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32 Best Gifts For Writers: Better Than A Paper & Pen

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Writers often receive pens and paper as gifts, so they can put down their ideas and begin breaking into the writing industry.

However, gifts for writers go far beyond pen and paper.

There are dozens of gifts for writers they’d appreciate for any occasion.

Here are 32 of the best gift ideas for writers that are original and fun for everyone:

Best Gifts For Writers(Overview)

We’ve included an overview of our top picks below. For detailed information on each pick, scroll down.

  1. Moleskin
  2. Mead
  3. Amazon
  4. Writing Mugs
  5. Pencil Cases
  6. Do Not Disturb Body Hangers
  7. Books
  8. Grammarly Subscriptions
  9. Keyboards
  10. Egronomic Mouse
  11. Laptop Bag
  12. Mug Warmer
  13. Laptop Charging Station
  14. Notepad for the Shower
  15. Novel Writing Templates
  16. Writing Themed Mugs
  17. Writing Themed T-Shirts
  18. Journal
  19. Thumb Book Page Holder
  20. Punctuations Posters
  21. Funny Mugs
  22. Funny T-Shirts
  23. Writer’s Block
  24. Writer’s Tear’s Whiskey
  25. Writer-Themed Socks
  26. Blue Light Glasses
  27. A Hotel Room for a Writing Retreat
  28. Subscriptions to Magazines
  29. Bathtub Book Caddy
  30. Footrest
  31. Pens
  32. Notebooks
  33. Candles
  34. Pillow Cases
  35. Custom Book Earrings

What Every Writer Needs

Gifts for writers are just like gifts for bloggers.

It doesn’t matter if you work by hand or on the computer; there are gift ideas for everyone.

Here are a few gift ideas you can give any writer or blogger you know.

1. A Comfortable Chair

A comfortable chair is a perfect gift for any writer.

All writers are known for sitting down for long periods.

Also, try including a comfortable pillow for lumbar support.

No writer wants to sit uncomfortably for hours at a time. So please give them the comfort to work in peace with a comfortable chair.

2. A Notebook

Writers are obsessed with notebooks.

They have different notebooks for their various ideas, and the chaos actually keeps them organized.

Small pocket-sized notebooks are gifts for writers that find inspiration on the go.

3. Nice Pens

Some writers are incredibly picky with their choice of pens.

Some may only use black ink, while others prefer blue ink.

For editing, writers want to use a different color to see their revisions.

4. An Ergonomic Mouse

A wireless ergonomic mouse is a perfect gift for writers that use any laptop or desktop.

An ergonomic mouse limits the stress on your body and is adjusted for comfort.

What Notebooks Do Writers Use?

Writers use a lot of different notebooks for jotting down their ideas.

However, some writers are prone to get the same notebooks over and over again.


Moleskin notebooks are a fan favorite for writers due to their soft covers and choice of designed pages.

These notebooks come in lined, dotted, or square pages to choose from that suit your note-taking needs.


Mead is the most iconic notebook brand, and you may have bought their composition or spiral notebooks for school.

If you know a writer who prefers spiral notebooks to work on one page at a time, then Mead is the best choice as a gift for this kind of writer.

What is a Writer’s Toolkit?

A writer’s toolkit includes everything you need to plan your schedule and track your writing while working towards the next steps in the writing process.

In addition, writers can track their writing habits to ensure they’re doing everything correctly.

What Are the Best Gifts for Writers?

The best gifts for writers can be anything you think a writer friend would enjoy.

However, there are some consistent gifts for writers that they use for inspiration or can use for comfort.

Gifts for Writers Amazon

Amazon is the most famous website for finding gifts for writers.

They have incredible deals, and their most popular gift ideas are always in stock.

Writing Mugs

Writing mugs are humorous sayings on the side of a mug.

Amazon offers handle mugs, travel mugs, and clear mugs that are the perfect gift for any writer.

Pencil Cases

Your writer may have a specific aesthetic in their office or writing room.

Get them a pencil case that matches their aesthetic and keeps their growing collection of pens and pencils organized.

Do Not Disturb Door Hangers

Every writer needs privacy.

Some writers will lock themselves in their bedroom or home office while writing because they don’t want to be interrupted.

A do not disturb door hanger is a perfect gift for writers that need alone time.


It would be best to consider gifting your writer a physical book about writing.

Sometimes writers need inspiration or some assistance with writing tips, and hundreds of books are available to help.

Tech Gifts for Writers

Tech gifts for writers are perfect for people who write podcast scripts.

If you’re thinking about what to get a writer who’s interested in tech, they’ll need gear for a podcast, and there are multiple gift options to find.

Grammarly Subscription

Grammarly is the most popular website for people who do freelance writing because of the tools available to help you produce your best writing.


Help make someone’s writing fun by gifting them a new decorated keyboard.

Ergonomic Mouse

An ergonomic mouse is the perfect tech gift for writers.

There are multiple options to choose from, and since they’re wireless, they can connect to any laptop of your choice.

Laptop Bag

Writers are everywhere. They spend time in coffee shops, libraries, and parks.

A sturdy laptop bag keeps a traveling writer organized and their belongings safe.

Some laptop bags can comfortably fit affordable podcast microphones if you want to take your podcast on the road.

Mug Warmer

Temperature-controlled mugs keep your drinks warm without going to the microwave.

No one wants lukewarm coffee, so take advantage of the mug that heats up drinks on its own.

Laptop Charging Station

Charging stations cause multiple wires to litter your desk.

A tech gift for any writer would be a charging station that doesn’t clutter their workspace.

Inexpensive Gifts for Writers

Gifts for writers don’t need to cost a fortune, and there are plenty of options to buy for a writer that is as useful as expensive gifts.

Notepad for the Shower

A notepad for the shower allows writers to think of ideas in the most unlikely place.

They’ll have the chance to jot down their thoughts without running to their desk naked and dripping wet.

Novel Writing Templates

Novel writing templates are an excellent gift for writers because it puts your brain to work.

If you know a writer having trouble coming up with a new idea, writing templates help you create fresh ideas to use in a novel.

Writing Themed Mugs

Writing-themed mugs don’t need to be all about writing.

It sounds contradictory, but some writers want that boost of confidence from motivational quotes staring at them while writing.

Find the perfect quote to put on a mug for a writer you know.

Writing Themed T-Shirts

Writing-themed t-shirts can sometimes be tacky.

However, there are many simply designed t-shirts in a typewriter font that any writer would be happy to wear.

Many writers want to be comfortable when writing at home.

Find comfortable t-shirt fabrics that show off what you love to do.


Journals are the perfect gift for writers.

They can use them to track their weekly or monthly goals, keep track of their ideas, or use them as a writing calendar.

Thumb Book Page Holder

A thumb book page holder is a small piece of wood placed at the base of your book.

There’s a hole in the middle for your thumb so you can hold the book in place.

Funny Gifts for Writers

Everyone needs a good laugh.

Here are a few funny gifts for writers:

Punctuation Posters

Help a writer you know decorate their space with posters that are great for decoration but can also provide writing inspiration.

Funny Mugs

All writers live on coffee or tea.

You can gift a writer you know with a funny mug that keeps their spirits high during a writing session.

They can be from their favorite show or books; it means something to the writer.

Funny T-Shirts

Funny t-shirts keep a smile on any writer’s face.

Writers can wear them during a writing session to liven the mood and help keep a writer inspired to continue.

Writer’s Block

Writer’s block is stressful and causes panic for all writers.

Sometimes they can’t think of the next thing to write.

A wooden writer’s block is a funny gift for writers that can be used as a paperweight on their desk.

Writer’s Tears Whiskey

Writer’s tears is a clever title name for a whiskey brand, and it can help take the edge off after a long writing session, as long as you’re legally allowed to drink.

Stressed-out writers aren’t uncommon, and alcohol can help you unwind.

Writer’s Tears is a humorous gift for writers that want to relax and laugh.

Writer-Themed Socks

A person can never have too many socks!

There are plenty of writer-themed socks to give a writer you know a confidence boost.

Also, they keep their feet warm and cozy during long writing sessions.

Unique Gifts for Writers

Don’t be original with your gifts.

Here are unique gifts for writers that not everyone would think to give them:

Blue Light Glasses

Writing means staring at a screen for hours at a time.

Blue light glasses protect your vision and don’t require a prescription.

These glasses come in many colors and styles to fit any face shape and can be worn anytime.

A Hotel Room for a Writing Retreat

A change of scenery can make all the difference to a writer suffering from writer’s block.

A hotel getaway could also be the perfect way to relax after you’ve written your latest writing project.

Subscriptions to Magazines

Reading is essential to become a better writer.

Magazines offer short stories and other literary pieces without taking too much time to read a full-length novel.

Literary magazine spark interest in those looking to write poetry and short stories.

Bathtub Book Caddy

All writers need to relax and unwind. Some like to do that by taking a long bath.

The only downside to taking a bath is they can’t bring a book with them.

Let a writer you know relax in the bath while reading a book with a bathtub book caddy.

It protects printed books from getting wet, and you can stay there reading for as long as you want.


For a writer sitting down for long periods, gift them a footrest to elevate their feet throughout the day.

Personalized Gifts for Writers

If you’re still interested in giving a writer paper and pens, then the best way to do that is by personalizing these gifts.


Pens come in all shapes and sizes.


Monogramming a notebook as a gift shows that you put thought and effort into it.

Get any writer a decorated notebook to inspire their writing.


Literary candles keep your office smelling good while keeping your writing space aesthetically pleasing.

Etsy is the most famous website for finding candles with creative literary titles.

Pillow Cases

Organizing your workspace gives you a clean environment to unleash your creative energy.

For example, if you know a writer who works in a room with a couch or bed, gift them a personalized pillow that provides comfort and inspiration while writing.

Custom Book Earrings

Find a pair of earrings with your writer’s favorite book cover on each one. They are stylish for any occasion and keep a writer inspired at all times.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions about what to get a writer for any occasion:

What should every writer have?

Every writer should have multiple notebooks and an endless supply of pens.

A writer should take a pocket-sized notebook and a pen everywhere because you never know when inspiration will strike.

What is the best tool for a writer?

The best tool for a writer is Scrivener.

This writing tool is designed for outlining and writing novels.

It keeps all your work and notes organized and helps craft your characters perfectly.

Wrapping Up

As you can see, there are many better gifts for writers than paper and pen.

Leave a comment if you have any questions about these gift ideas, and let us know some of your own gifts for writers that you know.

With so many options out there, it’s helpful to know that many gift ideas for writers are inexpensive and can be uniquely personalized for each writer.

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