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Best Grammarly Alternatives: 9+ Options [Ranked & Reviewed]

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One of the most crucial aspects of writing a blog is perfecting your copywriting skills.

The best blogs require error-free copy that entices readers and removes distractions caused by errors.

However, if you struggle with wording or frequent typos, you might benefit from an AI editing tool.

Grammarly is one of the most popular AI writing tools available.

It helps clarify and polish your content in minutes.

Still, it’s not for everyone.

So, if you’ve been on the hunt for Grammarly alternatives, check out the options below.

The Best Grammarly Alternatives at a Glance

Are you looking to read and run?

You’re in luck.

Here’s a brief roundup of our top picks for Grammarly alternatives.

What is the Best Alternative to Grammarly?

WhiteSmoke is our top pick for a Grammarly substitute.

It provides similar features, including spotting writing mistakes and an intuitive interface.

However, it also offers a variety of writing templates, which you won’t find with Grammarly.

What is the Best Free Alternative to Grammarly?

The best free alternative to Grammarly is ProWritingAid.

This online grammar checker has a robust free app and editor that truly surpasses Grammarly’s free option.

It has similar integrations and a reputation to back up its tools.

An Overview of Grammarly

Grammarly is a valuable tool many writers use to create a smooth, simple copy.

It’s an excellent tool for all types of writers, from bloggers to authors in any niche or genre.

What is Grammarly?

Grammarly is an AI writing tool that proofreads and edits documents.

You can use Grammarly to locate typos, clarify content, and make your writing more concise.

It has an easy-to-use interface that neatly outlines feedback.

Simply copy and paste or upload your content, and Grammarly will run a check automatically.

Where Does Grammarly Excel?

One of Grammarly’s best features is the ability to change its settings for content and voice.

For example, if you’re writing an academic piece, Grammarly will ensure your writing has a professional tone.

Similarly, a conversational piece will get more leeway in terms of language use.

You can also make adjustments to match your audience’s knowledge and expectations.

Where Does Grammarly Fall Short?

No grammar check is perfect.

Each has its downsides, and our Grammarly review will tell you Grammarly is no exception.

Its main issue is that the free version is pretty bare-bones. In addition, sometimes its suggestions simply don’t make sense.

However, those issues are why it’s important to reread your work before submitting it.

Best Grammarly Alternatives: Our Top 3 Options [Ranked & Reviewed]

If Grammarly doesn’t quite live up to your expectations, or you want to explore alternative options, check out our top three picks for substitutes.

We chose WhiteSmoke, Quillbot, and WordTune as the best alternate choices.

Take a look at our breakdown of each tool below.

WhiteSmoke: Our Pick

Why We Suggest This

WhiteSmoke is an excellent choice because it is cost-effective and has an excellent way to get your feet wet using a robust, user-friendly editing aid.

  • Best For: Correcting grammar, spelling, and editing for short- and long-form content
screenshot of the whitesmoke homepage

Whitesmoke is an English writing editor that provides grammar, spelling, and editing for short- and long-form content.

Like the grammar checker in Microsoft Word, WhiteSmoke checks your writing on your computer and online.

If you’re ready to learn more, this section will outline the critical difference between WhiteSmoke and Grammarly.  

Key Features of WhiteSmoke

Whitesmoke has an extensive list of features, which is why it’s our top pick for Grammarly alternatives.

Some of its key features include:

  • Web extension for spell checks online
  • Desktop and web versions
  • Statistical Machine Translation technology
  • Plagiarism checker
  • Style and punctuation checkers

In addition to the above features, WhiteSmoke offers affordable plans and a simple interface that makes content editing easy.

Grammarly vs. WhiteSmoke: How They Compare

The main leg-up Grammarly has on WhiteSmoke is that it’ll check longer pieces of content, whereas WhiteSmoke is quite limited.

However, WhiteSmoke provides similar features to Grammarly that help edit and perfect written content.

In that sense, they’re quite similar.

In addition, WhiteSmoke is much more cost-effective than Grammarly.

At the time of this writing, WhiteSmoke was only $60 per year.

On the other hand, Grammarly currently costs $144 per year.

Although Grammarly has a free version, it’s pretty limited compared to its paid plans.

Why Is WhiteSmoke a Great Alternative to Grammarly?

WhiteSmoke is a great alternative to Grammarly because its paid plan stacks up nicely with Grammarly’s.

In addition, it’s more cost-effective and provides most of the same services.

Also, if you’re new to editing tools, it’s an excellent way to get your feet wet using a robust, user-friendly editing aid.

Pros of WhiteSmoke

WhiteSmoke has some excellent features that put it on par with Grammarly.

Here are a few pros that make this writing tool stand out even more.

  • Multiple versions: Desktop and web versions and a web extension provide grammar assistance everywhere you write.
  • Translating tool: Proper translation ensures your English writing is free from common errors that result from words and phrases being lost in translation.
  • Well priced: Plans start at $5, making it significantly less costly than Grammarly annually.
  • Plagiarism checker: WhiteSmoke’s plagiarism checker is an essential tool for academic or college writers.

Cons of WhiteSmoke

All writing aids will have their downsides, and WhiteSmoke is no exception.

Here are a few of the main cons of WhiteSmoke.

Be sure to consider them carefully when choosing your tool.

  • Style selector: The style selector in WhiteSmoke isn’t as robust as the one Grammarly offers.
  • Low character limit: Whitesmoke has a limit of only 10,000 characters per session, which is only about 2,000 words.
  • No free version: Unlike Grammarly, WhiteSmoke doesn’t offer a free version or trial. All its plans are paid, so you’ll have to commit to a plan if you want to test the product.

WhiteSmoke Pricing

WhiteSmoke offers three paid plans for the same set of tools.

Each option is available with annual or tri-annual pricing.

However, you’ll receive a discount if you choose to pay every three years.

WhiteSmoke’s prices and plans are as follows:

  • Web Only: $5 per month ($3.47 every three years)
  • Premium: $6.66 per month ($5.55 every three years)
  • Business: $11.50 per month ($8.82 every three years)

Can You Try WhiteSmoke for Free?

Unfortunately, WhiteSmoke doesn’t offer a free trial or free plan.

However, it has a money-back guarantee that allows you to get a refund if you’re unsatisfied.

Simply send customer support an email, and they’ll get your cancellation taken care of.  

An important thing to note about WhiteSmoke’s return policy is its time restrictions.

All daily and monthly plans are only eligible for a refund within 48 hours of purchase, and that’s only if there’s a technical issue.

Licenses have a one-week refund policy, and any product with a validity of more than 31 days can be refunded within that 31-day period.

You can read the specifics on WhiteSmoke’s cancellation page.

Conclusion: Should You Choose WhiteSmoke Over Grammarly?

All in all, WhiteSmoke is a solid choice for an AI writing aid.

WhiteSmoke is an ideal alternative to Grammarly if you need essential AI editing services.

However, not everyone needs a tool with all the bells and whistles.

If you fall into that category, WhiteSmoke will be an excellent option.

Quillbot: Runner-Up

Why We Suggest This

Quillbot is easy to navigate and doesn’t require a steep learning curve. In addition to paraphrasing, it offers grammar checks as part of its service.

  • Best For: Content creators
screenshot of the quillbot homepage

Quillbot is an online paraphrasing and editing tool that takes chunks of text and trims them down.

It also includes similar features to Grammarly, such as grammar, spelling, and plagiarism checkers.

Keep reading to learn how Quillbot stacks up to Grammarly.

Key Features of Quillbot

Quillbot is a deceptively simple online writing tool. It includes a lot of valuable features in a sleek, intuitive interface.

When you sign up for Quillbot, you’ll get the following key features:

  • Paraphrasing tool for briefer content
  • Plagiarism checker
  • Grammar and spell checking
  • Chrome and Word extensions
  • Research tools

All the tools listed above are contained within a simple interface that makes navigating Quillbot a breeze.

Grammarly vs. Quillbot: How They Compare

Grammarly and Quillbot each offer many of the same tools and even have a similar interface.

Both tools let you review and learn from your errors while helping you write high-quality content.

Not only that, but they each offer web extensions for Chrome to make web copy easier.

However, where Quillbot stands out is with its Word extension.

Simply add the extension to Microsoft Word, and Quillbot will be able to help you write.

Quillbot is also cheaper than Grammarly when you pay for the service annually.

Why Is Quillbot a Great Alternative to Grammarly?

Quillbot is an excellent alternative because it’s visually very similar and offers all the basics you’ll need.

If you’re making the switch from Grammarly to Quillbot, you’ll be able to adjust instantly due to the similarities.

And, of course, if you need to repurpose your content, the paraphrasing tool is crucial.

Pros of Quillbot

Quillbot is a useful tool that has a lot to offer. Here are a few of Quillbot’s best features.

  • Paraphrasing tool: Quilbot’s paraphrasing tool makes it easy to shorten content when brevity is your goal.
  • Citation generator: Citations are an integral part of research papers, but they take time to write. Quillbot creates them for you in seconds.
  • Fair pricing: Quillbot’s pricing is pretty budget-friendly compared to its competitors.
  • Multiple extensions: Not only does Quillbot have a Chrome extension, but it also has an extension for Microsoft Word.

Cons of Quillbot

Despite its superb features, Quillbot has a few cons.

Take a look at the following drawbacks to see if Quillbot is right for you.

  • Limited word counts: The paid version of Quillbot has a word count limit. You can only submit 10,000 words at a time for review to Quillbot.
  • Not as advanced as Grammarly: Quillbot lacks true writing assistant capabilities, making it functional for academic work but not so much for creative writing.
  • Spell checker inaccuracies: Quillbot’s spell checker tends to have more inaccuracies than its competitors. This drawback might lead to more extensive proofreading before you submit your content.

Quillbot Pricing

Quillbot only offers two plans. Its paid plan offers a limited selection of tools.

Its premium plan provides access to all of Quillbot’s tools. Its prices are as follows:

  • Annual: $8.33 per month ($99.95 per year)
  • Semi-Annual: $13.33 per month ($159.90 per year)
  • Monthly: $19.95 per month ($239.40 per year)

Can You Try Quillbot for Free?

You can use Quillbot’s free plan as much as you need.

However, you’ll only be able to paraphrase and edit the text in small chunks.

You’ll need to pony up for the paid version to get the full suite of tools.

Fortunately, Quillbot offers a 3-day money-back guarantee on its Premium plan.

If you’re unsatisfied or want to try another product, Quillbot will give you a full refund if you reach out within 72 hours.

Conclusion: Should You Choose Quillbot Over Grammarly?

Quillbot is worth a shot if you’re considering editing or repurposing old content, which is common on social media.

It also provides a plagiarism checker, making it easy for academic writers to avoid plagiarism issues.

So, if you want something to help with academic writing or short-form content, Quillbot is a great choice.

WordTune: Budget Pick

Why We Suggest This

Wordtune helps with both content generation and editing, so it can rewrite your existing content to sound more compelling, readable, and clear. 

  • Best For: Students and writers
screenshot of the wordtune homepage

WordTune is an editor, summarizer, and spell checker you can use as an extension or through the website.

WordTune is best known for its sentence rewriter, but it’s a powerful tool for writers who need some help putting their ideas into words.

Key Features of WordTune

WordTune offers several features that make it a great writing tool.

Specifically, you’ll be able to benefit from these features when using the service:

  • Paraphrasing and summarizing tools
  • Casual and formal tone options
  • Multiple extension options
  • Microsoft integration for use within Word
  • Content expansion to increase word counts

Grammarly vs. WordTune: How They Compare

Grammarly is a comprehensive tool that offers many of the same tools as WordTune.

However, Grammarly’s tool suite is more extensive than WordTune.

It provides more options for a wider variety of writing styles and tones.

However, WordTune won’t dig into your budget as much as Grammarly, which is why we feel it’s one of the best grammar checkers for users on a budget.

Its paraphrasing and extender tools make finetuning your content a breeze, and its sentence paraphrasing and extending tools allow you to create content that’s the perfect length.

Why Is WordTune a Great Alternative to Grammarly?

WordTune is a good Grammarly alternative because it offers many of the same tools for a lower price.

As a result, it’s perfect for content creators and other creative writers who want to ensure an easy, casual tone without the risk of sounding stiff.

WordTune is also a solid choice for freelance writers who need to meet specific word counts.

If you’re a writer who struggles with sentence length or structure, WordTune will ensure you’re getting your point across.

Pros of WordTune

WordTune has a range of features that have made it a popular choice among writers and businesses of all types.

Here’s a rundown of WordTune’s most notable pros and how they can help.

  • Sentence extender: A sentence extender is a tool that helps writers increase word counts without rambling or sounding too wordy.
  • Microsoft Word integration: WordTune’s Word integration allows Word users to check their content in real-time without pasting it into a browser or editor.
  • Cost-effective: WordTune offers plans that are less costly than Grammarly.

Cons of WordTune

WordTune doesn’t have many cons, but you should still take note of the following issues before making your purchase.

  • Better for casual tones: WordTune is better at creating casual-sounding content instead of formal.
  • Less effective spell checking: WordTune’s spell checker isn’t as good as Grammarly’s. It’s known to miss errors or provide inaccurate suggestions on occasion.
  • No plagiarism checker: WordTune doesn’t offer a plagiarism checker, which can make it difficult for academic writers to create researched content.

WordTune Pricing

WordTune offers three plans. It has a free plan that provides the basics, and Premium and Teams plans to suit individuals and groups.

Each paid plan provides a discount if you purchase a yearly plan instead of a monthly one.

  • Premium: $9.99 per month
  • Premium for Teams: Custom pricing

Can You Try WordTune for Free?

WordTune offers a free version you can test to see how you like the service.

However, the free plan is very limited.

Depending on your needs and writing niche, you might not get a good feel for everything WordTune can do.

There’s no option for a refund, so if you’re unsure if you want to keep the service, sign up for one month before committing to a yearly plan.

Conclusion: Should You Choose WordTune Over Grammarly?

WordTune is a suitable alternative to Grammarly that offers more trimmed-down features.

If you only need the basics without an extensive collection of writing tools, WordTune should be perfect.

It’s beneficial for users who mainly need to rephrase or repurpose content.

The Best Free Grammarly Options

The options listed above are some of the best grammar checkers you can find online.

However, you’ll need a paid plan to get the most out of each tool.

Fortunately, there are well-rounded free writing aids you can test out that won’t cost you a penny.


Why We Suggest This

ProWritingAid has AI technology and can check an entire document in seconds; hence, it checks for style, grammar, and spelling mistakes.

  • Best For: Students and writers
screenshot of the prowritingaid homepage

ProWritingAid is a high-powered free tool that writers turn to when they want to pick through their writing with a fine-toothed comb.

It provides insight into all aspects of writing.

In addition, you’ll have a grammar and spell checker, a detailed editor, and extensive resources to help improve your writing.

Why is ProWritingAid a Great Option?

Like Grammarly, ProWritingAid is designed for writers in all niches. Some of ProWritingAid’s best features are:

  • Distraction-free editing interface
  • Multiple integrations
  • Feedback on consistency
  • Detailed suggestions

ProWritingAid offers integrations for Chrome, Word, Safari, and more.

Its paid plan provides more options, of course, but it’s one of the best free writing aids on the market.

Drawback to ProWritingAid

Although ProWritingAid has a wealth of tools, it has some drawbacks.

The main disadvantage is the learning curve.

The editor has a lot to offer, but it can take some time to understand what each tool does. It also only offers one paid plan for all users.


Why We Suggest This

Ginger is a great option because it has multiple integrations and add-ins, a downloadable interface, and mobile applications.

  • Best For: Checking grammar, paraphrasing, and providing plagiarism protection on all content
screenshot of the ginger homepage

Ginger is an online writing aid available for Chrome, macOS, iOS, and Android.

It helps writers by checking grammar, paraphrasing, and providing plagiarism protection on all content.

It’s perfect for users who want to focus on polishing up their work by removing grammar and punctuation mistakes.

Why is Ginger a Great Option?

When comparing free online writing tools, Ginger has plenty going for it.

Specifically, Ginger provides the following features:

  • Multiple integrations and add-ins
  • Downloadable interface
  • Mobile applications

These features and many others are why you should consider giving Ginger a try.

Drawbacks to Ginger

The main drawback to Ginger is the free plan’s functionality.

It doesn’t offer much compared to other tools if you don’t pay for a paid plan.

Still, it provides a good picture of what Ginger can do for you and your writing.

Even better, its paid plans are affordable.

So, if you decide to take the next step and get a paid plan, you won’t have to spend much.

Notable Mentions: Other Alternatives to Grammarly

After testing several products, we found several options that worked well but offered less than our top choices.

We thought the following options were worth mentioning because they offer unique features and are inexpensive.

The main difference is that the options listed here don’t offer the same scope of feedback as the rest.

Hemingway App

Why We Suggest This

Hemingway is a game changer because it analyzes writing for readability and provides a grade level based on the text’s complexity.

  • Best For: Students and writers
screenshot of the hemingway app homepage

The Hemingway Editor is a writing tool that helps writers edit their content for readability.

You can opt to use the Hemingway app on your desktop or use the web version.

It’s the ideal solution if you want to ensure you’re writing at a certain level.

For example, if you want to take content with a sixth-grade reading level down to a fourth-grade level, Hemingway can help.

Why is the Hemingway Editor a Great Option?

Hemingway is a great choice for writers who need to ensure their content is readable at all levels.

You’ll get feedback on sentence readability, passive voice, and adverbs.

In addition, Hemingway will suggest simpler alternatives.

Combining these features will help you write content that suits your audience perfectly.

Drawbacks to the Hemingway Editor

The Hemingway Editor offers very basic editing feedback.

In addition, it doesn’t provide grammar checks like the other options discussed in this article.

You also can’t save content online like you can in Grammarly and other apps.


Why We Suggest This

Readable is a good choice for writers who want something more valuable because it offers grade-level determinations based on multiple indexes and grammar and readability feedback.

  • Best For: Writers
screenshot of the readable homepage

Similar to Hemingway, Readable gives writers a tool to test their text’s readability.

It’s an online writing aid that provides essential editing services through the website.

The free tool on Readble’s site is limited, but the paid plans are affordable and well-stocked.

Why is Readable a Great Option?

Readable is a good choice for writers who want something more valuable than Hemingway, but more pared down than Grammarly or ProWritingAid.

It offers grade-level determinations based on multiple indexes and grammar and readability feedback.

Drawbacks to Readable

Readable has a few drawbacks you should bear in mind.

First, you can’t save multiple versions of the same content.

Instead, you must copy and paste each version into a new document.

Second, it doesn’t provide extensions like other aids.

Finally, despite using multiple reading level indexes, Readable doesn’t offer significant feedback in other areas, like grammar or spelling.


Why We Suggest This

This Sapling sits on top because it offers autocorrect options, conversational insights, and unlimited use on domains with paid plans.

  • Best For: Online editing and messaging assistant
screenshot of the sapling homepage

Sapling is an online editor and messaging assistant that provides feedback for businesses and other customer-facing entities.

Its purpose is to help organizations interact with their clients and each other more clearly and professionally.

Why is Sapling a Great Option?

Businesses like Sapling because it’s designed for their needs.

It offers autocorrect options, conversational insights, and unlimited use on domains with paid plans.

In addition, its enterprise plan is robust enough to handle high business demands.

Another great feature is that you can add Sapling to Chrome, Word, Docs, and Outlook on all plans, including the free option.

Drawbacks to Sapling

The main drawback to Sapling is that you need to install the Sapling add-on to be able to use the web version.

So, if you were hoping to check Sapling out before committing, you won’t be able to.

Also, since it’s designed more for automated responses, you might not be satisfied if you’re looking for personalized options.

Even More Options To Check Out

If you want to expand your research a bit, take a look at these other options we found.

Each provides similar features to those listed above but with fewer features.


Why We Suggest This

PaperRate is a great choice because it provides style suggestions to help smooth out your content and runs plagiarism checks.

  • Best For: High school and college students
screenshot of the paperrater homepage

PaperRater is an online spelling and grammar checker that’s free for anyone to use.

All you have to do is go to the website and paste your text into the editor.

It also provides style suggestions to help smooth out your content.

PaperRater also runs plagiarism checks, which are invaluable in academic writing.

This writing tool is an excellent choice for high school or college students who need to run basic grammar checks without paying for a more comprehensive service.

Slick Write

Why We Suggest This

Slick Write can be added as an add-on to your browser to provide real-time functionality. This makes it easy to use.

  • Best For: High school and college-level content
screenshot of the slick write homepage

Slick Write is another writing tool geared toward high school and college-level content.

When using Slick Write, you can either upload your documents or paste your work into the online editor.

Slick Write is available in the web browser and a web extension.

Chrome and Firefox users can install the add-on and have real-time functionality as they work.

What’s best is that you can use the built-in checklist to customize what the editor looks for.


Why We Suggest This

Reverso is excellent because it provides a comprehensive suite of tools and will translate content to and from eighteen languages.

  • Best For: Checking grammar and translation
screenshot of the reverso homepage

If you need translation services combined with editing help, Reverso is precisely what you’re looking for.

It provides a comprehensive suite of tools and will translate content to and from eighteen languages.

Reverso’s writing aid includes a vocabulary booster, synonym and analogy tool, and spell checker.

Combined, these tools are perfect for non-native speakers who need to flawlessly translate written content.

Other Alternative Roundups (Similar to Grammarly)

A fully stocked writing aid is crucial to improving your content writing.

However, there are a few other tools you should check out, too.

Whether you’re creating academic pieces or blog posts, the tools in the following roundups will be invaluable.

  • Copyscape Alternatives: Copyscape is a plagiarism checker that scans content and gives writers a plagiarism score. Our roundup of Copyscape alternatives will help you choose the right plagiarism tool for your type of content.
  • Jasper Alternatives: When you struggle to come up with content to write, AI content creators can help. Jasper is one of the most popular options, but we’ve created a roundup of Jasper alternatives you can use to get through your writer’s block.
  • Anyword Alternatives: Another popular AI copywriting tool is Anyword. It’s an AI writing solution for businesses who want to perfect ad copy and generate customer personas. If you need a tool that’ll help you create ad copy aimed at your customers, check out our roundup of Anyword alternatives.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you still curious about how a grammar check can work for you?

Here are the answers to a few common questions.

What is the best free grammar checker?

The best free grammar checker is ProWritingAid, but that could change from one writer to the next.

However, we feel Grammarly and WhiteSmoke tie for the best online grammar checkers.

Each provides a wealth of tools that ensure your content will shine.

Why is Grammarly so expensive?

One of Grammarly’s major drawbacks is its cost.

It has one of the highest costs for grammar checkers.

However, you get an extensive list of tools and access to professional editors if you need extra help.

If you want to try out Grammarly, you can use a Grammarly discount to save some money.

Wrapping Up

Grammar checkers and writing aids are excellent tools for writers who want to improve their skills and minimize writing time.

We feel WhiteSmoke is the best alternative to Grammarly due to its robustness and ease of use.

However, all of the options in this article are certain to meet your needs, so feel free to try them out and see which one is best for you.

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