You probably heard of the word viral marketing before. If not, then here is a short description on Wikipedia for you. Vial marketing is big business and many well known Internet marketers use the power of viral marketing to their own advantage.

For small home business owners like myself who offer a downloadable product for free on their sites there is an alternative. Instead of using an opt-in box on a blog that barley receives enough traffic to swoon more than two list subscribers, you can use the power of Scribd shamelessly for the purpose of self promotion.

What is Scribd?

Scribd is an online document sharing site that allows you to use the power of the Internet and upload your documents for the world to see. With Scribd you can upload:

  • Word Documents
  • Powerpoint Presentations
  • Excel Spreadsheets
  • PDF’s
  • Photos

Storage is unlimited, which means you can upload anything that you want to share with as many people as possible.


Many people use Scribd to share what they have with the world which in turn drives further traffic to their site by means of using smartly embedded links within the documents.

How Scribd works

With an email, a password and a username you can become a Scribd community member in an instance, it’s as easy as that. Once you sign up, simply go to the upload feature within Scribd to upload your first document.

scribd upload

It is easy and fast. The following file formats are supported.

scribd file formats

You can also copy and paste text directly into an empty box within Scribd and publish like that instead. Alternatively you can publish anything from an already published document to "slurp it". Be warned though! Unless you own the copyright to any document you upload on Scribd you will get into serious legal trouble.

Once you document is live, it has the power to go viral. The more people see it and like it, the more your link will be passed around. Before you know it, you could have a serious avalanche of traffic coming to your site or blog.

For that to work though you will need to embed some links into your document. For instance, tell your readers where they can find you. A good way this works is when you only publish half a document (or part one) and then ask people to read part two on your blog.

If the information you provide is valuable, traffic will come.

Control your Scribd documents

You have full control on your Scribd documents once they are published. You can edit them, delete them, share them on other websites via embedded code, social book mark them or download directly to your computer.

Users can do the same at their end. Just remember, once a document goes live, it will go viral and even if you change it later down the track, or take it off Scribd, some people would have already downloaded it to their computers or share it on their sites with others.

Only share on Scribd what you feel comfortable about to go viral!

Take stock on what works

Scribd will give you an overview on your uploaded documents. You can see how many views it had, when it was published and even if people favored the document or not. Since Scribd is an online community you can also communicate with each other via a messaging system, build groups of like minded people and rate.

scribd overview

Although Scribd has been around for some time, many don’t even know it exists. Personally I think it is a fantastic platform to share ebooks with the world to make them viral. That is all I use Scridb for really.

If I think how many of those 262 people who viewed my ebook possibly shared it with their readers, I get very excited. Now multiply this by ten or twenty and you will understand how this can become a massive viral marketing platform.

In closing

Scribd is a great platform if you take it for what it is worth. For writers like me it is ideal to share my works with the world to get more exposure. If you are a company, musician, poet, chef, teacher and more, you too can use Scribd to share your works with the world.