HelioHost Review-Free Hosting Sucks

By: | Updated: July 22, 2021

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HelioHost Review

HelioHost is a different type of web hosting company. While it does offer a full range of

hosting services, it’s run by a community of hobbyists and the services are completely


About HelioHost

HelioHost has been offering web hosting services to the online community for more than

a decade. The company’s headquarters is in a professional datacenter in Silicon Valley.

As a result, its clients can access features such as unlimited domains and unmetered


Clients are never asked to provide payment information when they sign up. The

company doesn’t try to upsell anyone to purchase a paid plan after trying a “free”

version. Donations to support the hosting service are accepted, but not required from

clients. A “Donate” button appears on the “About Us” page, where interested parties can

donate with Paypal or Skrill.

Support is provided by a community of volunteers. If a client is having an issue with their

web hosting, they can get assistance by phone, in a chat room or by visiting the support


Features Offered by HelioHost Free Hosting

Here is the rundown of the various features offered to clients who choose HelioHost

Free Hosting for their websites.

Bandwidth and Storage

Clients’ bandwidth is not monitored when they sign up for HelioHost, which means they

get unlimited bandwidth with this service.

Up to 1000 mb of data may be stored on HelioHost servers. Data can be transferred to

and from a HelioHost account using the following:

cPanel file manager




web disk


HelioHost allows clients to create user accounts under their own domains. There is no

limit to the number of email accounts that can be created under one domain.

Multiple Scripting Languages


HelioHost’s clients get the latest version of PHP, the most popular scripting language

used on the Internet. It’s offered without “safe mode.” This is more secure, but less

functional than the version available on most free hosts.


ASP.NET is offered by HelioHost Free Hosting’s packages. The company supports

ASP.NET 3.5; each site on the “Johnny” server can use the ASP.NET language.

HelioHost only supports version 3.5, and cannot provide a higher version.


JavaServer Pages (JSP) allows Web developers and designers to develop and maintain

dynamic content-rich Web pages that get noticed by users. JSP allows developers to

separate the Web page’s appearance from content generation; the page layout can

easily be changed without having to alter the existing content. HelioHost’s clients who

wish to use JSP must specifically request it, since this scripting language option causes

high load.


Ruby on Rails (RoR) is an application that is relatively easy to deploy. The company

recommends that clients develop using their home computer before deploying their

application on HelioHost. Detailed instructions for deploying ROR are available on the



Django provides a number of prebuilt libraries for Web developers to use. It streamlines

the work involved in developing common web app features. The same set of code

blocks can be reused, allowing for easy scalability.


Python has the advantage of being easy to learn. It is considered an “ideal language for

scripting and rapid application development.”


This is one of the most popular programming languages used online. It’s an excellent

choice for those looking for a combination of flexibility and expandability. HelioHost

offers Perl with more than 100 basic libraries.

Database Engines


This tool for webmasters is a database management system. Once installed, multiple

users can create and manage multiple databases . If a client wishes to run WordPress

on their site, MySQL is required to store and retrieve all of the blog information.


PostgreSQL is an open-source database system. It runs on all major operating systems,

including Windows, Mac OS X, Linux and UNIX. PostgreSQL is easily scalable, both in

terms of number of concurrent users and volume of data.


SQLite has earned a reputation as being the fastest and most lightweight of the open

source database engines. It is becoming more popular with web developers over time.

Databases are stored under the user’s name as individual files. This storage design

gives a higher level of control and portability than comparable solutions.


The cPanel allows administrators to manage the site using simple point-and- click

methodology. It makes editing the hosting details of a website a very easy task. cPanel

is used for a number of tasks, including:

• Creating/managing email accounts for the domain

• Updating the HelioHost account information and password

• Viewing error logs for the website

• Managing subdomains, parked domains and add-on domains

• Creating MySQL or PostgreSQL databases

• Managing Perl modules


This script installer makes it easy to set up a website with a few minutes with just one

click. It allows users to install hundreds of popular software programs and keep them


When considering HelioHost as a web hosting company, it is definitely not a matter of

“getting what you pay for.” This is an option that is made to suit clients who want or

need a budget-friendly option that can still provide quality features. However, there is a

caveat to consider with this company: since it relies on advertising and donations to stay

in business instead of collecting fees from customers, it may be less stable than other


Those considering this free web hosting option should consider a backup plan in case

they need to move their site quickly later on. The best option would be to make

donations and support the site, which would mean not relying on free web hosting at all.

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