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How to Easily Create Irresistible Guest Posts for Top Blogs to Get More Traffic




Are you excited about landing on top blogs with your guest posts? Don’t know how to get started? Well, you’re in the right place then. This detailed article will help you how to write engaging guest post for top blogs.

I’ve been blogging for over 6 years now and I’ve written guest posts for top blogs like Problogger, Daily Blog Tips, Ninja Outreach, Basic Blog Tips and a hundred more.

I know it’s not easy to write guest posts especially for top blogs in any industry.

Anyone can write a guest post but not everyone can write awesome and great content that can fetch potential readers for your blog. No need to worry, here I provide simple and easy tips of how to write great content that can bring massive results to your guest posts.

How to write high converting guest posts for top blogs


#1. Come up with great ideas

Before writing a guest post for any blog, make sure to come up with an idea first.

Coming up with great ideas for your guest posts is not a big deal. You can use tools like Buzzsumo to find popular contents on any blog. Just enter a keyword or domain name of your competitor’s and it will show you all the top posts along with their social shares and backlinks.

Or you can also use other blogs “popular posts” section. Majority of the blogs show their best posts on their sidebar and by analyzing them closely, you can come up with a ton of ideas to pitch them.

Also look for the already published guest posts on the blogs where you want to write guest posts. Make sure to read their guest blogging guidelines. Find out how frequently they publish guest posts on their blogs. Also make sure if they worry about content length so you can write either lengthy or average 1000 words posts.

Quick tip: Make a list of 10 to 20 top blogs in your industry. Follow those bloggers on Twitter. Find out the topics that they frequently tweet about. Those are the topics you can think of covering while pitching them guest post ideas.

#2. Make an outline

If you don’t have clear idea of what you are writing or what you want to convey then you will never write a great content. So, making an outline of the content before writing is indeed very essential. How you can do? Here are the easy and simple tips for you::

  • Draft a rough idea before writing a complete post
  • Based on that give a catchy title which drives reader’s attention.
  • Divide your post into introduction and sections, subsections and then wrap-up
  • Make sure that the post you write must hold reader’s attention right from the beginning of the post till end.
  • While writing post, always ask for yourself these questions.. How it is useful to readers? What they can get from it?

Quick tip: Use Google Docs for writing and outlining your guest posts. It makes your life really easier. You can edit however you want and you can also save all your content even if your wifi connection goes down.

#3. Write catchy introduction lines

8 out of 10 people read your headlines first. If they are not compelling they simply don’t read what’s inside. Similarly, the first few introduction lines of your guest posts are extremely important.

If they are not compelling enough to draw your audience to read further, you are not going to get any social shares, comments or clicks to your site.

It is very important to start your first sentence with a thought provoking statement because this is where you can engage your readers. It should instill enthusiasm in reader’s mind to read further. The first sentence you wrote must give the overall  idea of what you are going to say in the post.

Some of the tips:

  • You can start with a “quote” which is related to your post
  • Throw a question in an engaging way just like you start when you give speech in public
  • Start as if you are telling a thriller story.

Quick tip: Read more. Read Copyblogger’s articles. Read books. Read how other great writers start their blog posts. Use quotes, interesting stats or begin your guest posts with a question. It makes it easy for you to captivate others with your guest posts.

#4. Write lengthy content but never drag

The quickest way to get your guest posts accepted on any blog is to write in-depth and engaging content. If you read any of my guest posts, you will notice that almost every one of them will be over 2000 words.

Even if I’m writing for a blog with smaller audience, I make sure to spend extra time to write 2000 words massive guest posts. Do you know why? They usually rank well.

They get more social shares, links and comments. That’s what I want when I write guest posts for others.

In the name of lengthy content, never ever drag it. Make it simple and easy to understand. Convey in a straightforward manner instead of confusing way. The idea you are going to convey must be understood even by the layman. If you are mentioning any facts in your post then see that those are accurate. Otherwise, there is a potential chance that you will lose credibility with your readers.

Here are some of the tips that you can use to write in-depth guest posts.

  • Plan ahead before writing. Make a proper strategy. As I said earlier, outline your content before writing even a single word. It makes it easier to elaborate your guest posts as you go on. This works really best when you are writing review kind of posts.
  • Be accurate. Don’t use fluff. Don’t use jargon. Use simple words. Keep your paragraphs short. Use short sentences. It makes it easy for others to digest your content.
  • One picture is worth a thousand words. Add video or images that speaks your content. You can use tools like Buffer (Pablo app) or Canva to design compelling images for your guest posts. NEVER use copyrighted images in your guest posts.
  • Spend more time in doing research for your guest posts. The more you spend the more data you can come up with to write detailed content for your guest posts.

Quick tip: Write 1000 words every single day. That’s how you can hone your writing skills. The more you read and write the better your writing skills will be. So write more. Be concise and spend quality time in writing detailed content.

#6. Always ensure your guest post is unique

Always come up with 100% original ideas while writing post. Avoid duplicate content and copying from other sites. Google penalizes your site if it scans any duplicate content in your posts. It impacts a lot on the readers. So, what to do? What if, someone already wrote the post that you want to write?

While writing a headline for your guest posts, make sure to use tools like Portent (free tool) to come up with a ton of ideas. Also search for the headlines to see if there are any similar titles for your guest posts. Avoid using them and use unique titles.

Here are few tips to write unique guest posts almost every single time.

  • If you find a post “10 Reasons Why You Should Visit Places In India” then you can mould it like “20 Things You Will Miss In India If Not Visited”.
  • You can check your content with any plagiarism tools to ensure no duplicate content in your post.
  • Check for spell and grammar mistakes in your post before publishing. Make sure to reread your content and proof read it multiple times. Just make sure you are not sending a guest post which is full of typos or grammatical mistakes. No one likes it.
  • Optimize your post, use SEO techniques. Make sure to do keyword research and use long tail keywords while writing guest posts.
  • Never re-write content that you already wrote in previous posts. Be creative.

Quick tip: Instead of trying to write unique content, develop a unique writing tone. It makes it easy for anyone to consume your content is a unique way. Even if you’re writing product related reviews, by having a unique writing voice helps you increase your sales. Use short paragraphs and humour to make your guest posts more interesting.

#7. Give a punchy conclusion at the end

If you are writing a detailed guest post, make sure to build a habit of writing “conclusion part” at the end of your post. It makes easy for people to find really important information about your guest posts. Also try to add more value with your conclusion instead of using random words.

You need to summarize all the points in the conclusion part and at the same time end with a thought-provoking question. Your readers should come back and check in.

What to do?

  • Make a Call-To-Action (CTA) at the end of the article or
  • End with a thought-provoking question or
  • Write an engaging statement

Also ask people to start discussing about your guest post topic in the comment section so it can be helpful for both you and your audience to engage.

Quick tip: Use the words like “conclusion”, “final thoughts”, “over to you” etc before ending your guest posts. Use that section to conclude your guest post and include few important points to grab your reader’s attention.

Pro tip: Mention other bloggers

A crucial tip most bloggers forget while writing guest posts is they either link to their own sites or host blog’s content. You should be writing guest posts to build relationships with other not just links.

So make sure to link out to other bloggers and email them when your guest posts go live. That way you can cultivate your relationships as well as promoting your guest posts. While linking to other bloggers, make sure your links are relevant and not promotional.

Don’t use too many external links or it can spoil the quality of your guest posts.

Final thoughts about writing guest posts for top blogs

If you are starting guest posting for the first time, go small. Instead of trying to write for the biggest blogs in your industry, find small blogs where you can easily publish your guest posts.

Once you build a momentum, you can start writing for better blogs. Once you start getting enough attention from other bloggers, links and social shares, you can contact authority blogs to write guest posts.

Every blogger has their own way to write content. However, there are some common strategies that every one follow. I provided simple and easy tips out of my blogging experience. If you want to make a living out of blogging, you should definitely consider the above discussed steps very seriously.

Did I miss anything? Do you have any more tips that can be used to write guest posts for authority sites? Share your thoughts in the comments.

Anil Agarwal is the guy behind Bloggers Passion blog where he blogs about blogging, SEO, affiliate marketing, making money online and Black Friday deals like Bluehost related topics.. He also owns, a blog dedicated to web hosting solutions.

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Blogging Income Tip: How Do You Feel about Money?



As I promote my eBook:

11 Techniques to Conquer Anxiety

I ponder one massive source of anxiety for most bloggers: money. Most of you grew up with money limiting beliefs. Money does not grow on trees. Money is not easy. Money is hard to get. Money is scarce. If you want money, get used to owning and facing each money fear because blogging full time requires you to work for free, generously, for a while, and no human with money fears works for free. All humans clinging to heavy money fears only work for pay. What is working for pay? Jobs. Working for someone allows you to get paid for every hour you work because being employees guarantees payment, per work, per your contract.

Guess what? Blogging is a different animal. Nobody gets paid to be an individual, business-owning blogger because blogging is a business. Business is about building something to boost skills and exposure to where your streams of income yield cash for you. Complete 180 from being an employee because you need face money fears, release fears, and proceed from a generous energy to gain skills and exposure enough to earn a full time income through your blog.

How do you feel about money? Does money feel scarce to you? Do you fear running out of money? Be honest guys. Being straight with yourself allows you to make money because before you make money through your blog, you need to face, feel and release money fears. Why? You never move into actions required to make money being burdened by the heavy fear of losing money, a yoke that saddles most of humanity.

I have noted how Gary Vaynerchuk did 2000 YouTube interviews before he began to get major media and TV coverage. He worked for free for 2000 interviews because he was not burdened by the terror of losing money, vibing abundance and generosity and trust. Most of humanity is so scared to lose all of their money that they never give one interview for free; these people work jobs to guarantee they get money for what they do work-wise, but sacrifice their fun and freedom in the process. You cannot live your dreams through blogging if you have no vision for the future and you cannot create a vision if you feel weighed down by the fear of money loss. How can you dream big dreams if you secretly feel terrified to lose it all? The fear of losing it all dominates your mind, body and actions so you will just work a job to get money and you will treat your blog casually, because your blog does not yield money, like your job.

Of course, your blog does not yield money because you vibe a poverty consciousness and poverty-vibing folks never do the generous giving – working for free, for a sustained period of time – to position themselves for success, a’la Gary Vee and his 2000 YouTube interviews. I have written and published nearly 1000 posts on Blogging Tips. Nobody paid me directly for writing and publishing these posts but the traffic and links and money I gained indirectly through these nearly 1000 posts helped me live a neat life. I began giving generously the moment I faced my money fears.

Expect to do the same if you want to live your dreams through blogging.


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What Few Bloggers Understand



I live a pretty sexy life. I have circled the globe for the past eight years through blogging. Pretty cool, right?

But my blogging duties are seemingly mundane, not too sexy at all and in moments, quite boring. I genuinely love blogging. I have fun doing what I do. But I am also a human being experiencing a wide range of emotions on an hour to hour basis. Sometimes, I just want to go to sleep for a little bit because I feel tired and a bit bored with the blogging process. But if I intuitively know it is time to write a blog post I just write the blog post. In these moments, blogging feels boring and mundane and plain and not too sexy. But doing the seemingly mundane things in boring moments lays the foundation for living a spectacular dream life through blogging.

Few bloggers understand this basic fact of sometimes boring activities laying the foundation for a spectacular dream life. Most bloggers believe I do exciting, inspired and amazing things all day long to live an amazing life. This is 100% not true and nothing could be further from the fact. Blogging is fun for me most of the time but sometimes blogging feels boring. Even when blogging feels fun I am not doing anything earth-shattering or jaw-dropping anytime I write and publish blog posts and comment on blogs and promote one or all of my 100 plus ebooks. Does tapping a retweet button and sharing one of my eBooks on Twitter seem earth-shattering? Nope. Simple. East too. But few bloggers understand simple blogging activities lead to great blogging success.

Most bloggers believe you live your dreams through blogging by trying to knock the ball out of the park with viral blog posts and partnerships with the top bloggers on earth. Nope. You live your dreams by simply publishing helpful content, building friendships with top bloggers by being generous and asking for nothing, and by opening multiple streams of income from an abundant, trusting energy. Each of those steps is simple to put into action but sometimes taking each of those steps feel scary or highly uncomfortable. Nudge through the fear. Take the step. Simple, generous actions eventually lead to spectacular results because all meaningful blogging ventures begin with simple, generous actions. Do not believe top bloggers hit home runs everyday. We hit singles again and again and again and again for 10000 to 20000 hours until all those singles add up to something dazzling over the long haul.

Think in terms of tiny impressions made multiple times daily. I could have tried to write a viral guest post on this blog 3 years ago when I first published posts here. But I just chose to do a solid job writing a simple post some 900 times. Now I have written and published 900 + guest posts on this blog which means on a single blog alone I have 900 links or more, based on the ebooks of mine I link to as well. 900 + links leads up to something pretty sexy and spectacular but it was the simple, generous actions I took daily over 3 years of my life that led to the stunning long-term success. Blogging is doing simple things generously for hours daily for years of your life to build something special and meaningful.

Never believe that top bloggers hit home runs every day for a few weeks before they made it big. Anybody who makes it big does seemingly little things with love and generosity every single day over the course of years of their lives. Imagine 10000 to 20000 hours of doing simple things and you get an idea of what it takes to live a spectacular dream life through the medium of blogging.


Do you want to make money blogging?

Buy my eBook:

How to Build a Profitable Blog from the Inside Out

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Why You Are Not a Blogger Unless You Own Your Domain and Hosting



Let’s say you blog on Blogspot. Google owns Blogspot aka Blogger. You own nothing. So you are not a blogger. You blog on a free platform Google owns; Google owns you and your alleged blog. You are not a blogger.

Do you blog on WordPress dot com? Free platform. WP dot com owns your blog. You own nothing. You are not a blogger because you do not own the blog. You are a contributor to a free blogging platform.

Imagine you buy your domain on a Blogger blog. Does this make you a blogger? Nope. Bloggers OWN their blogs. Perhaps you own the domain name but you do not own the blog on Blogger because Google owns the blog. Maybe you cyber live at that location but you do not OWN the location. Imagine being a cyber squatter; someone paid for the home and owns the home. You live there, for free. Similar to when Kelli and I do house sits, we do not own these homes. We live in these homes, for free. I would lie if I called myself a homeowner because I do not own the home. You can say you blog, but if you do not own the domain AND hosting, you are not a blogger. Bloggers own their blogs.

I am on a VPS. I invested money to own so I call myself a blogger. I own the blog. I own the brand. Nobody can kick me off my blog unless I do something insanely offensive and break the hosting company terms of service. I own my blog so I am a blogger because bloggers own their blogs and people who do not own their blogs are simply people blogging on free platforms. Good luck trying to become a highly successful entrepreneur blogging on a free platform. Credibility issue. People instantly do not trust someone blogging on a free platform with the amateur-looking domain name because it looks bad, said blogger lacking clarity to invest money in owning their blog.

The cases of someone becoming highly successful on a free blogging platform are so incredibly rare that it’d be flat out foolish to advise you to blog on a free platform. Even if you buy your domain and blog on a free platform like Blogger you:

  • never tap into the massive support community at
  • never access the branding power of a self-hosted blog
  • never access the monetizing potential of a self-hosted blog
  • never gain the credibility of owning a self-hosted blog

Imagine you need to climb 10 miles up a towering mountain. Buying your domain and hosting is like traveling up the mountain with the bare essentials of minimum food and hiking equipment and clothing. Lean and mean operation. Trying to blog on a free platform is like strapping on 200 pounds of excess, bloated weight, carrying a TV and laptop and video game system, and wearing a chain mail suit, guaranteeing you fail to make the climb.

Buy your domain and hosting. Make life easier on yourself. Be a blogger.


Are you ready to network like a champion?

Buy my eBook:

13 Tips to Make Your Blogger Outreach Campaign Sizzle

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