Well, have you? Here’s a question for you, what do you expect, or hope, to gain from blogging? Every single blogger, has begun blogging for a reason. The reasons may differ, but I guarantee you there was a reason that led to the decision to move forward. Some of us started blogging for money, maybe even financial freedom, some of us started blogging because were lonely and wanted the opportunity to meet new people and blogging beats crying over a bowl of ice cream on Saturday night. And then there are those of you that just need to be involved, maybe your a trend follower, your friends were doing it, your spouse made you do it, these are all viable reasons to start blogging.

Hopefully, after reading that last paragraph you were able to come to a conclusion as to why your even here. So now that you know, you have to market yourself accordingly. Of course if your blogging for money you have the roughest road ahead. You will have to be willing to put 10 times the amount of work into achieving your goals. If you are here for some of the other reasons, you can get away with very little marketing, after all you aren’t in a big hurry to attain anything because most likely you are just a casual blogger.

Going back to blogging for money, what effort have you put forth to market yourself to the world? Do you find yourself in a rut, hitting the same old spots everyday? The trick is diversifying your marketing tactics, to reach the largest audience. I find that to many bloggers use the same social networks, blogging communities etc., and never go out of their way to really get themselves out there. I am willing to guarantee that if everyday, you submitted your blog to a new directory, or left comments on a blog you have never visited, you would reach your goal 30 times faster, than those in a marketing routine.

What makes a popular blog popular? Do they write better than you, or have better ideas than you? Not likely. In fact a lot of “A” list bloggers don’t actually write posts that are that great, or maybe I should say any better than anyone else, sshhh don’t tell them I said that, but its true. Most of them are popular because of their marketing tactics. You see if you take advantage of as many venues as you can, people see you. If I were to run a search on Google, stop by five different blogs, check out my favorite social networks and read an article on Squidoo that all had links to your blog, in my eyes you are an authority. I would then see you as a popular blog, because I see you or hear about you everywhere I go. By leading people to believe you are an authority, you will eventually become one. Thats how a lot of these more popular blogs I speak about have reached the point they are at, in effect its like a magicians act, I am not popular but I made you think I am.

Lets take Gizmodo for instance, don’t get me wrong I like them and visit frequently, but they are a widely popular blog and for what, if you look at the biggest majority of their posts, at the bottom there is a link to their source, usually another blog. So we know they are not popular because of ground breaking news, because in essence they are a scraper, mining the web for stories they think will be popular and re-writing them, anyone with a keyboard can do that. So if its not their content how did they get where they are? Their marketing of course! Best of all, you can market yourself all over the web for free, you don’t have to pay thousands of dollars in advertising, there are millions of free places or ways to stick a link somewhere. By the way, Gizmodo sorry to use you as the guinea pig, love ya’. 🙂

So think about all of this the next time you have 30 minutes to spare, and get out there, visit new places and market yourself. You only stand to gain something.