How to Get Your First 1,000 Subscribers on YouTube

When you’re first starting on YouTube, one of your first milestones is to get 1,000 subscribers. When that happens, you will get an email from YouTube congratulating you on your success and stating that you’re now officially a YouTuber. But what does that mean? It means that, from now on, you can monetize your content. … Read more

Quora Marketing: How to Promote Your Business on the Popular Q&A Website

An effective promotional strategy requires more than just advertising your business’s products or services. You must show prospective customers than your business is knowledgable and credible in its respective field. Otherwise, they won’t trust your business, nor will they buy its products or services. With Quora, you can achieve these promotional goals by establishing your … Read more

6 Twitter Directories To Add Yourself To

Everyone is always looking for new ways to get more Twitter followers. Well, one of the best ways to do this is by getting discovered through Twitter directories. There are many out there to choose from and it’s very quick and easy to add yourself to them. So, here are a few to get you … Read more

How Famoid Can Help Make You Famous on Social Media

The great appeal of social media is that you have the opportunity to reach new audiences in fun, innovative and potentially lucrative ways. However, in the age of complex algorithms and an overwhelming deluge of content, it can be increasingly challenging to break through the noise and get noticed. Sometimes, you need a jump start. … Read more

5 Useful Pinterest Extensions for Chrome to Extend its Features

Pinterest is a great tool on its own with wonderful features, but you can extend its features even further with the use of one or more Chrome Extensions. For instance, if you want to save time when viewing images on the homepage, you can add a zoom extension so that you don’t have to click … Read more

Increase Your Twitter Following with Twiends

Twitter is one of the most powerful ways to build your following online and connect with the right audience. There are over 200 million users on Twitter and what makes them different from Facebook users is that when you send out a tweet to these followers, all of them actually see it. When you setup … Read more

Best Times To Post on Social Media

The best times to post on social media depend on your social platform of choice, your audience and their online habits, and the type of blog you are promoting, among other factors. Updating your social media profiles too frequently or infrequently can alienate your target audience, leaving you ignored or unseen by your followers. This is … Read more

How I Automate Social Content for My Blogs to Save Time

One of the biggest time consumers I found with my own blogs was preparing and posting updates on social media. Since I am a big believer in promoting your past content as well as your new stuff, I am on social sites like Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest multiple times throughout the day. One single post … Read more

How To Get More Bloglovin’ Followers

Bloglovin’ is a great resource and directory for bloggers who are looking to expand their reach. A good majority of my traffic comes from the site, and being one of the more popular blog/rss readers after the collapse of Google Reader, it’s kind of a no-brainer that your own blog should take advantage of this. … Read more

Add a YouTube Subscribe Button to Your Blog

YouTube has become a popular secondary outlet for many bloggers, and it’s a platform that shouldn’t be overlooked. Since most of the current generation frequents YouTube often, it is a great way to gain additional followers and drive traffic to your main website. Getting subscribers can be difficult if you don’t know where to begin, … Read more

How to Add a Facebook Share Button to Blogger Posts

Allowing others to easily share your content on social media is something that is always important. Thankfully, many of the services we use for our online promotion have social sharing buttons that we can implement into our websites. Adding a Facebook Share button to Blogger is a little different than some other sites because we … Read more

How To Add a Twitter Background to Status Updates

Maximizing your social media real estate can be incredibly beneficial. You’re familiar with updating your header or cover photos, but what about those areas that you may have left untouched? Such as your Twitter background image. With the newer Twitter layout, they actually removed the ability to add a background image to your profile page … Read more

Increase Blog Engagement with AddThis

Sharing and visitor engagement play a huge role in your site’s ranking and monetization goals. The idea is simple: the more shares or click-throughs, the better. They help to reduce your bounce rate and can even increase sales. That’s why I love tools like AddThis because they are able to help keep visitors on your … Read more