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Best History Podcasts: 15 Examples [2022]

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To many people, the study of history is best relegated to big dusty books and the classroom.

However, those people have likely not listened to a history podcast.

This genre of podcasts is burgeoning with fascinating examples of how history can be fascinating.

Read on to learn about some of the best history podcasts.

What Is a History Podcast?

History makes some of the best podcasts around.

History podcasts focus on the exploration of history in different ways.

Some podcasts discuss a single topic throughout several episodes, while others delve into a different topic each week.

These podcasts may look at history with broad strokes or through a specific angle.  

What Does a History Podcaster Talk About?

A history podcaster can talk about different topics related to history.

History podcast topics include world history, American history, African history, food history, history of wars, the effect of history on the present, women in history, and music history.

What Is Included In a History Podcast?

Every history podcast is a little different, and each has a variety of features.

However, there are many common variables across all types of history podcasts.

Here are a few variables to look for in history podcasts.  

1. Context

The way many history podcasts gain success is by connecting historical events to the modern day or other historical events.

Some podcasts include this variable as their hook, while others happen to include context incidentally.

2. Research

Research is the foundation of any good history podcast must exist on.

Many podcasts will outline their exact research sources.

They may use books, reputable blogs, and documentaries to inform their podcast content.

3. Storytelling

Storytelling is what makes podcasts stand apart as a genre.

The previously mentioned research gets synthesized into a digestible story that will intrigue listeners.

The exact storytelling method can vary.

Some stories may be scripted, and others happen in a conversational style.

Whatever method gets used, the story is always a central component of good history podcasts.

4. Audio Quality

Audio quality is a vital component of any good podcast.

The best-researched and organized podcast will not mean much if the audio quality is bad.

Many listeners will turn a podcast off if it is not comfortable to listen to.

So, when creating a podcast, it is essential to consider how you will record, where you will record, and how you will edit the recording.

Types of History Podcasts

There are many podcast sub-genres within the history podcast genre.

Those subgenres may focus on different eras or locations relevant to history, have different demographics, or have different approaches.

Here are just a few of the popular history podcast sub-genres.

1. History Podcasts for Kids

Since some of the content of many history podcasts may be too complex for children, there are plenty of podcasts aimed at children.

These podcasts are often shorter and less complex.

However, they are still very informative, meaning your child will learn and have fun simultaneously.

2. History Podcasts That Aren’t Boring

History has an undeserved reputation as a boring topic to fall asleep to in class.

It could be argued that no history podcast is boring to the right listener.

However, some podcasts are approachable for those new to the genre.

3. History Podcasts for World and American History

History podcasts for the world and American history delve into different elements of history throughout America or the world.

Some of these podcasts are very broad in their approach, with episodes that dot the globe. Others focus on a specific topic.

Best History Podcasts: 15 Examples

With so many history-based podcasts to choose from, it can be difficult to determine which option is right for you.

Luckily, many history sub-genres may be perfect for you.

Here are 15 of the best history podcasts you can listen to now.

How Many History Podcasts Are There?

It is difficult to get a handle on the exact number of history podcasts in the world since there are so many subgenres and takes on those subgenres.

You can find over 150 history podcasts.

However, there are more that connect to history without exclusively being called history podcasts.

History Podcasts for Kids

History podcasts, in general, can get a little intense for young ears.

However, if you have a kid in your life who loves history, do not worry.

There are plenty of podcasts made especially for children.

Some focus on specific topics, while others approach history broadly.

1. But Why: A Podcast for Curious Kids

screenshot of the but why a podcast for curious kids homepage

But Why is a podcast from NPR that looks at many child-friendly topics, including history.

Parents can send their kids’ questions and then they are answered during the show.

While this podcast does not exclusively focus on history, enough episodes end up informed by history that it is worth checking out.

2. Goodnight Stories for Rebel Girls

screenshot of the goodnight stories for rebel girls homepage

Goodnight Stories for Rebel Girls connects to an affiliated book.

Each episode looks at women’s lives throughout history in many different fields.

Each episode is about 10 minutes long and narrated by a famous woman.

The podcast is now offered through an app.

You have access to a few stories for free.

For more stories and other related products, you’ll have to pay a fee.  

3. The Past and The Curious

screenshot of the past and the curious homepage

The Past and The Curious was created by Mick Sullivan, a museum curator, writer, and musician, back in 2016.

The episodes are delivered with some humor but backed up by serious research.

Have a listen to The Past and The Curious if you want to play a history podcast that your kids can listen to without being dull for you.

Each episode focuses on a different story from history in a digestible and fascinating way.

4. Bedtime History: Inspirational Stories for Kids and Families

screenshot of the bedtime history inspirational stories for kids and families homepage

If you want to provide a fun bedtime for your children take a look at Bedtime History.

Each episode of Bedtime History is about five minutes long, providing the perfect time for a concise and fascinating story.

Topics range throughout history.

This podcast is ideal for ages four to seven.

5. History Storytime For Kids

screenshot of the history storytime for kids homepage

History Storytime For Kids is unique because two kids host it.

As a result, children listeners feel more connected to the stories than an adult was the host.

This podcast is ideal for children between the ages of five and ten.

History Podcasts That Aren’t Boring

If you want to try a new podcast genre, but are worried you will get bored, there are certain pods you may want to start with.

Each of these podcasts approaches history from a different angle.

These podcasts are often successful due to their ability to fill a specific niche or connect

6. Stuff You Missed in History Class

screenshot of the stuff you missed in history class homepage

This podcast is hosted by Tracy Wilson and Holly Frey.

Tracy’s love for history started in college where she find out how the past affects the present.

Holly is obsessed with fashion across the ages.

Stuff You Missed in History Class is a great podcast to start with if you are new to the history podcast genre.

The pod shares little-known stories from world history and debunk common historical misconceptions.

7. Noble Blood

screenshot of the nobel blood homepage

Each episode of Noble Blood looks deeply at the stories of royals and nobles throughout history.

The podcast is well-scripted and organized.

Listeners love this podcast because of its quality of research and fun presentation.  

8. 1619

screenshot of the 1619 homepage

1619 consists of six episodes that explore slavery and its legacy.

It looks at the impact of slavery on many elements of modern society.

This podcast is popular thanks to the quality of the content and production.

9. You Must Remember This

screenshot of the you must remember this homepage

You Must Remember This looks specifically at different parts of Hollywood history.

Each season focuses on a specific topic, including dead blondes, the Manson murders, and comparisons of the lives of Jean Seberg and Jane Fonda.

Listeners love this podcast thanks to its in-depth research and well-structured episodes.

10. LORE

screenshot of the lore homepage

The extremely popular and award-winning LORE podcast explores world history by looking at the origins behind the myths of different cultures around the world.

It focuses on dark tales throughout the ages.

While this podcast does focus somewhat on fiction, it also looks at the reality behind that fiction.

History Podcasts for World and American History

Many podcasts focus on American or World history.

These podcasts may talk about all that history in general or they may approach one element of the history.

11. Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History

screenshot of the dan carlins hardcore history homepage

Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History consists of deep dives into history.

The episodes may be comprehensive, but they are by no means boring.

As you listen you will find yourself engrossed in the content.

12. Uncivil

screenshot of the uncivil homepage

Uncivil looks into lesser-known stories from the Civil War about corruption, undercover operations, resistance, and much more.

It explores myths surrounding the war and how the period affected elements of the country today.

13. 9/12

screenshot of the 912 homepage

9/12 is a limited podcast series that looks into the aftermath of the terrorist attacks on 9.11.2001.

Topics include islamophobia, cultural changes, conspiracy theories, and communication about the topic.

How to live with the changes caused by the 9/11 incident?

14.American History Tellers

screenshot of the american history tellers homepage

American History Tellers focuses on the development of the culture of the United States.

Each episode looks at how different parts of US history led to how Americans behave today. One topic can stretch over several episodes.

15. The Fantastic History of Food

screenshot of the fantastic history of food homepage

The Fantastic History of Food explores elements of history through food.

It covers history from all over the world.

This podcast is a great choice for history newbies and enthusiasts alike.

Similar Podcasts Types to Check Out

While there are plenty of history podcasts to listen to, you may be in the mood to listen to something similar to history.

These adjacent podcasts have some overlap with history podcasts in terms of content or type of interest.

  • Art History Podcasts: These types of podcasts explore art history from different perspectives. Art history podcasts are a great type to consider if you love general history podcasts because both require the same storytelling ability.
  • Travel Podcasts: Travel podcasts discuss travel experiences and tips. If you like history podcasts you may also enjoy this type since they offer you the opportunity to hear a modern update on the places you hear about in history pods.
  • Military Podcasts: Military podcasts can include discussions of historical or contemporary military activity. You may enjoy this type of podcast if you enjoy hearing about the war-like aspects of history.

Frequently Asked Questions

It is a good idea to learn more about history podcasts as you consider adding them to your podcast rotation.

Here are some common history channel podcasts that frequently asked questions.

Does the History Channel have podcasts?

The History Channel has several podcasts.

These pods include History This Week, Sports History This Week, Making Lincoln, It Was Said, Blindspot Tulsa Burning, The Food That Built America, Hope, Through History, and This Day in History Daily Briefing.

There are many ways to listen to podcasts from the History Channel.

How can I learn history?

Besides listening to podcasts and going to school, there are plenty of great ways for you to learn about history.

Some of these methods include watching documentaries, reading books, reading blogs from reputable historians, engaging with reputable social media accounts, and visiting historical sites.

Wrapping Up

Learning about history is more than just understanding the past.

It is about understanding how the past affects the present and future.

Wherever you listen to podcasts, trying a history-focused podcast is a great way to learn about history in a creative and fun way.

Whether you love history or it intimidates you, try listening to a podcast and learning something new today.

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