Everyone is talking about the future of guest blogging now that Matt Cutts has come out with his latest post and how guest blogging has become a spammy tactics for way too many blogs, advertisers and businesses. It’s really no surprise. I was guest blogging way back when it just started out and it’s just become more spammy and saturated than ever.

I’m not going to beat a dead horse by writing about all of my feeling about that latest statements from Matt Cutts again. You can read my full post over at ZacJohnson.com and how I WILL NOT let these changes stand in the way of my personal guest blogging.

The End of Guest Blogging

To summarize my article… I will keep guest blogging for the following reasons.

  1. I never try to buy/sell links within my guest articles
  2. I’m always reaching news audiences and readers through guest blogging
  3. Authority blogs will always appreciate the value of quality writers
  4. As I write on more sites I continue to gain more readers and site visitors
  5. Each blog I write on reflects on my personal growth and branding

Even though Google is going to be taking action against spammy blogs and advertisers participating in shady link building practices, I will continue to focus on my own brand, my content and always using my social outlets and author bios to stand out from the crowd.

As much as I stress the importance of effective guest blogging tactics, there will always be those who go against the grain to make a quick buck and put their online business and brand at risk.

So now I pose the question to you…

How will the recent discussion and actions against guest blogging change your current marketing, link building and blogging methods?

(leave your thoughts in the comments section below)