One of my great friends I been knowing since high school and which also dropped out our sophomore year. Contacted me about three years ago because he was seeing the success I was having online and wanted to get into internet marketing. Like I told him is that this business  is not for those who are looking for the get rich quick rainbow.

If you are looking to get rich by starting a website today and seeing thousands of dollars per month is not so realistic people. I educated him on the fact that it takes time and a good bit of hard work to even make a dime. Plus I told him that he must start here first if you need to get a head start of learning the basic of marketing.

He explain to me that he never went back to get his education and been doing jobs here and there for the past 6 years since 2001. He asked me at that time could I help him start a business and will I mentor him on building a website and how to market that site to make a profit.

Now since I knew this guy and really wanted to see him succeed and stop living the pay check to pay check thing that millions of American go through every week. Oprah once said on her show that 80% of Americans are one pay check away from being on the streets. These are positive stats that prompted me to lean a hand and teach him the ropes of marketing.


We all have dreams and not going to work and dealing with our fat boss who does no work but get paid more then anyone else is one of them. At times we dream about taken that vacations to a beautiful island that have waters so blue.. you can see the dolphins through the glare of the water. These are the places you want to go because you fill like you desire it.

Now after a month or so of mentoring my friend, he decide that it was  to enter world of affiliate marketing in which what real caught his attention when I told him you can get paid for just sending people to other people website, this got his juices flowing.

He was out of work and getting unemployment so he had about 3 to 6 months to really make this work or he will be in deep water of debt. So he strapped up his fingers and started to find a product he could sell that could give him that passion income he needed.

The Journey

Now I can’t speck about his product directly because of competitions, but I will say it something that gets him passive income each month. He get a check in the mail every month which gives him goose bumps to talk about even to this day.

So one of the things he had to do is focus on where will he be getting some free traffic from, and I don’t know about you but the search engine is the first place  I will look. Just the other day I wrote about “ How YouTube Brought Me 1.1 Million Video Views..which is another great way of getting free traffic if you know how to create winning videos.

But he choose the search engine in which he found 50 targeted keywords and did a post on all 50 keywords which took him about three weeks to do. Once he had those posted on his site, he needed to what I call seo marketing to get all those pages ranked on the front page of the major search engines.

So  he stared the process of building content and backlink which we all know that plays a big role in gaining higher ranking. Frankly after a month of full marketing and working online for about 5 hours a day, he finally got good quality traffic coming to his website.

Now he wasn’t’ ranking number one for each keyword but he was ranked number one for hundreds of low quality keyword that brought him in tons of free search traffic. With this traffic he started to get sales on this item that he was promoting which paid him a percentage of the monthly fee from each customer per month.

This is said to be passive income that you can make when it comes to residual income. So after that I didn’t really talk to him until last month when he called me out the blue with a 4 year update of how his business was doing.

The Outcome

He said for the past 3 1/2 years he been able to obtain over 2,156 people to sign up for the service he was promoting which pays him $3.12 per user each month. So if you do the math correctly, you will see he is making well over 6k per month with a little hard work. He said it took him about a year to reach this crazy number in which is passive income that he gets even when he don’t want to work.

Now he said he is looking to start another website and try to implement the same strategy to add to his bottom line. I told him to send me an testimonial because many people will love to hear his story.

The message behind this story is that anything is possible if you put your mind to it, we all come from different back grounds and have different belief. But we all share the passion to be successful in some way or another. I wanted to share this with the readers here because most people need a little motivations here and there.

Sometime we need to get away from the “Top 10 plugins” post and read something that will get us out the hard places we’re in. One of the great motivational saying that sparked my success was from my mentor back in the day. He taught me that if you… “GIVE MAN A FISH AND HE WILL EAT FOR A DAY – BUT TEACH A MAN TO FISH THEN HE WILL EAT FOR A LIFE TIME.