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I once had a friend who wanted to become famous.
So she set out making videos of herself and posting them on the internet hoping for more likes and becoming insta-famous. The problem was, she wasn’t getting more targeted visitors no matter how informative or amusing her posts are.
She posted about the things that she liked which included DIY-ing things and reviewing her favorite movies. She even did some weird videos that she hoped would be funny enough to get people to notice her.
Unfortunately, those videos ended with her in the hospital. No major harm done – just a few broken bones and an irrational fear of hamster wheels.
Still, the views to her videos remained low. Finally, she gave up trying to become insta-famous and just went about her way. She isn’t famous now, but she’s living a great life and all traces of her attempts to gain world fame are already forgotten.
I tell you about this story because I wanted to let you see how even the best ideas cannot get off the ground unless you get a discovery. My friend made about a hundred or so videos that she felt would make her famous but it didn’t work out. Her mistake was that she was relying on talent alone to make it big, she didn’t think of how to get more targeted traffic onto her page.
In a similar manner Richard Branson, the famous founder of the Virgin Group, also had so many great ideas. But a lot of them failed to take off just because there was not enough interest in the most of these products (read the article here). He had great ideas but ideas won’t succeed without customer interest.

So how does it relate to our topic of guest blogging? Let me show you.

Guest blogging can be a great way to gain more referral traffic to your site and grow your target audience. It can be a great way to get new subscribers which could mean more profit for you and your business.
For some bloggers, it has increased their following from zero to a thousand hits per day. This is the way to get your foot in more people’s doors. Had my friend tried to guest post with other more famous and more established blogs she would have gotten more attention for her own vlog.
Expert blogger Yaro Starak once said that

You can work quite hard, in particular online, and do quite well independently, but if you really want to grow you need points of leverage and most of them come from knowing people.” This is where guest posting comes in. Guest posting lets you know more people and lets more people know about you.

In Adam Connell’s post, he wrote about some great guest posting tips. He taught us how to gain an advantage over hundreds of others who are vying for the same spot for the audience attention. He gave us 7 great tips including promoting your guest post like you would all your regular posts, and guest posting for relevant sites.

guest posting for traffic to your blog Image from Adam Connell’s post

Guest posting with relevant sites is important because you want to connect with an active audience. Choose to guest post in sites where the blog owner posts content and replies to the comments regularly as well.  Guest post in blogs that engages with the audience and the topics are similar or connected to that of yours.

Here’s an example

If your blog is about cars, guest post with a blogger or blogs that also talk about cars or car accessories. Don’t go guest posting in a blog that talks about sewage cleanup. It’s a different topic and the chances of people being interested in your guest post will be slim.
John Gannon also had the right idea when he said in his post that the key to helping a blogger gain more traffic is to guest post on sites that have many regular visitors, also called “premium sites.”
For example, if you are a digital artist who would like to tell people more about your craft then guest post in well-known sites where other digital artists visit often. Search online for these sites and try to get a guest posting spot if you can.

Image from John Gannon’s post

It might be tough to guest post on more established sites but there’s no harm in trying. A good tip to get your post noticed is to find an awesome topic with keyword planner and add an expert quote to increase interest in your topic of choice.
Once you get a guest post on a premium site, ask readers to head to your site and include a link. When they get to your site, ask them for their emails. That’s how you grow your follower count and receive more targeted traffic.
In Brian Dean’s article “The Definitive Guide to Guest Blogging” he outlined the importance of guest blogging. One of them is that guest blogging can make people see you as an expert in the field that you are engaged in.

guest blogging Image from Brian Dean’s article

Your guest post to share your knowledge and let people see your skill and expertise in your chosen topic. The more you talk about your topic on different blogs, the more they see you as an expert of sorts.
Take for example makeup experts who specialize on wedding makeup. These makeup artists would start guest posting on other blogs devoted to makeup to show people their talents. Once people see and prove for themselves how effective their wedding makeup tips are then they become the gurus of wedding makeup.
People go to professional websites for expert advice, more wedding makeup tips and other tricks they can learn to make their special day magical. They become the “go-to” blogs for everything about wedding makeup just because of some guest posting stints with other makeup sites.
Guest posting is basically marketing you and your brand through other people’s channel. It’s all about building networks and making your product known.
Guest posting is also a way to make new friends and increase your following. Be open to suggestions, talk to your customers in the comments section and engage them often.
These days it’s no longer enough to be talented or have a great idea as with my friend who wants to be famous and Richard Branson. You should act fast and act accordingly if you want to make yourself heard and make your brand known.
Use guest posting to tell the world more about you. Create awesome content, make sure that it is well researched and well written, and watch as your website gains more targeted referral traffic. With every post and guest post make sure that you give something that will add value to people’s lives.
Now I want to hear from you.
Any tips that I missed here? Let me know your thoughts, insights and opinions in the comment box below.
Bill Achola is a content creator who helps entrepreneurs and small business owners create the right content for their business. If you want to get featured on large publications sign up now on his site and you’ll get his free report instantly!

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