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Top 10 Tips To Get More Guest Posts Published Every Month



Guest Blogging is effective and you know it!

You want to get more guest posts published every month but the issue is that it is hard work – it is difficult to pitch, get the post approved – and finally getting it published.

The common answer here is that the results usually outweigh the efforts and make everything worth it.

To make guest blogging work for you – here are some tips that will make the process simpler and smoother. Yes, it still will be hard work and your content has to be really spot-on, but the process will be easier and you will get more acceptance and less rejections.

Guest Posts Published

Guest Posts Published

  1. Make yourself Known to other Bloggers:

This is the obvious bit – you have to start with blog commenting. For best guest blogging starts, keep aside almost 2 to 3 hours a day for blog commenting and keep this routine going for months on blogs that you are thinking to target in the future for guest blogging.

Comments should always be high quality and almost 4 to 5 paragraphs long so that your comment gets you noticed. Do note that your comments will open up networking doors, it isn’t just about getting your comments approved. Spend enough time to craft useful and relevant comments that add value – that way you will make a positive impression on the bloggers mind.

If you are already in the financial space, this is something top finance blogs are looking for all the time. For example, check out this article on different ways to make money online. It’s a topic that has been covered time and time again, but if you were to put a different spin on it, or make lists that are focused on a specific target audience, it would be much more likely to be accepted by a top finance blog — while also giving you the opportunity to get exposure on their site.

  1. Build up a Social Following:

Your social media following tells a lot about how established you are on the blogosphere.

If you have a large following on key social sites like Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin – then your pitch will get more weight. Most bloggers will treat you like an established blogger and would be happy to hear your thoughts.

With guest blogging, it is commonly understood that once the post is live – you will share the post on your social profiles. So, if you have an established profile on multiple social sites – it will bring more value to the blog where your guest post will be published.

  1. Make sure to Sign up to Popular Blogging Sites:

Sharing content shouldn’t be limited to the top-tier social sites. There are so many blogging sites where you can share your guest post, for example: BizSugar, GuestCrew, DoSplash, BlogEngage etc.

There are tons of these sites and will be soon back with another post where I will cover all of these sites in detail. If you know of any such site and want it mentioned in an upcoming post, please do let us know in the comments section.

  1. Make sure to Link your Posts from other Guest Posts that you Post Elsewhere:

Since you do regular guest blogging so this step should be fairly easy for you. Just link to a few guest posts that you have done in the past from every new guest post that you do in the future.

Linking is still a valuable ranking signal and all blog owners who allows guest blogging knows this fact. If you are someone who promises to link the guest post from new posts then your pitch will stand a greater chance of getting accepted.

  1. Make the Pitch Catchy:

Before making your pitch, you have to work your way through. This includes the previous steps like linking to guest posts, having strong profiles on top tier social sites and having accounts on places where you can share your guest posts etc. But the main point here is to make sure that you mention all that in your pitch.

It is always about – “What is in it for me?” and your target guest blogging site’s owner must understand what you can do for his blog. For example, share the content of your target blog first, link to their other posts etc. and once you have done all that – mention it in your pitch.

  1. Deliver on Time:

Guest posts usually take a few days to complete but sometimes due to several reasons it can get delayed. Say you got some urgent work, off line life’s pressure or simply there are some stuff that needs to be done at a deadline … the point is that there are things beyond our control!

Blog owners get a lot of pitches and if you take too long to write and complete the article, they will forget about you. It is best that you start writing the post as soon as your pitch and the title is approved.

Another thing about delivering on time is that, sometimes the posts are targeted for a specific event. For example, a festival, a shopping discount day like black Friday, so simply the new year time which attracts weight loss resolutions etc. If you are late on a time sensitive article then all your hard work is likely to fail.

  1. Always Check Content Quality and try to Over Deliver

Now, it’s finally time to send your content over. Hopefully you have done justice to the article with the best of your ability. It is always best to proof read the article before sending, in case there are any mistakes – it will all get fixed.

If you have hinted that the article will be, say 1200+ words in length, try to make it over 1500+. Do remember that getting a guest post published is a big achievement and for that – a few hundred extra word is all right. Delivering more will increase your reputation and the next time you are back with another article – you will get even more attention.

  1. Keep the Promise and start Sharing your Guest Post:

No point making hollow promises – and even if you haven’t, one should always share their posts on the social media – as much as possible.

Set some buffer shares, push the content on popular sites like ViralContentBuzz, GuestCrew etc.

A guest post is nothing if it isn’t shared well on the social media.

  1. Start Linking your Guest Post from other Posts:

If you are a regular guest blogger then chances are that while you have got a post published – you might have already started working on the next post by now.

This is your strength as you do frequent guest posts – so you can easily link your guest posts and make them even more stronger.

  1. Keep the channel open – Come back with another Post soon:

Guest blogging isn’t a onetime thing – it is a process. Always ask the blog owner for a contributor or author account – that way you can keep your posts coming.

Most blog owners like to have guest bloggers who contribute regularly. New guest bloggers are always more work, as their posts have to be heavily moderated – but since you are already tried and tested – the blog owners can give you a free hand and let you publish content that you deem fit. This is one of those major reason why people always look for regular contributor.

Guest Blogging is very similar to blogging on your own blog – after all, it is the audience that will appreciate your content and will be waiting for your next blog post. Keep the posts coming and make sure to share it as much as possible.


Hey, am Praveen, a Growth Hacker from MYUKMailBox and a full time blogger and social media expert.


Should You Aim for Blog Post Quality or Quantity?




The human mind is silly. It thinks one or the other. It thinks you cannot have it all. You can have blog post quality and quantity but you need to make a clear decision on what you define to be a quality blog post.

Quality posts do not mean 2000 to 4000 word, pillar style masterpieces. A quality blog post answers the question you asked via title or delivers on the promise you made on the title.

I do understand how Google ranks 2000 word or longer, SEO-optimized posts requiring hours of work for even skilled bloggers to write, package and publish. But Google also ranks 600 words posts. 600 word posts are quality posts. Guess what? For the 30,000 bloggers out there asking the title question, I just wrote a quality blog post because they get a clear, concise, dead on answer.

Avoid Scarcity Thinking

Any time you FEAR posts are not quality because word length is 600 words, you think scarcity, or, not enough, or, not quality. But fear is not true. Fear is illusion. I can write 10, 600 word, quality posts today to make a massive impact and to help people IF I think abundance. But if I only believe I write quality, helpful posts in the 2000 word range, I stopped thinking abundance and began thinking scarcity.  I chose fear over love and abundance. Naturally, all bloggers who think scarcity either struggle, fail and quit or work like beasts just to make end’s meet. Not good.

Go for quantity and quality. Some posts may span 800 or 1000 words but you can answer most questions and solve most problems in 600 words if you have immense clarity. Seth Godin answers most questions in 100 to 300 words. You have so much more to work with. So…work with it!

Think abundance. Blog abundance.

Massive Exposure

I have referenced Gary Vee many times recently and his 2000 video interviews on YouTube. Before he landed world famous speaking gig he had a pure abundance mindset, doing videos left and right, offering quality insights on a high quantity of channels. Blogging fools would try desperately to land an interview on a TV show, pitching, fearing, worrying, striving, and wasting months of time, thinking scarcity. Gary thought abundance, seized every opportunity through interview requests from some entrepreneurs who registered zero views per video, gained massive exposure organically, and, the dude became famous through his abundance mindset.

He thought quality and quantity. He did not hold back.

I am beginning to gain massive exposure through the 5-10 guest posts and blog posts published under my name daily. I do not turn down a microphone. I also know the easiest way to become well known is to focus heavily on quantity and quality, to share the wealth.

Many bloggers would obsess over a quality post being 2000 words, SEO-optimized and all that jazz, spending 4 hours to write said post on blogging tips. Meanwhile, I just wrote and published 8 quality, 600 word posts during those hours. I am being seen helping people in 8 spots. While you are on the sidelines. Even if that SEO’ed out, 2000 word post gains massive traffic over the long term, via Google, I am gaining even more massive traffic, being in 8-10 places daily via my posts and guest posts.

Think exponential increase. Imagine my 10 guest posts building up over 365 days. That is 3,650 guest posts, 3,650 spots where I am spotted online. That is a lotta spots!

See why it pays to think quality and quantity?



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How to Leave Your Blogging Struggles Behind



Exit your comfort zone on a daily basis.

Leave blogging struggles behind.

I love blogging. Blogging feels fun, freeing and quite easy to me. But sometimes, on this journey, my feelings change a bit. Sometimes, blogging feels uncomfortable and I nudge into resistance. Fear rears its head. Mental blocks arise. Sometimes I fear running out of time or perhaps I fear wasting my time. In these moments, I have 2 choices: remain in my fear-filled comfort zone or leave my comfort zone.

I left most of my blogging struggles behind because I choose to leave my comfort zone on a regular basis. Traffic, profits, and all manner of sweet blogging success greet bloggers who feel their fears, leave their comfort zones and do the blogging task, anyway.

What Is Blogging Struggle?

Blogging struggle is doing things or not doing things based on fear. Fear drives you. You blog from a fear-based, scared energy. You avoid traffic and profit and success boosting activities because you fear the opportunities. Example; you struggle horribly to make money and drive blog traffic. I advise to begin generous, relaxed, enjoyable guest posting, to help you increase traffic and profits and success. The split second you THINK about guest posting, you feel a range of emotions, from excitement, to happiness, then, from terror, to anxiety, to a general fear of wasting your time.

If 2 people visit your blog daily and you see zero blogging profits now, and you say “no” to guest posting because of some fears, you will likely struggle horribly, because you avoided guest posting to stay in your comfort zone of fear.

Traffic and profits sit on the other side of fear, outside of your comfort zone. No way around that one. We all pay a fear tuition doing freeing, success-promoting, uncomfortable things. I remember when Zac invited me to guest post on Blogging Tips. Fear invaded my mind. Would he reject my posts? How about if he hated my posts? What if I wasted my time? Would I be able to follow all the rules? Would he criticize me? Of course Zac is the nicest, kindest, friendliest iconic blogger on earth. He REALLY is, guys. He is an exceptional human being. But fear is irrational, distorting the truths of love, harmony and abundance.

I had to feel all those scary, intense fears, and keep blogging anyway, to write and publish my first few guest posts here. 800 plus guest posts later, I am still going strong. Why? I left my comfort zone those first few times and instantly began leaving blogging struggles behind.

Exit your comfort zone every single day. Do something that scares you. Do something that tests your limits. Publish a 4 paragraph long comment on a top blog, even if you fear:

  • nobody is listening
  • nobody is reading comments
  • nobody will click through to your blog
  • you are wasting your time
  • the comment won’t get published

This happened to me recently. I spent 15 minutes writing a 9 paragraph comment on Pro Blogger. But Disqus suffered some connection problems and prevented me from publishing the comment. I feared I wasted 15 minutes. But after feeling and releasing the emotion, I let it go, moved on, and devoted 10 minutes to writing and publishing the comment later in the day, when Disqus was working.

Struggles happen if you choose to blog mainly from fear.

Success happens when you nudge into these fears, toward your blogging fun, taking inspired but uncomfortable action on a daily basis.

Go for it!

Exit your comfort zone.

Leave your blogging struggles behind…for good.

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Focus on Things More to Leverage Your Blog Quickly




What is the relationships guy talking about?

Blogging is a people business, right?

Blogging is one part people and one part things. Seriously. I learned this recently because if you depend 100% on people to build your blogging success you cannot possibly scale to massive levels. But if you do focus on things more, like email lists, and blogging platforms, you become less dependent on people, and also, your leveraging potential goes through the roof.

Email List Example

Let’s look at the famous email list. It is a thing. After you publish a blog post, you write a few words, include a link to your latest post, and after clicking a button, email the post to 10, 100, or 10,000 people….or more people. In a split second, you reach 10,000 human beings. Using a thing helps you leverage your presence like mad. Awesome.

But imagine if you only reached 10,000 people by mentioning people in your recent post, and tagging them on social media. Humanly impossible, of course. Let’s say you depend on even, 50 people, to promote your blog post, by mentioning them and tagging them. Linking to and tagging 50 bloggers takes a lotta time. Minimum, even for a 700 word post, it takes 90 minutes to 2 hours – or longer – to go the tagging and mentioning route. Do you see the problem of depending 100% on people and friendships to build blog? You run out of time. Meanwhile, sending your post to 50 email subscribers takes 3 minutes to send the email and literally, a split second to actually publish the email, at the click of a button.

Using Things Effectively Leverages Your Presence

Using email lists, blogging platforms for guest posting and certain tools leverages your presence fast because eventually, you run out of time trying to leverage your presence solely based on grabbing the attention of fellow bloggers. Plus you are at the mercy of humans, and building a fear-based attachment to fellow humans leads to misery because humans change, humans get too busy to promote you, and humans unfriend other humans.

I am for making blogging a people and things business. I have learned this lesson the hard way over the prior 2 months. Befriend people and enjoy the process, but if you want to leverage massively and sprint up the exposure ladder, tap into the convenience of technology by using things to reach more people fast.

At the end of the day, it is about helping more people freely. Use things – aka technology aka inanimate objects – to help people more freely and to help more people, too.

Exit Human-Obsessed and Things-Resistant Blogging Circles

I used to be part of blogging circles 100% reliant – virtually – on human beings, and heavily resistant to things. But none of these bloggers leveraged to big time, super successful levels. These bloggers railed against bots and joked of not using or being a blogging cyborg. All seemed funny. But on agreeing and following their advice I soon learned how incredibly difficult it becomes to grow a successful blog being 100% attached to and dependent on human beings to build the blog. Humans change. Things do not. Plus you cannot leverage humans like you leverage things.

While all these folks complained about emails and automating, they played so small that reaching next level success proved to be 100% impossible. But, I observed how using things like systems and tools will help you reach huge, targeted groups of people in minutes or even seconds. See the email example above.

Instead of complaining about or resisting tech, why not use things to make life easier, to leverage your presence quickly and to reach a huge, targeted group of human beings so you succeed and so people get what they want?

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