create space Many writers love the idea of getting published in real print one day. While it isn’t a necessity, it is certainly an option we have without us realizing it. In fact, the other day I received an email from a person who asked me about getting published. I referred him to Google, since a quick search reveals plenty of ways to get self published as a writer.

It’s not just for writers either

A common platform many use is called Lulu. I came across Lulu months ago and always kept it in my bookmarks for future reference. However, on my recent trip through Google’s "world of candy" I stumbled upon an even better option to get self published and that doesn’t just include books either.

create space

You also don’t have to be limited to being a writer to use their services. In fact it can be any one of the following who can utilize this platform:

  • Writers
  • Musicians
  • Artists
  • Movie Makers
  • Story Tellers
  • Singers
  • Marketers
  • and more

This is all made possible on a really groovy platform by the name of CreateSpace. CreateSpace goes one step further than Lulu and offers a wide range of publishing tools for you to go offline.

Get published on demand and reduce inventory clutter and cost

self publish With CreateSpace you can self publish the following :

  • Books on Demand
  • DVD on Demand
  • CD on Demand
  • Audio on Demand
  • Video on Demand

Imagine the possibilities that open themselves. If you are a very talented Internet marketer for example you can produce your very own tutorial DVD’s and sell them through CreateSpace.

Or else, singers and musicians can finally show the world how musical they really are by publishing their own audio CD.

The really cool thing is that your product will only be published on order. This means there is no inventory, no upfront cost to keep stock that might never sell, no warehouse to hire and keep stock and no staff to pay to deal with all aspects of traditional publishing.

ISPN – to have or not to have

CreateSpace makes is easy for you to get your own ISBN. If you never had your own, it will automatically be assigned to you when you first publish a book. You can also use your existing one if you are already a published author and the whole system is set up fuss free and easy to follow.

It gets better – get published on Amazon

Here is where it gets really interesting. With CreateSpace you can actually self publish on Amazon. Imagine the exposure you might get if you choose an appropriate industry. You could soon become the next best thing since J.K Rowling and make Harry Potter look like an ancient relict.

With CreateSpace services, you can make your music, books and video available to millions of customers by selling on, the CreateSpace Shop, and on your own website with a customized eStore.

Key features and how it works

To get started you will need to create a member account. It will allow you to create your product, upload and then choose your publishing channels. By being a member you can also order your own product with a discount. You might want to give it away to family or friends or even promote locally at a fair.

As part of the setup process (where you insert product information) you will also order a proof copy. Upon approval by you, your listing will go live instantly in your own eStore and on the CreateSpace Shop. listings usually go live within 15 business days, so allow plenty of time if you operate on a deadline for a massive launch or similar.

Once the customer orders your product, CreateSpace will manufacture and ship directly without you having to lift a finger.


  • No setup fees, no minimums, no inventory
  • You set your price and earn monthly royalties
  • Non-exclusive agreement preserves your rights
  • One of the easiest ways to sell on
  • Order bulk units at volume discounts

What are you waiting for?

If you ever had any ambitions to be noticed by the public eye, here is your chance with CreateSpace. This platform certainly presents itself in an interesting and though provoking way.

What do you think? Would like to get published?