from the BBC created by Cat Deeley and Edith Bowman, and its premise explores friendship in a heartfelt yet hilarious way.

Each week Cat and Edith take a famous girlfriend and their best friend out for a “double friend date” to hear their best stories from their friendship and laugh together.

Daddy, Look at Me

screenshot of the daddy look at me homepage

Some kids are simply funnier than others and embrace it.

This show delves into that topic and childhood moments that famous comedians knew they wanted to make people laugh for a living.

Rosie Jones and Helen Bauer bring in a new comedian each week to ask away, and when they go back and forth with each other, this show gets very funny.

Dear Joan & Jericha

screenshot of the dear joan jericha homepage

Julia Davis and Vicki Pepperdine are the masterminds behind this podcast and play “Joan Damry” and “Jericha Domain,” the hosts of a fictional, satirical advice segment called Dear Joan & Jericha.

Nothing is off limits once the two begin reading “letters” from their listeners and responding to them, especially when Joan has the microphone because her answers are often bizarre and do not help the hypothetical situation at all.

The Guilty Feminist

screenshot of the guilty femenisit homepage

Deborah Frances White’s The Guilty Feminist changed the podcast landscape for women because it used humor to address tough conversations and feminism based that topics men usually could not relate to.

Now far past its 300th episode, The Guilty Feminist continues making people laugh, and continues bringing people insight and opportunities to reflect on themselves.

Absolutely Not

screenshot of the absolutely not homepage

This podcast may be the most bizarre pick on this part of the list, but Absolutely Not is absolutely hilarious.

Comedian Heather McMahan hosts this wacky podcast where people can call in and ask their most burning, strange questions.

As one of the best funny podcasts for women, it leaves no topic off the table for discussion.

Funny Podcasts for Teenagers

Teens are known for their rebellious streak.

Past their prickly side though, we also know they love to laugh.

Listening to what they mostly talk about these days, we can tell teens also like to stay informed if humor is part of the education process, so these podcasts are perfect for them.  


screenshot of the adultish homepage

Adult-ish is a brilliant podcast produced by two young people from Los Angeles and Oakland, Nyge Turner and Merk Nguyen.

Each week, Nyge and Merk tackle the world’s goings-on with a smile, bringing a humorous lens to culture, tips for happy adult life, and to current events.

Dear Hank & John

screenshot of the dear hank john homepage

The Green brothers are beloved by most teenagers and for good reason.

These two brothers know how to relate to teenagers and handle the questions that most concern them.

Adding to their appeal, they know how to approach these difficult topics: by making their listeners laugh.

Part-time Genius

screenshot of the part time genius homepage

Part-time Genius is a perfect funny podcast for teenagers because it is bizarre.

Its hosts seek to answer strange questions, some of which are enough to make you laugh alone.

In pursuing the answers though, Part-time Genius is humorous, informative, and only done in short form.

So, it is sure to keep your teen’s attention.

Teen Girl Talk

screenshot of the teen girl talk homepage

Teen Girl Talk is a funny, heartfelt podcast perfect for teenage girls.

The two sisters who run the podcast discuss topics that range from puberty to reality television and find something to laugh at in all of them.

Wait Wait … Don’t Tell Me

screenshot of the wait wait dont tell me homepage

One of the best ways to engage teenagers in anything is to create some competition.

The creators of Wait Wait … Don’t Tell Me have figured this out, and use this quiz show to inform their listeners and invite chuckles.

At only an hour long and regularly engaging, Wait Wait … Don’t Tell Me is a great way to keep your teen informed while keeping them laughing.

Funny Podcasts for Kids

The key to finding funny podcasts for kids is striking a balance between comprehensibility, hilarity, length, and appropriateness.

Children have even shorter attention spans than teenagers, and some funny podcasts cover topics not appropriate for children.

The podcasts on this list keep things suitable for children and keep the content under 30 minutes.

The Plop

screenshot of the plop homepage

Larry Dobbs created this sketch comedy podcast for children, and every week it continues to draw them in for the laughs.

Larry plumbs the depths of the internet for new material each week, so your child can expect something fresh and funny in these 25-minute episodes.


screenshot of the happygolukky homepage

HappyGoLukky features an entire collaborative team creating a new story each season.

Follow along for its plays, story sagas, or behind-the-scenes bits in short episodes, and laugh at the absurd humor this vast collaboration has added to every episode.

Kid-Friendly Joke of the Day

screenshot of the kid friendly joke of the day homepage

Kid-Friendly Joke of the Day is among the shortest, sweetest, and to-the-point funny podcasts out there, especially for children.

Each episode discusses or tells one child-friendly joke of the day, and each is sure to make your child giggle with enjoyment.

The Story Store

screenshot of the story store homepage

Similar to the HappyGoLukky podcast, the Story Store takes actual suggestions or orders from listeners and creates full story episodes from them.

As a podcast made for children, the writers use humor to keep their listeners involved, and this one may even make adults laugh too.

Nik and Flo’s Worms of Joy

screenshot of the nik and flos worms of joy homepage

Nik and Flo’s Worms of Joy is also known as the Nik Lettuce Clubhouse cast and this podcast is sure to bring some belly laughs out of your children.

Each week Nik and Flo will meet guests or try to educate listeners about processes like storytelling.

We say try because sometimes they will get carried away … although it is for the sake of laughs and to show listeners that sometimes tasks need joy to get done.

Similar Podcasts Types to Check Out

Though they accomplish the goal in a specific way, most of us probably look for funny podcasts because they make us feel good.

These other types of podcasts can help do that in other ways.

  • Comedy Podcasts: The line is blurry between comedy and funny podcasts, but comedy podcasts will outright seek to make you laugh, and succeed most of the time.
  • Positive Podcasts: Podcasts can be a powerful tool to combat negativity, especially these positive podcasts, which can help train the brain to think more positively.
  • Uplifting Podcasts: Hope is key to human existence. Thus, uplifting stories and messages can keep us going sometimes. Look no further than these uplifting podcasts for such messages!

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the most frequently asked questions about the funniest podcasts in 2022.

header graphic that explains in visual format

What is the number #1 comedy podcast about?

The Number #1 Comedy Podcast is Call Her Daddy, hosted by Alexandra Cooper, and often tackles sex, relationships, and other such related topics with a humorous bent.

What is the number #1 podcast in 2022

The Joe Rogan Experience Podcast remains the number one podcast in 2022, with an impressive average of 11 million listeners per episode.

While you could once listen on almost any platform to it, it is now exclusive to Spotify.

Wrapping Up

Those are the funniest podcasts in 2022 that are brightening people’s days.

With so many platforms and content creators, it can be hard to separate the wheat from the chaff but this article should have sent you down the right path to finding your next comedy podcast.

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