Today Google rolls out their latest algorithm update, which has been dubbed “mobilegeddon” and will affect millions of websites across the world.

Back in February of this year, Google announced that it would be making some dramatic changes to the way sites are ranked in its search results, favouring mobile friendly layouts above all else. With a significant increase of mobile searches over the past few years, Google wants to be sure that their users are receiving the best possible experience when browsing on their devices.

What does this mean for you?

If your blog or website isn’t mobile friendly, you will see a significant decrease in mobile search traffic. Note that this is said to not affect desktop search traffic or tablet traffic, and is for smartphone searching only.

Luckily, you can save yourself from smartphone extinction by implementing a mobile friendly theme.  If you use a Blogger blog, head on over to the Template page right now and choose to use a mobile template if one isn’t set. You do NOT want this setting to be turned off!



If you are a WordPress user who currently isn’t using a responsive or mobile theme, you can try installing a plugin that will help with the process such as WP Smart Mobile Theme Plugin, WPtouch Mobile Plugin, WP Mobile Plugin or WPmobile Apps.

If you’re unsure if your blog is mobile friendly, you can check it easily using Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test. Just enter your URL and view the results.

I hope this helped to save your blog from being demoted in search! If someone else could use these tips, share this post with them!

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