How to Make a Great Infographic for Your Blog

Using infographics for your blog is one of the best ways to communicate ideas to your audience. Not only is it more appealing, but it also makes your blog more understandable. Take for example Grammarly’s 15 Grammar Goofs that Make You Look Silly. It generated over 263k shares since it was published. The result speaks … Read more

19 First Blog Post Ideas & Examples: What to Write

Getting started is one of the hardest parts of blogging. The good news? For better or worse, your first blog post doesn’t matter much. One of my favorite things about blogging is coming up with ideas using keyword and topic research. That’s why I’ve covered travel blog post ideas, and how to find a bunch … Read more

How to Seize Your Reader’s Attention Like a Vice Grip

The spitting cobra locked onto me. He bobbed to and fro, doing a deadly dance few people ever get to see and live to tell about it. I wasn’t a snake charmer cockily and confidently lazing in front of a defanged snake. I was a scared Booley in Bali. The spitting cobra hissed. He could … Read more

15 Vital Tools for the Content Creator’s Arsenal

Every writer knows the feeling. You sit down to work on a project and … nothing. Nada. Zip. Your deadline is approaching and your page is blank. You have encountered, once again, the content creator’s arch nemesis: writer’s block. As awful as writer’s block can be, there may be something worse. Even after all is … Read more

How Many Words Should a Blog Post Be?

If you’re a blogger, chances are you’ve many times asked yourself: Are my blog posts too short? Are they too long so that no one reads them till the end? How many words should a blog post be, anyway? You’ll often find answers such as “Everything depends on the topic,” “don’t stress over the word … Read more

How To Write A Review – Tips To Format Review Blog Posts

Reviews are one of the most difficult kinds of posts bloggers commonly write. Where most can tell a story, offer instructions or even voice an opinion pretty well, writing a review that is complete, useful and reasonably short is extremely difficult.

In this post, you’ll learn the proper way to write a review while still maintaining your authority and integrity.

Should You Use PLR Articles On Your Blog?

Blogging demands constant content updating. Every authority blog you see around update their content on a daily basis. However, it may happen once in a while that you are out of blogging ideas and may consider using PLR articles as an alternative. What Are PLR Articles? PLR (Private Label Rights) articles are those which can … Read more

Finding The Right Project Management Software For Your Content Team

A project management software is a must-have resource for business. There are hundreds of options for your project management software — all promising to do what the others can do, but better. While this may be true, the fact is that some features may not be necessary for your content marketing team. What works for … Read more

The 5-Step Process to Write Viral Blog Posts Every Time 

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16 Rules of Blog Writing, Formatting and Layout Structure

You’ve created a beautiful blog post. The copy is well written, your topic is compelling and makes people want to engage. But…nothing happens. It doesn’t matter how good of a writer you are – if you blog posts are not structured and formatted in an easily understandable way, people will leave. Take newspapers for example. … Read more

Need More Site Content? Outsource Your Content through Contentmart

It can be challenging to find the right writers to produce the right kind of content for your website, all while keeping your costs in check. If you’ve got an e-commerce site, you need product descriptions. If you’ve got a blog, you need blog posts. If you run any company of any kind, you need … Read more

Whiteboard Video Creation – Tips And Tricks For 2021

Whiteboard animation videos can help with your conversion rate on your website. Unbounce estimates that you can expect as much as a 20% increase in page visits and a decrease in page bounce rates. A study by Wistia, a company that follows the demographic trends of video marketing, reports that users spend an average of … Read more

5 Ways ClickMeeting is Winning Over the Online Webinar Audience

Look at any of today’s top bloggers and online marketers who have products or services to sell, and you will likely find that they are using webinars to increase their reach, improve branding, and also bring in more sales and revenue in the process. The concept of webinars is nothing new, but there is a … Read more