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Grammarly Free Trial: Length, What’s Included & How To Extend

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If you’re looking for an editing platform to help polish your writing or have a team of writers you need to keep in check with an editing service, you’ve probably heard of Grammarly.

However, did you know that Grammarly has a free trial separate from its offered free plan?

Below, we’ll discuss everything you need to know about Grammarly’s free trial, from its length and what’s included to its alternatives, extensions, and how to get discounts.

Is Grammarly Free or Paid?

Grammarly has a free plan and multiple paid plans to suit your editing needs.

The free plan offers limited services, while the paid plans offer extra features.

However, since you can’t access the same features as the paid plans with the free Grammarly plan, you can get a free trial of the Grammarly business plan to give them a test drive.

Does Grammarly Have a Free Trial?

Grammarly has a free trial that is available with the business plan.

The free trial gives you full access to the features available in the business plan for a limited amount of time so that you can decide if those features are the best for you.

How Long Is the Grammarly Free Trial?

The Grammarly free trial lasts only seven days, so you can get a solid week of trying out the various features, including premium suggestions, style guide specifications, and more advanced editing settings.

Does Grammarly Require a Credit Card To Activate a Free Trial?

Yes, Grammarly does require a credit card in order to activate a free trial.

Like most free trials, the Grammarly free trial requires a credit card to charge at the trial’s conclusion.

While the company won’t charge the card immediately, it will if you don’t end the free trial beforehand as an insurance policy.

How Much Is Grammarly After Free Trial?

After the trial concludes, you can either choose to pay monthly or annually.

Grammarly will charge your card $25 per user if you choose to pay monthly.

If you have more people on your team, that price will increase.

If you decide to bill annually, Grammarly will charge your card $15 a month or $180 because a 40% discount is applied for annual billing.

What Comes With the Grammarly Free Trial?

With the free trial, users get access to all of Grammarly’s premium features plus a few extras that the business plan includes.

Features You Can Test With a Free Trial:

Features you’ll get to test in the Grammarly free trial include style guide specifications, plagiarism detection, full-sentence rewrites, brand tones, and access to an analytics dashboard.

1. Style Guide

The style guide feature lets you input in-house style guide specifications, such as writing in AP style, specific spelling needs, or passive voice usage.  

2. Plagiarism Detection

With Grammarly’s plagiarism detection feature, you don’t have to worry about accidentally copying word-for-word from the source.

Instead, the feature will highlight selections and recommend rewording them for originality.

3. Full Sentence Rewrites

Instead of getting a note to fix something in a sentence, Grammarly’s full sentence rewrite option will redo the full sentence for you, sometimes with multiple options.

4. Brand Tones

If you have a specific tone you want to convey in your writing, that’s where Grammarly’s brand tone feature comes in.

You can set directions for how you want corrections to come across so that they align with your grand.

5. Analytics Dashboard

The analytics dashboard gives you stats about your usage across your team and shows you where communication could use some improvement.

Grammarly Free Trial Limitations

Of course, a free trial isn’t without its limitations.

For the Grammarly free trial, these limitations include:

  • Limited exposure to premium features
  • Free trial only available for the business plan

Is Grammarly Customer Support Included With Free Trials?

Grammarly’s customer support is included in free trials to help you navigate the platform, using the various features and any other assistance you might need.

How To Claim a Grammarly Free Trial

You don’t necessarily have to claim your free trial to use it.

Instead, you will navigate yourself to the business plan free trial page and set up your parameters, such as team size and annual or monthly payments.

Then you’ll input your credit card information and continue through the submission process to activate your free trial.

How Do I Get The Most From My Grammarly Free Trial?

If you want to make the most of your Grammarly free trial, you should do your best to use it consistently throughout the limited duration.

That way, you can get used to working with it and see how it performs various content you produce.

You would also do your best to explore all of the different features that come with it.

This includes the analytics dashboard, the plagiarism checker, and more.

Make sure you know how to use everything while you can and give everything a fair once over before the trial ends.

How Can I Make My Grammarly Free Trial Longer?

While there is no explicit way to get an extended free trial of Grammarly because they also have a free plan available, you can always reach out to Grammarly’s support team and to the company through various social media channels to ask for an extension.

Sometimes politeness and asking for what you need can go a long way.

Does Grammarly Automatically Charge Users After the Free Trial Ends?

Unfortunately, Grammarly’s free trial doesn’t end naturally as some trials do.

Instead, you will charge the card information you input when signing up at the end of the seven-day period.

Can You Cancel Grammarly After Free Trial?

While Grammarly will charge your card upon the trial’s completion, you can take preventative action and cancel the trial before it ends.

However, you have to make sure you do this on or before the last day of the trial if you don’t want to suffer the impending payment.

How To Cancel a Grammarly Free Trial

When and if you want to cancel your free trial, you will need to navigate to your account settings and the subscription tab.

From there, you will be able to manage your subscription, whether that’s canceling or upgrading services.

How To Remove Card Details From Grammarly

Grammarly will not store your card information in its system when you cancel your subscription.

However, if you’re still nervous about the program keeping your card information or you want to change things up, you can navigate to the subscriptions page from your account and manage the bill.

There, you’ll have access to your payment information.

Is Grammarly Worth Paying For?

Ultimately, whether or not Grammarly’s worth it depends on your editing needs and plans for usage.

However, Grammarly is definitely worth a look if you have a team that needs these services and you plan to use the program frequently because Grammarly offers a simple solution at a reasonable price for teams.

However, if you’re an individual who doesn’t need Grammarly that often, you might want to stick with the basic free plan because the cost might be a bit much for just one person.

That said, you can always give the business plan free trial a try to see if a premium service would suit your needs better and change accordingly.

Or, you can give our Grammarly review a read to learn even more about the editing service.

What To Expect From a Grammarly Subscription

In paying for Grammarly, you can set up parameters of a style guide to ensure your team’s work comes out in adherence to your standards.

It also makes corrections and edits simple so that you and other writers or editors on your team don’t have to scour through work making tedious changes.

What Is a Free Alternative to Grammarly?

If you’re looking for a free alternative to Grammarly, you might want to consider Wordtune.

Like Grammarly, Wordtune is an AI editing software.

The program is ideal for SEO content specialists as it proofreads your writing, generates suggestions, and gives you the option to expand on sections.

While Wordtune has many similar features to Grammarly, such as tone setting and basic grammar suggestions, it also has a length editor section some writers may find helpful.

With this feature, you can shorten or minimize portions of your writing to make it more concise.

In addition, Wordtune has a few plans to choose from that may be more affordable than Grammarly’s premium plans.

Other Ways to Save on Grammarly Pricing

  • Grammarly Promo Codes: While Grammarly doesn’t offer any promo codes upfront and outright, you can try your hand at searching around discount sites for any applicable promo codes.
    However, these are not a guarantee.
  • Grammarly Discounts: Grammarly offers a 40% discount for annual billing.
    The company also offers a discounted rate for teams over ten people.
  • Grammarly Black Friday & Cyber Monday Specials: If you aren’t on a deadline for a Grammarly subscription, you can always wait for deals to become available through the site on Black Friday or Cyber Monday.
    These days offer hefty discounts on premium plans.

Is There a Grammarly Student Plan?

While Grammarly doesn’t have a specific student plan, it has a basic, free plan available or the paid premium plan available for students.

These plans both offer simple editing solutions for busy solutions.

However, the paid premium plan provides advanced features like plagiarism detection and premium grammar corrections that some students might find more helpful than the free version’s basic features.

Other Free Trials To Check Out

If you aren’t sure you want to use Grammarly or want to see your other editing options, you can always check out free trial editing service alternatives like Ahrefs, Jasper, and Semrush.

1. Ahrefs Free Trial

While Ahrefs is not an AI editing software, it does focus on SEO.

With Ahrefs, you can get an in-depth analysis of competitor content which you can use to improve your content.

The Ahrefs free trial is a limited way to try their features before upgrading to a resource-intensive and expensive paid plan.

2. Jasper Free Trial

Unlike Grammarly, Jasper is more of an AI service that helps you write faster.

Grammarly requires you to write and submit your work for editing and improvements that you then make, while Jasper basically writes the content for you.

While it can help speed up production, it may require an extra eye-over since it’s not an editing service.

3. Semrush Free Trial

Similar to Ahrefs, Semrush is heavily focused on SEO and can generate content plans that will help your content contend with competitor articles on search engines and improve your writing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Still not entirely sure about whether or not to give Grammarly a try?

Well, we’ve answered some more frequently asked questions from users like you below.

image showing an illustration of how to write an ebook

What is the difference between Grammarly free and paid?

The Grammarly free plan gives users limited access to all of Grammarly’s features.

For example, the free plan gives users access to simple spelling corrections.

However, the free version gives you access to premium suggestions, such as specific grammar fixes, sentence structure suggestions, and passive voice misuse.

Is Bartleby better than Grammarly?

Bartleby is another editing service like Grammarly.

However, this platform does not provide as in-depth features as Grammarly.

It’s also probably better suited for students or individuals since it has a plagiarism detector and options to learn, get a tutor and access study resources.

Wrapping Up

Grammarly’s free trial is an optimal way to test out the program’s premium features for a solid chunk of time before committing to the monthly or annual price.

In our review, we’ve gone over everything you need to know about the free trial so that you can make the most of your seven-day period with the program.

The only thing left for you to do is put what you’ve learned to the test when securing your free trial with Grammarly.

You can always check out our full Grammarly review if you need more information about how it works and if it is right for your writing needs.

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