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Best Free Keyword Research Tool: Mastering the Art of SEO

The best free keyword research tool is one of the best things any blogger can have in their toolkit. With access to the most searched keywords on search engines, you can boost the traction your content receives. Instead of paying monthly or annual fees for keyword research, let’s look at some of the best free … Read more

How to Rank Your Business Locally

Do you have a local business that needs to rank higher in search engine results? Then today is your lucky day. Here are some vital tips on how to make sure that your all-important geo-targeted audience can find your business immediately.

Algorithm Penalty vs Manual Penalty: What They Mean for Your SEO

Strong search rankings are essential for any online business. In today’s marketplace, this essentially means you need to be flying high on Google.

If your traffic has died and your site is nowhere to be found, the chances are you’ve picked up a severe penalty or even a ban. This means Google has decided your site is of no worth to their users and has either removed it from their index completely or pushed it so far down the rankings that it might as well be banned.

Quick Tips for Increasing Your Alexa Score Fast

When it comes to building a successful web site or blog there are many ways to track how well you are doing. Some people will focus on traffic, revenue or even Google PageRank, but many people also like to look at the Alexa ranking. What Is An Alexa Score? Alexa is the service that tracks … Read more

On-Page SEO 2021: How To Increase Rankings By Optimizing Your Content

There are two types of bloggers in the world today: passion bloggers who treat their site as an online diary, and professional bloggers who aim to promote or monetize their hard work. As a member of the latter group, know that you have a plethora of challenges and opportunities ahead that will determine your fate. … Read more

Why Every Blogger Should Have a Google Adwords Account

As a blogger it’s quite unlikely that you’ll be thinking of promoting your blog via Google Adwords or other PPC methods. You may already monetize with Adsense, but maybe you should think about paying to promote your site with Google Adwords? In this post I’m going to make the case for using Adwords to drive … Read more

How to Create More Clickable Google Search Snippets

Google search results are becoming ridiculously competitive. Plus, Google’s search results are becoming incredibly engaging: Many search users prefer to use search results (open “People Also Ask” results, clicks image and video carousels, etc.) that getting a click from search results is getting harder and harder. With the introduction of new and flashier ways to … Read more

Analyse your backlinks with Backlink Watch

Steven Chappell posted about a useful backlink checking website yesterday called Backlink Watch. The site comes across as quite spammy as there are a lot of text links on the home page and a lot of banner ads at the top of the results page. And due to the volume of backlinks it gives you … Read more

6 Must-Have WordPress Plugins to Boost SEO Rankings

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is one of the most important tools used by business owners and marketers alike to increase sales, boost visibility, and overall increase brand awareness. SEO traffic differs from traditional ads and marketing because it’s considered organic, which is known to hold more weight with Google’s complex algorithm. There are a … Read more

A Guide: Grow Your Blog (And Make Money) With PPC Advertising

Do you plan to use your blog to sell products or for affiliate marketing? Do you want your blog to get more traffic and views? What you need for your blog is PPC advertising. Do you plan to use your blog to sell products or for affiliate marketing? Do you want your blog to get … Read more

Mobile SEO: How to Increase Mobile Traffic Guide for Beginners

Search engine optimization is an ever-changing practice. This means your SEO campaigns have to adapt and change with the times or else you’ll be banished to the bottom of the search engine result pages. One of the changes you have to make is a shift in focus toward mobile optimization. While traditional forms of SEO … Read more

Do you Understand Your Website Traffic?

If you want your online business or business website to succeed, you need traffic. However, not all website traffic is created equal. A better understanding of the traffic you get will help you adjust your marketing to create better quality traffic. There are many sources you can get traffic from including search engines, directory listing, … Read more