20 Brilliant Ways To Handle Rejection As A Blogger and What To Do Once You’re Rejected

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handle rejection as a blogger

Rejection torments.
It damages your emotions, deprives you of peace and makes you feel dumb. The excruciating pain pushes you to the wall, wiping out your motivation to craft great content.
You begin despising yourself and sulking over the imagination of writing or pitching your dream magazines. 
Argh! You’re overburdened and it shows. 
Here’s the meat of the matter.
Several seasoned bloggers have been there. They aren’t super humans. Neither do they possess super skills nor use any magic. They lamented, embraced it, and broke out of their cocoon through persisting and cultivating the right mindset. 
You can have no excuse to make it even better and outshine them.
Here are some brilliant ways to give rejection a sucker punch plus the do’s immediately you’re rejected.

Never Disclose it Whatever!

Though conversing with close friends or family relieves the pain, you risk embarrassing yourself, passing down emotions, tainting your image, and dealing with the aftermath of the disclosure. 
Your opinions might be opposed, turning out devastating and making you more depressed.
Instead, converse with yourself- you organize your thoughts, prioritize your obligations, ration, and decide independently. And the words from within power you to face the rejection with courage.
Proceed to share your thoughts with close bloggers to compare and contrast their suggestions. And embrace ideas capable of turning your rejection into a positive learning experience. 
Neglect the ones that don’t.
Warning: Process the Rejection at Your Own Risk
While analyzing the cause of the rejection is paramount, it can work against you. You overthink, waste time, and deplete your will power. 
You slow down, and a lot of your brain energy is consumed on processing the rejection. Your life begins to suck.
Process rejection for a day only, meditate, let it go and soldier on with your life. Sometimes rejections are a representation of errors or personal habits you weren’t aware of or need to adjust.

Never Criticize Your Work

Criticizing your work and rationalizing your situation places you in a more vibrant light.
While it’s okay, it can transform into self-devaluation, damaging your self-esteem. You avoid taking risks – acknowledging you’ll fail and fear taking action.
The best approach?
Criticize your work first alongside an experienced blogger. You aspire to the best, and by criticizing your work with a professional then doing it alone, you can measure your efforts and achievements and tweak your weaknesses by yourself to avoid future rejections.

Shift Focus Like Crazy

Ignoring feelings troubling your mind can make your situation worse – they may pop up at unexpected moments and crush your self-esteem.
However, shift your focus away from rejection and dwell on your hobbies or weakest skills. Divert your brain energy into networking, creativity, bargaining, marketing, or sales.
It may seem daunting, but it’s worth it. And the more you convert them into strengths, the more energized and confident you become, facing your challenges with fresh energy.
Just shift your focus to rejection after converting at least one of your weakest skills into your strengths. 
You’ll comfortably assess it and devise a strategic improvement plan if need be, marveling at how quickly you can use it to your advantage.

Refine Your Rejected Idea Alongside Crafting Fresh Content

Write a rejected piece every day alongside crafting new stories to increase your chances of success. The more effort you put in, the better the versions you create. 
Imagine a car salesman dumping cars customers declined to purchase. If you spot the areas they’re dumped, you would grab and sell them, right?
Never reject your work because it was rejected.
Instead, polish it every day, but this time pitch your improved versions to other great sites. Some of your fresh pieces can be accepted, and the rejected one might find a better home somewhere.

Cry! Cry! And Cry!

Grief about your rejection. Studies reveal human tears have cortisol, a hormone for stress meaning when you cry, stress is released from your system, and life gets back to normal.
It’s a sign of strength, and once your brain gets a break from grieving, it processes and stores the thoughts of rejection away instead of sticking to your limbic system and hindering your progress.

Aim for the Bull’s-Eye

Rejection shifts your focus from your goals every time. You become distracted and less productive.
But by thinking of your prize, e.g., attracting new freelance writing clients or becoming an influencer in your niche, you beat the rejection.
Get rid of the guilt and give yourself enough “worry time” to execute plans in advance when thoughts of rejection pop up.
Keep the prize on your mind!

The Underrated Power of Assumptions

Humans often make decisions based on wrong assumptions. Hopefully, a bigger percentage of the ones you make are based on the right assumptions.
Though rejections sting, you can handle it by assuming it never occurred, taking the blame and assuming it’ll take you two to three days to conquer it. Or one to two months to leverage your skills.
Separate your feelings from the assumption of your rejection. By assuming the best outcome when using a technique to overcome your rejection, you assume victory. Assumptions work best for those with a strong will.
However, weigh them and make decisions you won’t regret but applaud yourself later.

The Art of Re-adjustments

It’s worth blogging about the niche you’ve been rejected for over and over again until you get a breakthrough.
But maybe rejection is a sign your skills don’t blend with the niche. The best you can do is dump it, adapt rapidly and move on.
Chances are high you’ll forget about your rejection faster, learn several fresh ideas, skills, and get a better understanding of yourself.
However, chase after your passion despite all sorts of rejections.
Re-adjust after researching and choosing a viable niche matching your skills. Triple your efforts this time around and wait for the best outcome.  

Aborting Routine?

Rejection triggers you to seek several answers, and you can be prompted to adjust your routine and make room for recovery without realizing its impact.
You start mixing up tasks on your to-do list and dump vital ones like having fun or exercise. You become directionless, lack inner peace, and end up more stressed.
By abiding by your routine, your thoughts remain organized, you understand your situation and handle the rejection rationally.
Though at some point, leaping may be necessary – tweaking your routine, growing, learning, and developing by breaking your bad habits. You also discover amazing tricks and tools you were missing out on.

Reject Yourself with Dignity

While rejection hurts your mental health by attempting to convince a client or editor, they make a mistake that harms your relationship. 
And the worst thing you can do is insult or mock them. It demonstrates poor boundaries, suggesting dysfunctional personality traits.
Take rejection with dignity and learn from it. It’s neither a pleasant feeling nor a dead-end, and the editor or client might be doing you a favor to meet great people that suit you.
Or you can be accepted next time you give your best shot.
In most cases, rejection has nothing to do with your skills. You are a perfect match for others out there, just not the person.

Befriend Your Inner Devil and Make Him Your Slave

Your greatest enemy is your mind. By contemplating, obsessing, ruminating, you’re creating fertile grounds for weeds to grow and block clear paths in your mind.
Your brain will convince you that your writing is whacked, blogging isn’t your go-to place anymore, leaving you with two options- to go hard or quit.
By changing your thoughts and telling yourself you’re good enough, you overpower and control your mind.
You cannot always control the feelings you have, but you can control how you relate to them.

Spread Your Grief Like Raging Fire

Internet forums are the best places to spread your grief after rejections.
Don’t be ashamed, you’re in your darkest days and need motivation and people to relate with to beat the rejection.
You can meet kind strangers willing to walk you through it and build you up with insightful advice. Your voice will be heard and responded to by anyone who chooses to read and comment on your post.
The best thing about forums is that personal responses are neither limited to length nor time. And anyone who has been in your state can continue with your dialogue if it interests them.
You might bump into someone you can turn to when you need assistance.

Exercise Like It’s Your Last

Dealing with rejection and adjusting to new changes can make you stressed. But through exercise, you can combat rejection and lower your stress levels.
Exercising boosts your body’s ability to use oxygen and improves your blood flow. It increases the production of endorphins – “feel good” neurotransmitters – to get your mind off it.
By focusing on the rhythm of your movements, you experience several benefits of meditation and boost your mood.
Such feelings never end there; they become cumulative overtime till your life gets back to normal and rejections no longer scare you.

Go Back to Your Gratitude Journal

Studies reveal that dwelling on your achievements significantly counters stress, making you much more grounded in overcoming obstacles.
But it’s a moment to read the challenges you’ve faced and conquered, reminding yourself that rejection shall come to pass too.
Your journey has been filled with several obstacles, and rejection isn’t the first nor the last. Be grateful for it and jot it down too.
Your mood will boost; you’ll be optimistic and have the urge to carry on every time you read the challenges you conquered.

Be Real with Yourself

Act in line with who you are and what you believe in every time you’re rejected. Your character plays a crucial role in dealing with rejection.
If you make mistakes, acknowledge them and change them. You have the fire inside of you, to put your pieces together and make things right.
Make your next decisions based on what will make you enjoy the process, smash your goals, and make your blogging career a success.

Supercharge Your Ego

Most notions suggest that our greatest primary aims in life should be ego less enlightenment to achieve near inner-peace and where we can’t be knocked off by anything.
Instead of lowering your ego, build an even stronger one. If you weaken it, you lower your character, and the rejection out powers you.
Raise it through continuous trial and error and push yourself. Connect with others to surround your ego with social support and improve your positive character and chip away at toxic ones.

Never Ever Let It Go!

Getting revenge for rejection may not make you feel okay, but sometimes it’s necessary.
The time comes when you’re compelled to stand for what’s right and call clients or editors out to hurt your feelings.
The best approach?
Speaking through your work. Stay supremely rational, act professional, and never be driven by emotions.
For instance, the first guest posts several bloggers wrote were rejected. 
Some went back to the drawing board and are currently the most successful guest bloggers with hundreds of guest posts, attracting millions of views monthly on top sites.
You deserve your revenge too. Work harder on more amazing pieces and hunt for great opportunities. You can land clients or publishers who value your services.

Cast Razor-Sharp Eyes on Bloggers Who Failed Tragically

Monitoring successful bloggers who have faced rejection in their careers is an excellent way to discover the best approach to use.
You can get powerful insights into the measures they adopted through scheming through their stories or connecting with them to familiarize themselves with their errors, strengths, and how they handled the rejection.
Be cautious not to ask too many questions, infringe on their privacy or fall victim to corny marketers selling their services.

Get Rejected Again and Again

Blogging is half-luck—sometimes privilege, timing, and circumstance play key roles in the decision you make — but other times, it’s your action determining your course.
Most opportunities are seized by bloggers who are rejected again and again. For instance, JK Rowling was rejected 12 times before she wrote and published Harry Potter. And Jia Jing used his 100 days of therapy plan to diminish the pain of being rejected in the future while growing his start up. 
Several successful bloggers do account for the small proportion they’ve attempted. They work their ass off in situations where they stand a higher chance of being rejected. And through continuous rejections, they become immune to it, and their psyche is no longer affected. 
A series of trials and rejections lands them on some life cracking experiences.
Here’s what you should do once you’re rejected

Stop Writing or You Risk Never Writing Again

Never continue writing or researching ways to leverage your writing skills after being rejected. You’re uneasy, and the memory is fresh and stings every time you write.
And if you don’t cease, chances are high you risk developing anxiety disorders characterized by nervousness, restlessness, and zero motivation to write.
The effects are severe and result in graphophobia – the fear of writing, which can last a lifetime – though you can overcome it.  
Maybe you’re burned out and need rest to get back. 
Grab this opportunity to tour places you’ve longed to see and interact with people from different cultures.
You’ll be re-energized and open to new ideas. After the vacation, ask an experienced writer or editor to offer valuable suggestions.
Blog, blog, and blog. You’ll be amazed at how quickly you spot errors, overcome rejection, and make significant milestones in becoming one of the best bloggers.

Starting from Zero

Starting from zero is discouraging; however, it offers unique advantages increasing your chances of success.
It serves as an eye-opener to the steps you skip, and you develop an unstoppable hunger, work harder, and make more sacrifices.
For instance, as a self-taught freelancer, you may have submitted work with several mistakes because of missing out on vital editing tools or resources like how to write a blog post. Your client is justified in rejecting it since it’s an investment, and they deserve a maximum ROI.
Research the best course to enroll in and gain new insights. And unless you’re experienced, you never have to start from the bottom. Request your client/editor to highlight the areas resulting in the rejection
You might be lucky to get a response, and identify your weaknesses, overcoming your rejection faster than dying in silence.
Iron out your mistakes, continue practicing, tracing your steps, and uncovering more blunders.

Looking Forward To Sunrise and Sunsets

The sun isn’t static, it keeps on moving, the scenes transform fast and every moment brings a different sunset meaning change is neither bad nor good, it’s beautiful, and will happen.
You’ll feel sad when the sun crosses the thin line and disappears, but you have tomorrow. You have more chances to make things work out, improve your skills, and beat rejection.
The rejection puts you in a sad and stressed mood, and watching the sunrise eases your pain, fighting against stress, depression, and anxiety.
You improve your mental and physical health and get in a better mood throughout. Sunrise grants you hope and sunset brings you peace, assuring you that everything will be okay.

Spoil Yourself Silly

Grab a bike or a car and go to one of the most lucrative hotels. Invite your friends, buy them food and celebrate your rejection.
Dance, dance, dance and laugh about it. It’s not the end of life. Humans screw up and feeling sad makes your situation worse. You won’t be comfortable speaking to anyone.
But by chilling with your friends, they console you, come up with great ideas or refer you to someone who conquered rejection. 
Sometimes you lack a better way to make the pit of success bigger than the pit of failure, but if you can joke and laugh about it, you can shape your rejection into a positive learning curve.  


It’s tragic how several bloggers think overcoming rejection is daunting. Yes, it’s like a daily mail. Yes, you get several mixed signals and your motivation to write great content is wiped out.
Yes, gut-wrenching memories sting over and over again. And you feel like wiping off your existence off the face of the earth.  
But by accepting your situation and believing in yourself, you prove immune to the rejection.
Imagine joining the top 1% of bloggers globally and receiving hundreds of guest post invites.
Imagine seeing your rejected copy published, but this time on your dream site with millions of readers. 
Imagine working with your dream brand to get paid hundreds of dollars per blog post and earning enough to last you for decades.
Unless you get over the rejection and work your ass off, all these will just be dreams.
You have all the secret sauce. Experiment them and stick to the ones uplifting your state. Ditch the ones that don’t. 
You’ll be amazed at how fast you use the rejection to your advantage. 
Okuto Antony is a productivity-obsessed copywriter and blogger who crafts long-form killer copies for B2B, eCommerce and SaaS businesses. He’s on a quest to stamp out gibberish and make whack business blogs glitter.  Learn about his freelance writing services if you’re serious about turning your online business into a money-making machine for generations.

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