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Ask just about any successful Internet marketer and he or she will tell you that it is of utmost importance to build up a strong mailing list. There is just so much you can do with all those email addresses, especially since everyone on the list has opted in and likely will not view your messages as spam. But how do you grow this list?
One of the most effective methods is a simple pop-up on your website and that functionality has been further simplified with the PopUp Domination plugin for WordPress. You can literally have it set up and running in a couple of minutes.

Pop-Ups Generated the Easy Way

That’s effectively the value of PopUp Domination. If you know anything about using WordPress and installing plug-ins, then you’ll have no trouble using this product.

It is likely that your chosen mailing list provider, like AWeber, already comes with some pre-built forms that you can use. However, PopUp Domination appears to offer more options, greater simplicity, and better overall looks. Little graphical differences can make a world of difference when it comes to your conversion rate.
According to its developer, this plugin allowed him to increase the number of daily opt-ins on his mailing list from 17 to over 100. That represents monumental growth and, consequently, the potential for monumental growth in income as well.

Installation and Customization

The installation process for PopUp Domination is the same as most other WordPress plugins. Upload the appropriate directory, activate the plugin, and head over to the “settings” page to customize.

The settings area, which is accessible from within the WordPress administration dashboard, is broken down into eight different sections: Look and feel, Mailing List HTML, Template Fields, List Points, Schedule, Preview, Promote PopUp Domination, and Advanced.
The first section allows you to choose between the four different templates and select the appropriate color scheme. With Template Field, you enter your custom text for the title and body, as well as the field values for name, email, and submit. This is also where you can upload a custom image up to 243 x 270 pixels.
The templates typically involve spaces for bullet points too and you define these from the List Points section. The Schedule section is quite handy, because it allows you to set the delay before the lightbox pop-up appears and the number of days until the popup reappears if the user clicks the close button (cookie-based, presumably).

So, How Does It Look?

Running quickly through the available options and features, I was able to generate this lightbox for Beyond the Rhetoric in a few short minutes. The interface was easy to understand and changes can be made on the fly.

Whether this “lightbox” popup results in much higher opt-in rates will depend on a number of different factors, but I can see how an attractive and professional-looking box like this probably doesn’t hurt. It’s slick, sleek, and easy on the eyes.
The ability to define the number of days until the box reappears for a visitor is good too, as it helps to ensure a better overall user experience.

How Much Does It Cost?

Does PopUp Domination offer incredibly innovative functionality? No, not really. However, it is a remarkably easy-to-use WordPress plugin with plenty of customization options.
The current list price is $37 and that comes with a 60-day money back guarantee.
Link: PopUp Domination

Over To You

What do you think of PopUp Domination? Let us know in the comments below!

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