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Home Decor Blogs: Definition, Types, Income & 15 Examples

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Choosing the best home decor pieces can be overwhelming for many.

Deciding on color schemes and furniture styles and arranging decorative trinkets takes a creative eye.

If you have interior design skills, you may be the right person to start a home decor blog!

Home decor blogs make styling your home a breeze with articles, photos, and advice. Here’s how you can start your own.

What Is a Home Decor Blog?

If you’ve ever looked up an article about home decor, you were likely getting information from a blog. Blogs are websites that bloggers own through a hosting service, like WordPress.

Although many think of a blog as an online diary, these types of sites have come a long way.

What Does a Home Decor Blogger Blog About?

A home decor blogger will share advice and inspiration for their chosen niche.

Although home decor is a niche, most bloggers choose a more specific niche market, like DIY or rustic home decor. T

hey may share how-tos, listicles, or articles about mixing and matching patterns, color theory, or other aspects of home design.

What Is Included on a Home Decor Blog?

On a home decor blog, you’ll likely find articles about styles and products the blogger loves.

You may also spot online classes or courses on interior decorating or written guides that talk about specific styles of decor or give decoration ideas.

Other Things That You Can Find on a Home Decor Blog

Every home decor blog differs from the next.

However, most of them share a few similarities.

Here are a few things you’ll usually find on a home decor blog.

  • Articles: A home decor blog wouldn’t be a blog without any articles.
    Bloggers may share how-to articles or listicles to give their readers hints and tips about decor.
  • Photos: You may think of written content when you hear the word “blog,” but photo albums can help readers to see the styling come to life.
  • Recommended Items: Home decor bloggers usually have a section specifically for affiliate marketing to promote other brands’ products.
  • Design Tutorials: As with classes or courses, home decor bloggers may have a section on their website to share free tutorials for their audience.
    Typically, a free tutorial won’t be as extensive as a full-sized course but can offer insight into a specific area.

Best Home Decor Blogs: 15 Examples

Looking at examples of home decor blogs can help you understand them more clearly.

This blogging niche is easy to break into, but it may be challenging to set yourself apart from the crowd.

Here are some of the best home decor blogs and bloggers to gain inspiration from.

How Many Home Decor Blogs Are There?

There are likely several thousand new blogs emerging on the internet daily, so it’s hard to say the exact number of home decor blogs out there.

However, considering that hundreds of millions of blogs exist, you’re sure to find a home decor blog that fits your needs.

Browse through a variety of blogs and find the one that interests you!

DIY Home Decor Blogs

DIY home decor blogs contain topics relating to projects you can do yourself.

These bloggers share inspiration and step-by-step processes to create your home decor or furniture.

DIY Inspired

screenshot of the DIY insipred homepage

DIY Inspired is a home decor blog by an Atlanta, Georgia, woman named Dinah.

She specializes in turning trash into treasure by transforming everyday items into something decorative.

She shares her crafts, decorations, and repurposed projects.

Dinah is on news networks, the Disney+ show, and published in several magazines.

Addicted 2 Decorating

screenshot of the addicted to decorating homepage

Kristi Linauer started the Addicted to Decorating blog to share her DIY projects and decorating journey.

She and her husband purchased a 1948 fixer-upper in 2013 and began by sharing their remodeling process.

She features wall decor, furniture before and afters, home improvement, room makeovers, and more on her site.

Diva of DIY

screenshot of the Dica of DIY homepage

Diva of DIY is a do-it-yourself blog by a mother of 3 and business owner, Leanne.

She shares articles and photos to help her readers feel inspired to create and decorate their lives.

Her posts include furniture flips, styling tips, DIY storage, home decor how-tos, and inspiration.

Centsational Style

screenshot of the centsational style homepage

Centsational Style is a DIY home decor blog by Kate Riley.

Riley enjoys combining patterns, designing, and doing do-it-yourself projects.

On her blog, you will find interior design inspiration, step-by-step DIY processes, and tutorials on how to transform your space into something brand new.

Hunted Interior

screenshot of the huntedinterior homepage

Kristin Jackson started the Hunted Interior design blog to share home decor tips, DIY projects, and inspiration to make your home and life more beautiful.

Her favorite topics to share include vintage rugs, traditional molding, and ideas on decorating on a budget.

Thrifty Home Decor Blogs

Thrifty home decor blogs focus on budget-friendly home decor, inspiration, and techniques for purchasing thrifted products.

Here are some of the best frugal home decor blogs.

In My Own Style

screenshot of the in my own style homepage

Diane Henkler adds her personal style to everything she does.

She created her blog “In My Own Style” to share it with her readers.

She shares DIYs, budget-friendly decor, tutorials, and more.

In My Own Style started in 2009, when Henkler encouraged her readers to search for their signature style.

Marty’s Musings

screenshot of the martys musings homepage

Marty’s Musings is a thrifty home decor blog by crafter and home decorator Marty Walden.

Walden shares simple DIY projects and frugal decorating tips to design your home on a budget.

You’ll find plenty of inspiration for creating stunning spaces without spending tons of money.

Old Brand New

screenshot of the old brand new homepage

Old Brand New is a blog by Dabito, an artist, photographer, vintage hunter, and design lover.

You’ll see lots of tips, tricks, inspiration, and other thrifty content on his blog.

Not only has he grown a large social media following, but he has been on the covers of Real Simple and Better Homes & Gardens.

Rambling Renovators

screenshot of the rambling renovators homepage

Rambling Renovators is a blog that emerged in 2007 when the owners began transforming a 1950s house.

They later purchased a charming 1960’s Colonial style home in 2016 and began renovating again.

You’ll find content focusing on budget decor, remodeling, and DIY projects.

Snazzy Little Things

screenshot of the snazzy little things homepage

Snazzy Little Things is a home decor blog about decorating in classic vintage style.

The owner, Jeanette, grew up watching her grandfather go antique shopping and working on his “snazzy little things,” aka his projects.

Now, she shares vintage decor inspiration and takes her readers along her renovation journey.

Rustic & Primitive Home Decor Blogs

Rustic and primitive home decor is rapidly growing in popularity, and bloggers are taking action to share their decor finds.

Here are the best rustic and primitive home decor blogs.

My Rustic House

screenshot of the my rustic house homepage

My Rustic House is a home decor blog by wife and mother Amy.

Amy enjoys using her blog to connect with her readers as much as she enjoys the blogging process.

She shares various home decor content like thrifting, vintage, and houseplants – all of which she adds a rustic spin.

Rustic Honey

screenshot of the rustic honey homepage

Rustic Honey is a blog by Lauren, who started her blog and brand in 2011.

Her goal is to help her readers cultivate their own country life.

She shares all about country living, including rustic home decor.

You can find farmhouse decor, a project gallery, and delicious recipes.

Hudson Farm House

screenshot of the hudson farm house homepage

Corey Hudson is the name behind the Hudson of the Hudson Farm House blog.

She shares her distinctive style of farmhouse chic with a touch of boho.

As a designer and photographer, her blog features a lot of photographic inspiration for her readers.

Roughing It In Style

screenshot of the roughing it in style homepage

Roughing It In Style began in 1997 as a family business helping its readers find unique rustic furniture and other accessories.

They share some home-related things, like rustic interior design and custom furniture restoration.

The Glam Farmhouse

screenshot of the glam farmhouse homepage

Laurie Scardina started her blog, The Glam Farmhouse, to share her distinctive home decor style.

She finds decor pieces with a rustic style and a touch of glam.

She also shares organization hacks, inexpensive finds, decorating how-to’s, and budget decorating.

Similar Blog Types to Check Out

Not sure if the home decor niche is what you’re looking for?

If you’re thinking about starting a blog, there are several other similar blog types you may enjoy writing about.

  • Interior Design Blogs: Interior design blogs write articles and create content revolving around functionality and style in the home.
    On an interior design blog, the blogger will share tips and tricks, do-it-yourself projects, and inspire you to tap into your creativity and liven up old spaces to be functional.
  • Design Blogs: Design blogs may focus on one of many areas of design.
    Some design blogs may create content around graphic design, while others may focus on web design.
    Although design blogs are versatile, most bloggers will choose one specific area to center their content around.
  • DIY Blogs: DIY blogs or do-it-yourself blogs cover a broad range of projects you can take on yourself.
    A DIY blog typically chooses a specific niche like kid’s crafts, home decor, life hacks, and other similar types of content.
    This type of blogger will share inspiration or step-by-step processes with their readers.

Frequently Asked Questions

vector graphic showing an illustration of home decor blogs

If you’re still wondering about the home decor blogging niche, here are the most frequently asked questions regarding home decor blogs.

Is home decor a profitable blog niche?

Home decor is one of the main types of successful blogs online. People constantly turn to the internet to find new and exciting design trends, how-tos, and inspiration.

As a home decor blogger, you can be the go-to person for your specific home decor style niche.

What is trending in home decor?

While everyone’s style is different, we predict that earthy tones will trend in home decor. You’ll likely see rich brown shades and furniture pieces with lots of texture, like natural wood.

Warm, neutral color palettes are gaining traction; we suspect they’ll be everywhere before long.

Wrapping Up

Home decor blogs share how-to’s, inspiration, and informational content regarding decorating a house.

This type of blog typically features articles, photos, recommended items, and contact information for the blogger.

If a home decor blogger monetizes their site, they may sell their products, use affiliate marketing, or share classes on their site.

If you love interior decor and collecting different things to brighten up your home, a home decor blog might be the perfect way to share your experiences!

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