How many times have you wanted to get original content for your web site or blog but didn’t know where to look, or didn’t have the funds to pay the high costs of copywriters and other freelance writers? Now there is a new content writing market place that allows you to connect with writers and blog owners all around the world. was created for anyone to sign up to the site and submit writing jobs or start writing for other people looking for content.

It’s completely free to sign up and there are writing jobs waiting to be completed right now. Check out the video below for a quick explanation on how works and how you can start using the site.

How Works for Writers and Blog Owners

As mentioned, the concept behind is to connect writers with blog owners and people who are looking for content. Once someone signs up for a free account at, then they can decide whether they want to create an article job, or browse through the market place to find articles they can start writing and get paid for. If you decide to place a job, you can choose the pricing, the quality of writer, the topics you would like covered and how much you will pay per article. As a writer you will simply need to look through the article market place to find a listing that you would like to complete. Once the article is completed, the person who posted the job will get to review the article and if accepted, payment will be sent and the article will be sent to the original job poster.

Create Your Free Account on Now

Today is the official soft launch at and their site is looking to cater to everyone’s needs in the content generation business. There are plenty of jobs and writers waiting for your content needs right now.

After you sign up, you will find cash rewards and promotions on the site to report any bugs, problems or recommendations that you might have for the site. Your feedback is greatly appreciated, so feel free to leave your thoughts and comments in this post or you can contact directly.