By now, a lot of online marketers and website owners have heard about guest posting. Many webmasters usually incorporate blog posting into their SEO strategy primarily for link juice. These webmasters simply contact as many blogs as they can and introduce half-baked articles hoping it gets accepted. After all, they’re simply just looking for link juice, right? Wrong! Guest Blogging is much more than if you know how to use it.

Guest Posting Basics

Some people may be confused on what guest blogging is. Basically, guest blogging means writing content for other blog or websites.

There are many high-profile or authority websites that are always looking for good content for their readers. Also, there are plenty of writers who are looking for ways to increase their internet exposure. By linking the two parties together, a relationship can be form that is mutually beneficial.

When guest posting, it is normal for the original writer to ask for a link that points back to the writer’s blog or website. Because of this, blog posting is subject to abuse for search engine optimizers.

For example, a blog that is all about dog niche is interested for some additional content. A new writer can provide content about dog training or dog accessories. The blog owner frees his time by sourcing content writing and the writer can gain exposure and link juice.

Blog Posting to the Fullest

If you are utilizing the tactic to the fullest, then you are already considered as guest blogging with a purpose. So what are these benefits of guest blogging with a purpose? The rest of the article will enumerate some of the notable reasons.

Link Juice

There is an undeniable and hard truth about e-commerce or e-commerce-related websites – if it’s not making money, then the website is useless. Creating and managing a website will take time and/or money. So how does guest posting help you make a dime and much more?

Among the best way to get traffic is increasing your website’s ranking in the search engines. With guest posting, you can help your website achieve that.

Search engines incorporate the quality of links pointing toward your websites. The higher the quality, the better it is for the search engine’s rankings. Also, the number of links will count, but it only comes second to quality.


These days, with so many websites in the Internet, authority is more important than ever. More and more internet users are becoming more skeptical about the information they get from the Internet. It can be said that “Authority” equals to “Trust”. It is very difficult to sell a product or idea to someone without trust.

With guest posting in authority websites that are closely related to your niche, you will be associating yourself with an authority site and this increases your “Authority Level” in the eyes of readers.

Writing Skills

There are good writers and then there are writers that are considered great. However, one thing is for sure – no great writer has achieved such success without any practice.

With guest blogging with a purpose, you will be motivated to write articles that are of high-quality and provide great content as authority websites do not accept blog posts that are poorly composed.

Social Networking

These days, almost everybody knows what Facebook or Twitter is. These social networking sites are attracting eyeballs that count to millions on a single day.

What do people do when they are in a social networking site? They usually share content that they find interesting, funny or highly informative.

With guest posting, your high-quality articles that are posted on an authority sites have a higher chance of being shared within the “inner circle” of your target market. That’s free high-quality advertising!


Branding is a very important aspect of business or website. It’s the difference between setting yourself or your site from the competition or just another forgettable personality or website.

You may have a great idea or have a website that you want to position accordingly to your idea, but you have limited means of reaching your target market. With guest posting, you can position or offer your idea to your target market with ease. Consider it as tapping to the established traffic of the blog you want to post, with the association to authority to boot.

If you aren’t currently using a blog to build a personal brand of your own, be sure to check out this in-depth tutorial on how to start a blog.

Reciprocal Writing

With guest blogging, it is possible to form a community of writers. If you offer high-quality content to a fellow blogger, then there is a good chance that you can ask him/her for good content for your readers also (that’s if you are interested about reciprocal writing). Providing and requesting content for multiple bloggers will result to a community of writers that may be very beneficial for your online endeavors.

Introducing guest bloggers for your readers will give them a fresh perspective. Some bloggers are wary about the idea of giving links to a guest blogger’s site. This is in not a concern if you are linking to an authority site. In fact, search engines will even reward your site by doing so.


Not all bloggers or website owners are interested in making money. In fact, some would feel sour whenever “money” is mentioned. With guest blogging, there a reason for joy as it is a tactic that is not only focused on moneymaking. Guest posting is also a great vehicle to utilize for people who are interested in raising awareness of something that affects their everyday lives. To date, there are already a lot of Internet revolutions that have resulted from writers or bloggers with no intent of making money, but simply from their passion and desire to create awareness.

Guest blogging is more than just a tool for getting link juice. It is a vehicle that allows the communication between people with the right resources and the right reasons. Guest posting is a great method for budding writers to gain authority and exposure which would be very difficult to achieve without external connections. Furthermore, guest posting is a good way of voicing out the concerns of writers and jumpstart a discussion. Simply put, budding authority writers simply cannot ignore the power of guest blogging as the vehicle allows increased target market reach with minimal costs. For the authority blog owners, it is a chance to introduce a new perspective for their readers and save time and effort by writing content themselves.