The world of online gaming and poker is huge, especially if you are an affiliate marketer in this space. Some of the largest payouts for affiliates can be seen in the online gaming space. Back in the day when Google allowed gaming and casino ads to be displayed in the search results, some companies were payout upwards of $50 just PER CLICK! If that doesn’t give you an idea of how much money can be made in this space, than I don’t know what will.

Just like all other promotions in affiliate marketing, online gaming sites are looking for players and they pay a lot of money for each quality lead to their site. What many affiliate marketers will do is create wordpress driven sites to create their own content for full sites and landing pages. is a wordpress themes sites that focuses on gaming and poker related wordpress theme, though they can actually be used for any type of site you would like to create. In addition to their wide selection of gaming related themes, they also have affiliate themes as well, which are great for product review sites.

The story behind FlyTonic is quite simple. The site is made up of two partners, Thomas Calkins and Jonathan Wanchalk. Tom was into poker affiliate marketing and site/theme design. Jonathan was also into affiliate marketing and they combined both of their efforts to create the ultimate WordPress theme site based around online gaming.

Flytonic Gaming WordPress Themes

As mentioned, FlyTonic has more than just gaming themes to offer, but that is the area they specialize in. The good thing about WordPress themes is that they can be created for one purpose, but once they are customized by the site owner they can be used for pretty much anything. You can view all themes available here.

Flytonic Themes

Here’s a full size screenshot of what the Sportsbook Theme looks like.

Sportsbook Theme

For example, one of the other themes available through the site is the Affiliate & Review Theme, which would be used for anyone who wanted to make a review site that could promote Clickbank, Amazon or any individual affiliate programs.

Affiliate Review Theme

You can see two examples of sites using the Affiliate & Review theme below.

Flytonic Framework

Another benefit to the Flytonic WordPress themes is their customized framework that allows you to take full control over not only the look and feel of your site, but also the backened and affiliate content as well.

Each Flytonic WordPress theme comes with the built in features of storing your affiliate site data so you can control your links and content across all areas of you site in just one click, along with the ability to hide affiliate links. Easy setup for theme options and changing layouts. A built in SEO option and banner management system and also the ability to translate your site into any foreign language for non-US traffic.

Flytonic Framework

As you can see, FlyTonic has put in the time and effort to create a WordPress theme platform that not only works for affiliate marketers of all types, but also bloggers across the board as well.

Flytonic Theme Showcase

It’s always good to see the basic version of a WordPress theme, but seeing what other people are doing with the theme is what really counts. Once you start to see how other sites are customizing the look and feel of their themes, it will allow you to start to imagine what you can do as well.

Through the Flytonic theme showcase you can see how other sites are customizing the look and feel of their themes with their own twist.

Flytonic Showcase

The cost to buy any of the individuals Flytonic themes is $89, which includes multiple domain use and unlimited updates and support.

Flytonic also has an affiliate program that pays out a 25% commission on all referred sales.