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Best Health Podcasts: 15 Examples [2022]

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Health podcasts are a great way to learn about health topics, especially if you don’t have the time to read books or watch videos online.

But how do you know which one is the best?

With a variety of podcast types, it can be overwhelming trying to find the right one for you.

We’ve compiled a list of the top 15 health podcasts to help you stay informed on health matters.

What Is a Health Podcast?

A health podcast centers on topics that can help listeners lead healthier lifestyles.

These podcasts generally feature interviews with experts, authors, and other individuals with unique perspectives and insights on how to improve one’s physical and mental health.

This type of podcast is an excellent resource for people looking for information on pursuing good health but who don’t have time to read books or articles.

What Does a Health Podcaster Talk About?

A health podcaster discusses lifestyle, nutrition, fitness, and other health-related topics.

Some hosts may share their personal experiences about specific conditions or diseases to further a specific talking point on their podcast.

What Is Included on a Health Podcast?

Most health podcasts include original health content created by the host or producers of the podcast.

Typically, health podcasts consist of interviews with experts or discussions between hosts and guests about trending topics in healthcare and fitness.

Others include interviews with celebrities who have made health and wellness part of their lives.

Other Things You Can Find on a Health Podcast

Here are several common elements of a health podcast:

  • Facts: Similar to health blogs, a health podcast will feature facts on illnesses like cancer. These could focus on symptoms or the long-term effects of poor eating habits.
  • Current events: A podcaster may also touch on the latest news, whether it’s healthcare, fitness, or nutrition.
  • Advice from health experts: Health podcasts often feature expert advice on healthy eating and regular exercise.
  • Tips to improve health: Podcast hosts may recommend nutrition tips to maintain health and shed weight.

Types of Health Podcasts

Here are some of the best ideas for a health podcast.

Podcasts for Mental Health

Mental health podcasts teach how to deal with anxiety and depression and identify potential symptoms of mental illness.

Wherever you listen to a podcast on mental health, you’ll hear from behavioral scientists, psychologists, and therapists.

Podcasts for Physical Health

Physical health podcasts offer tips on caring for your body.

They cover exercise, weight loss, and diet advice for medical issues, like diabetes and heart disease.

Other podcasts may focus on injury rehabilitation after an accident or surgery.

Podcasts for Spiritual Health

Spiritual health podcasts provide guidance on living a more holistic life and connecting with your inner self.

They cover religion, personal development, meditation, and healing music.

Spiritual health podcasts teach you how to incorporate spirituality into your daily life and find meaning in your experiences.

Best Health Podcasts: 15 Examples

Below are the best 15 health podcasts.

How Many Health Podcasts Are There?

There are thousands of health podcasts today with different topics to explore.

As there are numerous health podcasts available, you’ll have a good chance of finding the right podcast for you.

Podcasts for Mental Health

It’s impossible to pinpoint the right podcast about mental health.

One option is to try out a few different episodes before settling on a show.

Here are a few of the top-rated podcasts.

The Positive Psychology Podcast

the positive psychology podcast homepage screenshot 1

Hosted by Kristen Truempy, The Positive Psychology Podcast aims to help listeners find solutions by discussing motivation, focus, and strengths.

Truempy is an experienced podcaster with a master’s degree in applied positive psychology.

The episodes typically last between 30 and 60 minutes and feature an informative guest speaker.

You can access the podcast on Google, Spotify, ACast, and Apple App Store.

The Hilarious World of Depression

hilariousworld homepage screenshot 1

Run by the legendary comedian and public radio broadcaster John Moe, The Hilarious World of Depression is a collection of honest, emotional, and amusing talks with comedians who have battled with poor mental health.

The podcast injects humor into an otherwise serious subject to combat the stigma around a condition that affects many people in silence.

You can learn new things and understand you’re not alone with your depression.

The Trauma Therapist Podcast

thetraumatherapistproject homepage screenshot 1

Since 2014, The Trauma Therapist Podcast has been releasing impactful episodes discussing traumatic experiences and issues relating to mental health.

It has 4.5 stars and over 300 reviews on Apple Podcasts.

The duration of each episode is approximately half an hour.

Most episodes feature Guy Macpherson in discussion with prominent mental health professionals.

More than 500 episodes touch on challenging topics and are accessible through platforms like iTunes and Spotify.

Tara Brach

tarabrach homepage screenshot 1

Tara Brach has a particular focus on Western psychology and Eastern spiritual practices.

The show emphasizes introspective awareness and an easygoing approach to the world.

This podcast also explores the power of empathy in alleviating suffering in the world.

In addition, the podcast sometimes focuses on personal growth and emotional healing.

Episodes can range from brief reflections to lengthy discussions.

The Anxiety Podcast

the anxiety podcast homepage screenshot 1

Tim JP Collins brings his experiences of anxiety and panic attacks to The Anxiety Podcast.

He made lifestyle changes to overcome them and now helps people achieve the same.

In that context, the podcast focuses on overcoming fear and anxiety.

Tim makes his shows more relatable by incorporating listener queries and interviews.

The episodes are between 10 and 30 minutes long and cover various subjects, including meditation, habit formation, thankfulness, and prioritization of one’s needs.

You can listen on the podcast’s website, iTunes, Google Play, and YouTube.

Podcasts for Physical Health

Here are some of the best physical health podcasts available today.

Huberman Lab

hubermanlab homepage screenshot 1

Run by neuroscientist Andrew Huberman, this podcast tackles various health and biological issues and presents them in a simple, amusing style.

The wide range of topics and extensive backlist provide a scientific approach to overall health, ranging from sleep, concentration, stress, and dietary supplements.

Huberman Lab is practical and engaging and features actionable advice for improving one’s health and efficiency at the end of each episode.

Food Heaven Podcast

food heaven podcast homepage screenshot 1

Wendy Lopez and Jessica Jones run Food Heaven.

They interview specialists and nutritionists to help listeners learn about healthy eating habits.

Every episode debunks misconceptions concerning what does and doesn’t constitute healthy eating.

The podcast also explores several relevant themes, including the cultural significance of food and intuitive eating.

Lopez and Jones give concrete and compassionate advice for listeners having trouble accepting their bodies or eating healthily because of sickness, disorders, or other issues.

Nutrition Facts With Dr. Greger

screenshot of the nutritionfacts homepage

If you’re researching natural remedies for high blood pressure, arthritis, cancer, dementia, and other medical conditions, this podcast is your best bet.

Dr. Michael Greger, a best-selling author and nutritionist, answers your questions in short and precise episodes.

The podcast discusses what foods, supplements, and minerals could help improve quality of life and alleviate chronic illnesses and symptoms.

It also advises listeners on what foods and drugs to avoid.

Nutrition Facts With Dr. Greger is popular with those who blog about lifestyle.

The Doctor’s Kitchen Podcast

thedoctorskitchen homepage screenshot 1

The Doctor’s Kitchen is hosted by Dr. Rupy Aujla, who seeks to assist the lost and inquisitive in separating facts from fiction.

He chats with different diet specialists about controlling mood swings, lowering blood sugar levels, and much more.

Each episode is usually around 30 minutes long.

The Model Health Show

themodelhealthshow homepage screenshot 1

Shawn Stevenson presents his listeners with in-depth insights into sleep, alcohol, self-confidence, hormones, and everything that might affect their health in The Model Health Show.

Through interviews with specialists in fields like immune function and smart grocery shopping, Stevenson demonstrates to listeners how knowledge leads to control over one’s health.

Podcasts for Spiritual Health

Here are some of the best spiritual health podcasts.

Slightly Unmediated Podcast Channel

slightlyunmeditated homepage screenshot 1

Slightly Unmediated delves into ideas surrounding religion, personal growth, and inspiration.

The show is excellent for people who understand the value of meditation but haven’t yet perfected it.

It’s an open dialogue about your existence, goals, and how you might improve your daily life.

On Being

onbeing homepage screenshot 1

Run by Krista Tippett, On Being will make you question the purpose of your existence.

Krista’s episodes feature in-depth conversations with people of all faiths about universal themes like art and beauty.

These are insightful and can deepen your understanding of philosophical ideas.

The Soul Collective

thesoulcollective homepage screenshot 1

The Soul Collective features interviews with people looking to embed their lives with more joy, love, and purpose through self-discovery.

Emily Ghosh Harris, the host, offers actionable insights to overcome the limitations her listeners have set on themselves.

In addition, the podcast includes discussions with influential people on issues such as the law of attraction and religion.

Embodied and Awake

embodied and awake homepage screenshot 1

Fronted by Alison Rothman, Embodied and Awake focuses on candid discussions about health, recovery, and self-actualization.

The host conducts frequent interviews with influential individuals, who bring fresh perspectives on a range of deeply meaningful topics.

Dualistic Unity

dualisticunity homepage screenshot 1

Dualistic Unity explores topics that transcend beyond spirituality and belief.

The podcast delves into the importance of togetherness and how individuals can contribute to positive change.

Similar Podcasts Types To Check Out

Here are similar podcast types you can check out if you are interested in learning more about health.

  • Mental Health Podcasts: Covers psychology or mental health. Some topics discussed include addiction, anxiety, self-awareness, depression, and traumatic experiences
  • Podcasts for Weight Loss: The goal of these podcasts is to provide listeners with practical, long-term, and sound advice on how to shed excess pounds.
  • Motivational Podcasts: Aim to educate listeners on new ways to achieve their goals and overcome life challenges. They cover topics to inspire their listeners.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the most common questions people ask on health podcasts.

vector graphic showing an illustration of a person demonstrating healthy lifestyles with the words

Is listening to a podcast healthy?


It’s one of the best methods of alleviating stress and anxiety.

Listening to insightful and informative podcasts also improves your thinking and deepens your understanding.

The best way to listen to a podcast is by streaming or downloading the audio to your computer.

What is the #1 health podcast?

Tara Brach is the number one health podcast.

It has more than 300 million downloads monthly.

Wrapping Up

Health podcasts can be beneficial for many reasons.

They can teach you about the latest research on relevant health topics, give insights into the latest treatments, and offer guidance on leading a healthier lifestyle.

Regardless of what you wish to learn about, it’s easier to land a podcast discussing that particular topic.

If you want to start podcasting as a career, there are also numerous affiliate programs related to health and fitness.

Do you have questions about health podcasts?

Leave a comment below!

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