A Guide to Freelance Contracts

If you’re new to the freelancing world, you certainly need a guide to freelance contracts. Wait, contracts? I thought I became a freelancer because I wanted to avoid being limited by one employer. That’s true; however, in freelancing, contracts actually protect you. They’re the only way to make sure you’ll get paid after you do … Read more

4 Ways to Promote Your Blog with Offline Events

Did you know offline events are a goldmine when it comes to promoting your blog? Many of us digital entrepreneurs have no clue how much influence these events have on online business. In this post, I want to look at four ways to take advantage of these offline niche events to give your online business a … Read more

Creating Link Bait with “Authority Figures” in Your Niche

Everyday thousands of new blogs are going live, yet the popular authority blogs within your market continue to grow and scale in size as well. How are the new comers ever supposed to compete in such a saturated space?

One of the best ways to gain attention for your site is to seek out the top news sources, gurus and authority figures within your niche.

How to Grow Your Online Business through Blog Commenting

I used to be The King of Blog Commenting. My schedule these days does not warrant my 5 paragraph, in-depth, blog comment whoppers. Too busy promoting my eBook, publishing posts to Blogging From Paradise and guest posting to craft these types of comments. I still comment regularly on blogs from a genuine, abundant energy. Said … Read more

Five Inspirational Women Business Speakers

The role of successful women in the world of commerce is unfortunately still something that can frequently fall foul of glass ceilings. Thankfully, the importance of inspirational women speaking on business matters is becoming more recognized by many institutions and organizations, leading to an increasing number of high profile female public speakers featuring at a wide range … Read more

Meet the Bloggers Interview Series – Stories & Inspiration

One of the main goals at BloggingTips.com is to allow bloggers and online marketers connect with each other and learn from other people’s success stories. Every weekend we will be featuring two new bloggers who will share their stories, provide us with their favorite web sites, resources and tools and advice for succeeding in the … Read more

How To Run A Successful Blog Giveaway

Over on my Facebook page, I asked what you wanted to see on I Can Build A Blog this week, and Justina said: “How to run a successful giveaway. I find depending on how I run a giveaway some ways get hundreds of new likes and some generate almost no interest.” Blog giveaways can be … Read more