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How to Gamify Your Blog and Increase Engagement



Capturing people’s attention is an essential part of blogging. Without it, your blog would be useless. Yes, there are lots of ways to do that. But one of the best ones is by gamifying your blog.

Gamifying has invaded the e-learning landscape because of its effectiveness in fostering engagement. It’s also proven to boost brand awareness and make your content more enjoyable. If you want to propel your blog to greater heights, then the gamification strategy is for you.

But this isn’t just about playing games. Instead, it’s all about engagement and mental stimulation. This gives your blog a more solid audience due to our innate nature of loving games.

In fact, the iTunes App Store currently has over 396,000 game apps. There are even lots of LMS gamification systems nowadays — proof of our fondness for games. With this, it’s safe to say that sprinkling a bit of “gaming” to your blog makes it more appealing.

Here, you’ll learn why gamification is a game changer for your blog. You’ll also know how it can increase engagement and drive more traffic.

What is Gamification?

Gamification is a strategy that integrates game mechanics into your blog. The goal is to drive audience engagement and participation. It also gives you long-term followers that’ll help your blog achieve long-term goals.

This can range from all sorts of activities. It can be a contest for best comments, highest engagement rate, and more. It’s a way of introducing game mechanics to non-game elements like blogs. Achievement, progress, and competitiveness are some of the aspects of gamification.

1. Leveling System

The leveling system is an effective way to boost audience engagement. It’s all about assigning your audience varying levels that depend on their involvement. The levels can range from 1 to 10, with one being the least involved and ten being the most.

It’s then up to you on how to make the levels appear more creative. Splash in a touch of your brand or perhaps a well-thought-out theme. This motivates your readers to interact with each other. After all, we’re all egoistic creatures at the end of the day. We want to look good. And we’ll look good when we have a high level.

2. Introduce Quizzes

We all want to know our real selves. What better way to do that than to take quizzes. Take for example Buzzfeed’s quizzes. It sparks people’s curiosity and makes them interested in knowing more about themselves.

It might be an IQ test or a “Which celebrity do you look like” kind-of-test. Whichever it is, it’s proven to be useful in making your blog known. Buzzsumo even states that a quiz gets shared averagely 1,900 times.

1 Quiz Software Create Online Quiz Tests and Exams ProProfs

That’ll drive tons of traffic! And what’s great about this is that people want to compare their results with their friends. This makes the quiz turn viral! It’s also easy to make one. There are lots of platforms like ProProfs Quiz Maker you can use to help you out.

3. Leaderboards

One of the best things about humanity is its undying passion for competitiveness. It’s what made us achieve wonders of our own. Why not make use of our hard-wired nature in blogging?

Leaderboards drive your audience’s competitive selves. You can do this by having a leaderboard that ranks your blog members according to engagement. The number of comments, likes, and shares can be some of your criteria.

This is all about driving your audience to outcompete each other. You might also want to give a prize to the top five. This makes them more motivated to rank high. But this doesn’t always mean person-to-person tracking.

You can also feature your most popular articles and rank them by the number of likes and shares. Having a scaling system gives your readers an insight into your blog’s health. They’re most likely to stay when they see people interacting with each other.

4. Reward Badges

This is similar to the leveling system. But this focuses on unranked awards given to your most engaging followers. One of the best feelings in this world is to be awarded something you’ve worked hard for. That’s what we’re going to apply here.

Badges serve as a form of gratification to your audience. It gives them a sense of importance and accomplishment. And it’s in these feelings that they’re inspired to stay on your blog and interact more.

It also gives people the feeling of being “legitimized.” And what do they do when they feel this way? They brag it to their friends. In turn, their friends would also want to outcompete them. It’s a cycle that keeps going on and on.

A good example of this is a badge for the number of blog posts read or comments made. This is what made Quora even more popular as users share intellectual thoughts. Even Facebook’s comment section is gamified.

The more interesting, thoughtful, or funny your comment is, the more likely you gain likes. And when you’ve got lots of likes, you become an instant sensation (sort of). The same goes for Instagram’s likes and Twitter’s shares and retweets.

5. Work on Challenges

Life would be boring without challenges. So does blogging. This is why it’d be wise to challenge your blog’s visitors. Don’t worry about them leaving because it’s “challenging.” Instead, think of it as an opportunity for them to interact.

And they’ll do because of the thought of getting a prize. It can be a simple freebie or an incentive. An example would be to ask your followers to share photos on social media about your recent blog post. Or perhaps ask them about their opinion about your niche. It’s all about compelling your audience to voice out with the hope of getting something in return.


Gamifying has shaped blogging and the whole virtual world. It’s out there in more ways than we ever thought of. From the comments and likes to the number of shares and views, it’s easy to say that gamification is everywhere.

Engagement equals more traffic. And higher traffic leads to higher profits for your blog. It’s all about ingenuity at the end of the day, or a case of manipulation perhaps? Nonetheless, gamifying is the way to go.

Christopher Jan Benitez is a freelance writer for hire who provides actionable and useful web content to small businesses and startups. In his spare time, he religiously watches professional wrestling and finds solace in listening to '80s speed metal.

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Face Newbie Blogger Fears Early to Accelerate Your Success



Do you genuinely want to hit the ground running with your blog? Face newbie blogger fears early. Do not mess around. Do not play around. Never be anchored down by doubt. Face fears, feel fears and you will feel so good, and free, and ready to succeed through your new blog because fear cannot hold you back if you face it, feel it, release it and proceed.

Life as a solopreneur feels fun, freeing and highly challenging because you do not possess the resources of more established entrepreneurs or people working for a company. The #1 tool in your new blogger arsenal is a willingness to face, feel and release deep fears related to being a newbie. Do this; be golden. Fun, freedom and expansive success awaits you because your generosity, creativity and willingness to connect just accelerates your blogging success…yes…even as a new blogger. How cool, right? No new blogger needs to struggle, fail and quit before giving themselves a chance, because fear is the only thing standing between you and what you need to do, to succeed. For example, I routinely tell new bloggers to buy courses or eBooks for due diligence material. More importantly, I tell them NOT to rely solely on questions and answers through Quora for their due diligence campaign because free platforms pale in comparison to trusted, premium resources from the top bloggers, in terms of research materials.

What can you do to accelerate your new blogger success fast? Nudge into the fear of spending money on training resources, feel the fear, release the fear and buy the course and/or eBook. Doing this, you begin taking the course and/or reading the eBook, putting your new knowledge into action, succeeding more quickly. Meanwhile, most new bloggers who refuse to face their fears keep asking questions on Quora, relying on strangers, possibly skilled but usually unskilled bloggers to supply them with non-vetted answers for critical blogging research. How in the heck can you rely on this most crucial of information if you have no idea who offers the answers? Can you see why this method is totally unreliable, for getting your blogging research? A few skilled bloggers offer some keen insight but step out of the fear-vibe into the abundant, successful vibe by investing money in a top blogging education.

If you can either pay for a Harvard education or ask some stranger on the street for their free advice, what seems to be the more intelligent decision? Invest money in expert advice? Or save money to get advice from some stranger on the street who may or may not know what they are talking about? Can you see why so many new bloggers struggle, fearing to invest money in the best blogging advice, choosing to get free, unreliable blogging advice from the general blogging public?

Pay up to play up. Invest money in your blogging education to move higher in blogging circles. Be a fear-diver; keep nudging into fears to better understand how to succeed, feeling and releasing these confining, restricting forms of bondage. Face newbie blogger fears early and often to remove the shackles that hold you down. Doesn’t it feel better to dive into fears routinely so you can accelerate your blogging success, even as a newbie?

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How to Promote Yourself without Bragging and Repelling Readers



You do know promoting yourself freely constitutes one pillar of blogging success, right guys? Bloggers need to be clear, confident and relaxed enough with self to appeal to us. Who wants to follow someone with low self-esteem? We seek out bright lights, not bloggers slumming around in the blogging sewer, eh? But self-promoting is a fine art for the discerning blogger to master; go too far, bragging your butt off, and your arrogance repels readers. People despise someone who speaks about self all day long because these over-compensating buffoons, deep-down, fear they are not enough. Bad trait in a leader. I figured it’d be easiest to self promote by simply…..self promoting like the dickens.

Example; buy our new course. Yep, Sue-Ann and I plan to make you happy as a blogging pig in slop with our new course. Do you see how I got right to the point? No beating around the bush. I promoted me, and, Sue-Ann, clearly explaining why you need to buy our blogging course….by saying….buy it, and you will be a happy blogger. Promoting yourself through virtually all content you create is the easiest, simplest way to find the happy medium between being a shy guy or shy gal and being an arrogant, boastful, bragging clown. The real secret is to keep promoting self through all the self-conscious, anxious, money-related, appearance-related fears most of us cling to, before we become clear, confident self-promoters.

Put Attention on Your Readers

Do you feel disgusted with wasting time online? Do you want to drink up sweet blogging freedom, using your time online effectively, powerfully and efficiently? Buy my eBook:

How to NOT Waste Time Online

Let us rewind for a moment, shall we? Time to review how I promoted myself by putting attention on you, you rocking readers of Blogging Tips Dot Com. I promoted self because I promoted my eBook. I make money every time you buy the eBook. Cool. Feels good to me. But did you notice I asked if YOU felt disgusted, and if YOU wanted to drink up sweet blogging freedom, before I promoted ME? This is one secret to promoting your products and services without looking like a dingbat. I helped you by putting the attention on you, making my self-promotion about you and me. We both win. You access a freeing, fun, valued resources and I access an energy we call “money”. Fair exchange, methinks. I never come off as bragging, being boastful or outright being a cocky jerk because I make it about US. See how thinking about everybody, and bringing folks together, benefits everyone? Cultivate your sense of compassion guys; developing this skill helps you go far in blogging, and, in life.

Be Subtle in Sharing Your Accomplishments

Feel free to share your accomplishments if you feel doing so boosts your credibility. But never be a flat out braggart by speaking about yourself in boastful, self-centered, self-serving tones. Why? Doing so turns off folks because braggarts secretly do NOT believe in themselves, and need that facade of boastfulness to even dream of trying to succeed online. Every braggart is broken. Point blank. Even if you achieved immense worldly success and appear to be happy, the appearance is an illusion, as you do not believe in yourself, and people who do not believe in themselves cannot succeed in leading others. Be subtle in sharing your wins. Be delicate in sharing your feats. Humble yourself. Allow other folks to do the bragging so you promote yourself from a relaxed, chill, attractive energy.


Tap those Twitter and Facebook buttons to spread the word on this important topic of self-promoting. Let’s empower bloggers to taste sweet success by teaching them how to promote themselves the right way, shall we?

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Why Is a Blog Better than a Static Website?



First off guys; everybody requires different needs online. Some folks love static sites because a static website checks all boxes for you. Experience sweet success without blogging one bit. Can, and does, happen, quite a bit online for entrepreneurs. But since we blog on a blogging tips blog, you arrived to learn more about blogging tips, eh? Good. In most cases, blogs are better options than static websites for a whole host of reasons. I believe reason #1 is the dynamic, easy to update, nature of a self-hosted, WordPress dot org blog. Imagine wanting to share help via online content. Updating static sites is a slow, blocky, inorganic, pain in the butt process. Nobody wants to struggle just to share helpful content. Do you? Of course not.

Blogging gives you the platform for publishing helpful online content quickly, easily, seamlessly, thru a properly formatted, easy to digest medium. Yep guys; it is called a “blog post”. Think how easy it is for me to write and publish this post in 20 minutes and think how easy it is for you to read, process and use this blog post in a few minutes. We both win. But imagine if I tried to share this information through a static site? Not only would it require well over 20 minutes of my time, the content would be formatted in ugly, not easy to digest, fashion, and neither you or I would benefit as quickly and easily. We both lose.

Blogs offer unlimited branding and monetizing potential due to the rich library of blog themes, robust plugins and monetizing options available via a WordPress dot org blog. In essence, these blogs seemed to be designed solely for the purposes of standing out, offering service and yep, making a sweet online income, too. Not so with static sites. Updating a static site may seem like a pain but trying to customize the site to be a one of a kind web portal, seems highly difficult to virtually all entrepreneurs. Static sites do not boast the same massive library of themes for choosing, to maximize your branding potential. Plug ins? Pulllleese….non-existent. Monetizing potential takes a hit because some affiliate programs turn you down if you do not offer a rich library of trusted content on your static site, and as we already reviewed, updating your static website with fresh, helpful content proves to be a Yeoman’s task. Like, trying to walk this 140 pound dog, around NYC, as I am doing now.

How about the fun factor? Blogging – to my biased eyes hehehe… – feels much more fun because of the skills you learn, the energy spent practicing and the overall sense of fulfillment learning how to blog effectively on a WordPress dot org blog. I have oodles of fun and a genuine feeling of accomplishment learning all the in’s and out’s of blogging, and, I feel so good helping folks through this rich, robust medium. Again; biased eyes here. But for most entrepreneurs, blogging proves to be a richer, more enjoyable experience. Of course you face more challenges and you need to put in significant time and energy to learn and master multiple skills with blogging, but most of us want to enjoy the work, and, we want to work, to render useful service.


Do you want to taste sweet freelance writing success? I wrote an eBook to help you rock out your freelance writing business. Buy it here:

How to Become a Successful Freelance Writer

Smash those Twitter and Facebook share buttons to help more budding freelance writers, OK guys? Let’s spread the word to empower a new generation of freelancers.



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