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Gay Blogs: Definition, Types, Income and 25 Examples [2022]

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Say you want to start blogging this year about LGBTQ rights.

Or perhaps you have some gay experiences you want to publish for the world to see and reach a different audience with your knowledge.

But what exactly are gay blogs, and are they worth it?

Good question.

Let’s dive into answering it and much more.

What is a Gay Blog?

A gay blog is like a regular blog, where you can link to articles, pictures and post personal accounts or promote your brand.

However, a gay blog has a unique gay lifestyle voice that relates to the LGBTQ community.

You can use it to build a following, promote a cause or aspect of a lifestyle, raise awareness, and help others.

What you do with it is up to you.  

What Does a Gay Blogger Blog About?

A gay blogger could post about practically anything and potentially assist other queer people in achieving the life they want for themselves.

It can be as simple as posting about your experiences as a gay parent or what it’s like to a lesbian and single.

Your life experiences could be beneficial to someone else.

Some of the most popular categories to write about include:

  • Finance
  • Product or service reviews
  • Lifestyle
  • Travel
  • Health
  • Fashion
  • Home Decor
  • Political issues

What Is Included On a Gay Blog?

In this section, we’ll dive into more detail about each of the main features that are included in every gay blog and how to start a blog.


The headline is essential to indicate what your article is about without giving too much away.

Make the reader want to check out the first paragraph.

Include some emotion (positive or negative) that will draw potential readers in to check out more.


The first sentence or two should entice readers to continue onto the following paragraph, encouraging them to stay longer on your site.

Don’t dawdle, and get to the point, but don’t reveal everything so readers can appreciate your blog as a whole.


Subheads make your content more organized, appealing, and easy to navigate.

Additionally, they help with SEO, so be generous with your keywords.

Just don’t go overboard.

No one likes reading articles that sound like an AI wrote them.

Inject your personality because that makes you stand out.


The body of your blog is why people clicked, after all.

You could write about life advice, business talk, a funny story, or your review on the latest LGBTQ movie that just came out.

(Pun intended).

You establish your authority as the author and fulfill a goal, whatever that may be.


Pictures and illustrations break up the words and make the blog more eye-catching.

They also contribute to supporting points you make.

The graphics, text, and color palette should be cohesive and convince people to stay for the ride.

(Graphics also allow you to advertise your social media accounts).  

Other Things That You Can Find on a Gay Blog

What else should you keep in mind when creating a gay blog?

  • Call-To-Action: Especially with LGBTQ-related content, you want to be clear and get people on their feet to make a change.
    Ask readers to leave a comment, click on another blog on your site, or check out a product you sell.
    You could also offer premium content in exchange for their contact info.
  • Relevant Internal Links: In simple terms, internal links are good for your website, increasing traffic and how long people stay on your blog.
    All the relevant posts mesh together to create a cohesive unit that encourages them to see what else you offer.
  • Meta Description: The few short sentences Google shows in the search results grab readers’ attention.
    You spend a lot of time making your blog post the best it can be; now it’s time to get yourself out there and earn readers.  
  • About the Author: A blog written from the gay perspective should include a brief biography of the author.
    Otherwise, just provide information to give the audience a human feel so they can relate to the person on the other side of the blog.

Types of Gay Blogs

We’ll provide a brief overview of the types of blogs we’ll cover more in-depth later.

vector graphic showing an illustration of a gay heart next to the words gay blogs

Gay Blogs for Men

Gay blogs for men cover all aspects of LGBTQ life, discussing news, fashion, and dating.

Gay Blogs for Women

These blogs cover lesbianism, weddings, dating and offer movie reviews or traveling experiences.  

Gay Blogs for Entertainment

Gay entertainment blogs give engaging movie, game, and TV show reviews.

These articles dive into gay celebrity life and the latest, juiciest gossip.

Gay Blogs for Networking

Networking involves popular dating apps where gay people can search for long-term relationships or a quick fling.

You can connect with people who have the same interests as you.  

Gay Blogs for Fashion

Fashion blogs talk about the history of gay fashion and current trends.

They have reviews, musings, and inspirational videos or pictures to help you find your next look confidently.  

Do Gay Blogs Make Money?

Gay blogging is still relatively new, but it can bring in good money.

We scoured the internet to show you how successful blogs earn cash for regaling their good and bad experiences.

How Do Gay Blogs Make Money?

Bloggers can make good money and get plenty of perks.

If you love writing and interacting on social media, then blogging is a super fun job.

You can work wherever you are, using your traveling adventures to make money.

Increase Traffic

Different types of blogs that make money all have one foolproof way to do so, and that trick is to attract more readers.

You’re not randomly going to stumble across readers who check out your content regularly.

You must promote your site and be present on social media, like Facebook and Twitter.

Allow the audience to engage and chat amongst themselves.

Marketing Strategies

You earn a small commission when recommending a website or product on your blog.

After you begin promoting services, you get paid.

Fill that space on your blog with advertisements and earn money from readers who click.

The downside of affiliate marketing is that many people use ad blockers that limit pop-ups.

How Much Do Gay Blogs Make?

Blogging is not a traditional career path.

However, you can earn a living off of your website.

On average, a blogger could make up to $39,000 per year, but that depends on how long you’ve been blogging, the audience size, the average traffic, and the topic.

Products to Promote and Sell on a Gay Blog

You can sell almost anything on a gay blog.

Many people try a virtual product, like software, or physical products, like t-shirts or paperbacks.

You can promote and sell different items on a gay blog; the sky’s the limit.

We already established how much you could make from blogging, but now we have to cover the types of niche products to sell on your blog.


Some bloggers choose to sell ebooks via their websites and charge additional prices for the information you can’t get anywhere else.


Creating a phone app could be super intimidating unless you have a background in software development.

Then you can make a business tool that relates to your readers’ for a one-time purchase.

Physical Products

Even though so many people resort to online goodies, you can still create a physical product.

Bloggers have made board games, graphic novels, and more. Etsy, Amazon, or eBay are reasonable vendors depending on your product.

Best Gay Blogs: 25 Examples

We covered the basics above, but now let’s give you some examples to examine.

This section will list successful blogs in this industry.

We’ll describe what the blog is and what it offers readers.

We’ll also address why these blogs earned a mention in this definitive list.

How Many Gay Blogs Are There?

There are hundreds of highly successful gay blogs for you to explore in the wide world of the internet.

Take a look at the following examples of gay blogs to see if you can find motivations for starting a blog and identify what kind of community you want to connect with.

Gay Blogs for Men

These focus on the lifestyles, health, and fitness trends unique to gay and bisexual men and try to find solutions to everyday life challenges.

Trends can include gay couples traveling the world together, gay speed dating for single men, or the concept of fatherhood, whether they already have children or considering fatherhood.  

Gay Times is the original (arguably the best), longest-running magazine to reach a global community of gay and bisexual men.

screenshot of the gaytimes homepage

Based in London, Gay Times covers various topics relating to the gay crowd, including annual pride reviews from the UK and articles about LGBTQ politics around the world.

Gay Times has published its magazine in a variety of formats since 1975.

Nomadic Boys focuses on a gay couple and their traveling adventures worldwide.

screenshot of the nomadic boys homepage

They give you insight into the gay life of specific locations, including hardships and legal ramifications on the road.

Also, their blog divulges exciting places for homosexual couples to stay and other advice for a fun and safe vacation.

Urban Connections is a gay speed dating blog where you can meet men of various colors, backgrounds, professions, and ages.

screenshot of the urban connections homepage

Whether you’ve been speed dating before or this is how you choose to break the ice, you get a fun, quality experience from a diverse community.

What began as a blog has now evolved into a brand, including social media.

The Authentic Gay talks about the latest health and fitness trends for the modern gay man.

screenshot of the authentic gay homepage

This blog revolves around style tips for a gay male audience.

They encourage living well, discussing sex topics and mental health.

This blog was created because of the lack of free self-help resources for gay men and has evolved into a whole community.

Gays With Kids is the leading digital media company, resource center, and social network for LGBTQ men considering fatherhood.

screenshot of the gay with kids homepage

This blog is a safe space for dads of any sexuality and any gender, as well as dads-to-be, to learn how others create and raise families.

The blog has regular guest contributors from gay men in the public eye who share their struggles, too.

Gay Blogs for Women

From real lesbian stories to visibility in the workforce and parenting, gay blogs for women offer insights into the challenges of living as a lesbian or bisexual woman.

Some of the most popular lesbian blogs are written simply by a gay woman who naturally imparts her perspective and writes about her experience.  

What Wegan Did Next is a lesbian fashion blog run by two wives.

screenshot of the what wegan did next homepage

The creators describe outfits, femme visibility, long-distance relationships, and explore luxury travel.

They ran a campaign and dating site for feminine women, inspiring those in the same position with beautiful photos and their own struggles.

Dancing With Her has real lesbian stories for women worldwide and from many different backgrounds.

screenshot of the dancing with her homepage

Alongside the stories Dancing With Her also offers advice to same-sex couples planning a wedding and has become a resource center.

The magazine, blog, and directory celebrate and inspire gay women in a positive community.

Notes by JJ is written by a lesbian book lover, Netflix buff, and movie fan.

The author offers ideas for what to watch and read when you’re overwhelmed by possibilities.

This blog is fun to escape into for a while in the world of fiction, travel, and TV shows.

While not every selection is gay-themed, it offers a perspective on the LGBTQ community.

Mombian Lesbian Parenting Blog recounts lifestyle, parenting tips, and politics for lesbians and all LGBTQ families.

screenshot of the mombian homepage

A GLAAD Media Award-winning blog, it lives up to and surpasses its tagline of “sustenance for lesbian moms.”

You can find some great resources for the different and unique roles of gay relationships.

The Gaily Grind is a news magazine covering entertainment, lifestyle trends, and serious issues within the LGBTQ community.

screenshot of the gaily grind homepage

They call themselves the #1 Gay News and Entertainment site and endeavor to do that by offering something for everyone.

Readers can expect a range of articles, including NSFW imagery and their daily Gaily Stud, politics, and hard-hitting news.

Gay Blogs for Entertainment

These blogs focus on LGBTQ artists, entertainment with a gay theme, and report on news that impacts the gay community.

They may cover coming out stories, rights issues, and who is dating who.

Towleroad is one of the leading LGBTQ news and content sites growing beyond a blog into a whole brand.

screenshot of the towleroad homepage

Since 2003 they have covered politics, entertainment, tech, art, law, movies, and music.

Towleroad aims its content at gay men, but it is a jack of all trades.

The website provides info for gay men about equality issues, news, and traveling advice.

Queerty is the world’s #1 gay news and entertainment site boasting no agenda except for that gay one.

screenshot of the queerty homepage

The blog has evolved into an online magazine and newspaper website that takes all the essential issues and directs them to the gay community.

Queerty recounts the life, trends, entertainment, and politics of the LGBTQ readership.

Pink News is the largest and most influential LGBTQ brand. Centered in the UK, they carry interviews with influential and well-known artists.

screenshot of the pink news homepage

They are often the first to publish the news of a celebrity coming out.

The blog discusses new releases and the latest news of upcoming gay artists.

Music lovers will get a kick out of these blog posts.  

Outsports is the top gay-sports publication that started in 1999 and became a brand in 2007.

The blog addresses gay issues in amateur and professional sports with articles covering organizations, events, LGBTQ athletes, and news.

The blogs fulfill the passionate interests of gay fans worldwide.

QX Magazine is the UK’s most popular and free gay magazine.

screenshot of the QX magazine homepage

The blog discusses lifestyle, arts, film, music, theater, health, and clubs.

The blog acts as a local guide for upcoming events, guiding tourists and locals to new adventures, then highlights the area’s past events with photo reviews and descriptions of famous places.

Gay Blogs for Networking

Networking blogs offer the LGBTQ community a chance to come together.

That could be to hook up with or without a connected social media app or just mingle with other like-minded people.

The networks usually have a common theme, like dating, weddings, parenting, or casual hookups, giving people a spot to learn and chat.

Grindr is the world’s largest social networking app for gay, bisexual, curious, and queer men.

screenshot of the grindr homepage

When it launched in 2009, Grindr was one of only a few geosocial apps that allowed gay men to match with others in their area.

Now you can connect with millions on the largest mobile app for LGBTQ men.

RainbowWeddingNetwork is the leading gay and lesbian wedding resource, offering readers an extensive listing of screened gay vendors in the U.S.

screenshot of the rainbow wedding network homepage

Experienced in the wedding industry, having operated for 22 years, they provided resources and tips for LGBTQ honeymoons.

They describe fresh ideas to plan your special day and new angles to approach to make it memorable.

Hornet Stories allows you to meet great guys with over 18 million users.

screenshot of the hornet homepage

However, this isn’t just a dating site or a hookup blog.

Hoping to engage the mind and attract like-minded guys, Hornet Stories allows you to connect with gay men while reading great content, learning about new places, and making new friends.

Guy Hop Blog is the LGBTQ blog to resort to for fun dating and casual hookups.

An interesting networking site, Guy Hop Blog, can be used as a place to set things up for fun in person or to just make friends with other guys that have the same interests as you do.

B-Gay is an exciting place to meet other gay people and has been offering online gay chat rooms since 1999.

You’ve come to the right place if you also want travel, health, and entertainment news.

The site is mobile and tablet friendly and allows readers to remain anonymous.

Gay Blogs for Fashion

Clothes, accessories, looks, trends, and style guides are just some of the offerings by gay fashion blogs.

Famous stylists and fashionistas often lend their voice to their own blog or one associated with their brand and give reviews of TV shows, movies, and the latest gossip.

Gay Letter is an online magazine and brand that updates daily with exciting interviews, party photos, and videos from the LGBTQ team.

screenshot of the gay letter homepage

Also known as GAYLETTER, the blog is centered in New York City and often highlights the queer fashion scene in the metropolitan city.

Out Magazine possesses the authority on gay fashion, looks, trends, and accessories.

screenshot of the out magazine homepage

While the magazine showcases what’s in and hot on the runway, the best part must be the hot male models.

Out Magazine helps you learn the rules of gay style and the stories of how gay artists shaped the fashion industry worldwide.

Tom and Lorenzo is a place to read musings on celebrities, movies, and TV shows.

screenshot of the tom and lorenzo homepage

Well-known celebrities Tom and Lorenzo look at queer life and how modern LGBTQ culture has evolved over the years and then report back.

They also have a successful podcast and a few published books.

Rhonda’s Escape is a transgender fashion blog that ponders gender identity in and out of fashion while diving into personal opinions on politics.

screenshot of the rhonda's escape homepage

The refreshing and inspiring voice makes for an engaging read, even with little background knowledge on the topic.

Crossdressing and popular culture are other frequent topics.

Oh, Anthonio is a blog and brand written and curated by gay Menswear creator Anthony Urbano.

screenshot of the oh anthonio homepage

His articles focus on gay style and share his fashion, food, and travel experiences as they relate to everyday life.

The accompanying social media offers galleries of style tips and inspiration for putting together the best look.

How to Become a Gay Blogger

Having a website opens doors.

For freelancers looking for opportunities, you have the chance to showcase your skills.

You could help launch your public speaking career or advocate for LGBTQ rights.

The scariest part is taking the first step.

Here are some steps you can take to become a gay blogger.

Determine the Direction of the Blog

Blog about what you love.

Choose a topic you’re an expert in, and write quality content focusing on that subject.

From there, do keyword research to uncover opportunities.

You want to talk about one of your passions.

Remember, you’re going to blog about this topic for many years.  

Select a Niche

First things first: What are you interested in?

Is there something you’re super knowledgeable about?

We reviewed how to choose the right niche, and honing in on one special subject is an essential first step to selecting a niche.

Choose something that you can continuously post authentic stories about.

Select a Name

After you find what you groove to, move on to coming up with a blog name.

The name makes a huge difference between success and failure.

Make the blog catchy, relevant, playful, and something readers can easily remember.

Throw in your personality and express yourself but remember, simple is best.

Select a Blogging Platform

You need a platform to host your blogs once you publish them.

Countless different blogging platforms act as servers to provide tech support and keep your blog online and accessible to millions of eyes.

You can make the setup as personal or professional as you want

Register a Domain Name

The best domain registrar allows you to name your blog specifically for you and your brand.

Most often, they have free domain name options.

You should get your domain name quickly since they’re in short supply; many scammers buy domain names and sell them for vast amounts of money.

Get Web Hosting

We suggest managed WordPress hosting with multiple plans that fit your needs.

Getting web hosting is simple after you complete the billing information.

Then, choose the domain name.

Once you register and set up the account, you have many different features at your disposal that all contribute to creating a successful blog.

Build the Blog

Are you still with us?


Let’s get into the fun part: building the blog.

No two blogs have to be precisely the same.

Most gay bloggers have an online store, but they also have a contact page, listing an email address, so fans and partners can reach them.


You can install a WordPress theme and choose from the various other features.

Templates influence the look and feel of your entire blog, reflecting a part of your personality.

Colors also affect the impression of your blog; consider the feelings and attitudes that color provokes.


WordPress plugins are integral to computing, web browsing, and creating content.

In simple terms, plugins are software additions that allow you to customize specific programs, apps, or web browsers.

Many creators still use plugins as add-ons to personalize their programs and optimize the content they put out for the world to see.

Essential Pages

Essential pages for your blog are the pages you must include.

Most bloggers have more than just one section to display their posts.

Dividing them into different parts on the navigation bar eliminates confusion.

You can play around and determine what you want based on your personality and style.

Produce Content for the Blog

Creating content for your blog means you want to have articles that hold stiff competition when gathering readers’ interests.

Be specific and pick a particular population to reach.

People want to hear your unique point of view and find others interested in the same topic as them.

Outline your main points and come up with solid blog post titles.

Launch the Blog Publicly

When launching a new blog, you should be a part of social networks and have at least three posts written.

Having these two steps completed will draw more attention to the brand.

Measure the website’s success by tracking visitors, and keep an eye on your most popular posts to help you create content later.

Promote the Blog

Congrats, you launched your website! Are there ways to promote a blog?

You bet!

Share the blog on social media, invest in paid ads, and participate in discussion threads.

Try new content formats to gather new readers and post articles elsewhere to strengthen your reputation as a writer.

Remember to be helpful rather than promotional.

Similar Blogging Types to Check Out

We’ll recommend other related industries that are similar to gay blogging and make great industries to read up on.

If you’re interested in subjects apart from LGBTQ, consider these other blogs that might help you write your own gay blog.

You can also rake in some more cash if you decide to do both.

Crossdresser Blogs

Crossdresser blogs write about image transformation for transgender women, providing male-to-female transition tips and advice.

These blogs inspire beginner crossdressers with makeup, clothes, and fashion tips.

These blogs divulge their personal experiences to help you live your best life despite the challenges.  

Relationship Blogs

Relationship blogs give excellent marriage advice and rekindle the spark in your relationship with your man or woman.

Unfortunately, you can stumble across blogs that don’t do relationship advice justice.

Trust legit and reliable sites with sound sources and background.

Funny Blogs

Funny blogs help entertain you when you’re bored.

These ironic and satirical places are great for posting jokes and pictures that can give you a laugh

Don’t spend all day online, even though it’s tempting to avoid people and responsibilities.

Wrapping Up

Hopefully, after reading this article, you will better understand gay blogs.

If you’re interested in trying to write one yourself, give it a go.

You can make a solid income talking about topics the gay audience can relate to and give yourself a strong voice in a community that accepts you for who you are.

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