I kept the best to the end.

In the past month, I shared with you four techniques to apply the content upgrade.

Today, I’m going to reveal the single, most-effective technique to apply the content upgrade in under 3 min. It’s highly effective that you’ll get thousands of people begging you to get it.

Are you ready for it?

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The technique: Share Scripts/templates you used

Did you do something that you could share a word-by-word script of how your did it?

Or Do you’ve a template that makes it easier for you to apply what you’re teaching after that?

If yes, why don’t you share it and ask people to give you their emails to get it. They’ll be happy to get it.

The truth is that we’re afraid of failure. That’s why when we see someone succeed, we hope to do the same as he did. Copy what he did and do it.

So if you had success with guest blogging, you could share the pitch you use to get on the big blogs. If you’re doing email outreach, ask people to subscribe to get the email template you used to reach those people.

You already have it, and you use it.

Just create a new page and paste it there and you’re done. Or you could do it in pdf for people to download. Anyway, is fine. Just do it.

Real examples?

In his post, Little Known Ways to Increase the Effectiveness of Your Sidebar, Bryan shows how to get more optins from a specific-structured optin form. In his content upgrade, he shares a Keynote Template of the Videofruit Sidebar Design and the Source Code for the OptIn Box.

It’s already there and he didn’t do anything extra. Just copy and paste.

Leadpages is another good example that has used this technique to get sales forever.

The people behind Leadpages shares the new templates they create with everyone, even non-leadpages customers. All you need to get it, is to subscribe and you’ll get the full template. Modify it and you’re done.

You could check this template. [Download] How This Page Gets Charles Kirkland A 72% Conversion Rate.

Over to you

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