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Best Hootsuite Alternatives: 9+ Options [Ranked & Reviewed]

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When you run an active website or e-commerce business, finding the time to post relevant messages on social media daily can be challenging.

Thankfully there are options like Hootsuite that can help us streamline the process.

While this tool provides more free time for daily business operations, it does come at a cost.

Therefore, knowing what Hootsuite alternatives are available can allow you to make an informed decision before entering into a paid plan.

The Best Hootsuite Alternatives at a Glance

With all of the social media management platforms available, we highlight the best options below.

While all of these options have their own set of characteristics, we find them to be quite comparable to Hootsuite.

What Is the Best Alternative to Hootsuite?

Out of all the products available, we have determined that CoSchedule is the best Hootsuite alternative.

Not only are there many free resources, but its interface is user-friendly and streamlined.

What Is the Best Free Alternative to Hootsuite?

In finding the best free alternative to Hootsuite, we believe TweetDeck desires that place for recognition.

While it is specific to Twitter, it provides appropriate assistance for staying active on the platform.

An Overview of Hootsuite

When looking for a service that helps you organize and schedule social media posts for your website, business, or online profiles, one of the first options you are likely to come across is Hootsuite.

Below we outline more information about the popular program.

What Is Hootsuite?

When you are looking for a comprehensive tool for creating and scheduling social media activities, Hootsuite has you covered.

With the service, you can easily manage various platforms and messages of all needs and set them up to post on specific days.

Additionally, the service will automate the best times to post on social media.

Where Does Hootsuite Excel?

One of the best features of Hootsuite is that it allows you to access over 150 applications within the program to create excellent social media posts that catch the attention of your visitors.

Whether it’s Canva, Shopify, or Zendesk, you can formulate your content with a specific purpose and flair.

Where Does Hootsuite Fall Short?

While there are many advantages to Hootsuite, some shortfalls make their way into the conversation.

Our Hootsuite review outlines several limitations, but ultimately the cost of the service is a significant barrier to more people being part of the paid plans offered.

Best Hootsuite Alternatives: Our Top 3 Options [Ranked & Reviewed]

With the rise in companies offering similar services to Hootsuite, we took the time to research and review the various options available.

We rank and review our top three options below to help others select the best fit for their website or online presence.

CoSchedule: Our Pick

Why We Suggest This

CoSchedule helps you to create attention-worthy social media posts, including attractive headlines to reel in readers. It is an excellent Hootsuite alternative due to the similarities in the primary service they both offer.

  • Best For: Managing social media accounts
screenshot of the coschedule homepage

Not only does CoSchedule offer social media planning, but they also include many free resources that you can utilize without a paid plan.

CoSchedule helps you to create attention-worthy social media posts, including attractive headlines to reel in readers.

Another top perk to CoSchedule is its easy-to-use interface.

Onboarding into the program can happen without a steep learning curve, which isn’t the case with all management programs.

Many users find it a simple process to navigate the platform and to take the steps needed to boost their content.

Key Features of CoSchedule

You’ll find several perks that come with CoSchedule, some of which include:

  • Headline Analyzer: With CoSchedule, you can input your headline, and the algorithm helps you to tweak it to perfection based on which social media platform you’re posting on.
  • Message Analyzer: Another benefit to the program is using the social media message analyzer. This perk grades your message and gives pointers on how best to change it to meet the needs of the specific platform.
  • Marketing Calendar: As a paid user of CoSchedule, you can create a calendar for future posts and share it with others on your team.
  • Marketing Suite: Knowing the best ways to get the job done, CoSchedule provides users with a database of agile marketing options to help with productivity tools and success. This option also allows for larger teams to work together on projects through the application.
  • Learning Resources: For paid members who want to learn more about the marketing industry and how best to tailor their content for a positive response, CoSchedule offers an arsenal of resources you can use anytime.

Hootsuite vs CoSchedule: How They Compare

While there are many areas in which the two competitors overlap, some key differences come with a paid user.

First and foremost, using Hootsuite appears to be the same as tapping into each social media platform’s standard scheduling outlet.

The main difference is that they are all located inside the same site instead of separate.

Why Is CoSchedule a Great Alternative to Hootsuite?

When comparing the two options, you’ll find that CoSchedule is an excellent Hootsuite alternative due to the similarities in the primary service they both offer.

If the ultimate goal is to have a central location for scheduling, then CoSchedule provides that similarly to Hootsuite.

Pros of CoSchedule

  • Multiple Services: With CoSchedule, you will have scheduling as well as content optimization and the best social media tools to utilize.
  • Simple Interface: CoSchedule is a simple program to adjust to when you’re a new user due to its streamlined layout.
  • Learning Resources: For those wanting to expand on their marketing knowledge, CoSchedule provides a library of learning material to boost your intellect in the area.

Cons of CoSchedule

  • 24/7 Online Help: Unlike Hootsuite, CoSchedule doesn’t provide around-the-clock assistance to users.
  • In-Person Training: While Hootsuite offers an in-person training setup for large groups and corporations, CoSchedule does not provide that service.
  • Plan Cost: While the price of CoSchedule is lower than Hootsuite for a monthly paid plan, it still comes at a significant amount.

CoSchedule Pricing

  • Marketing Calendar: You will pay nothing for the marketing calendar only, which allows you to see all of your future posts in one central location. This service comes free for all users.
  • Marketing Calendar Pro: While the marketing calendar is free, the additional integrations and benefits you can use in conjunction come at $29 per month, billed annually.
  • Marketing Suite: For those with large teams who need access for many individuals, you should reach out to CoSchedule to get a custom quote for marketing suite services.

Can You Try CoSchedule for Free?

You can request a demo for those interested in CoSchedule services that go beyond the free marketing calendar.

This opportunity will permit you to check out all the different features and decide if they fit your particular need or not.

Conclusion: Should You Choose CoSchedule Over Hootsuite?

While Hootsuite is a popular content scheduling and creation option, CoSchedule is a fantastic alternative.

With a lower price point, a free marketing calendar, and a multitude of learning resources, you will likely find yourself just as happy, if not more satisfied, with CoSchedule as you would Hootsuite.

SocialPilot: Runner-Up

Why We Suggest This

SocialPilot is a great alternative to Hootsuite because it gives many of the same features and has proven to be at the same level of quality as Hootsuite, if not higher.

  • Best For: Various websites and social media profiles
screenshot of the social pilot homepage

SocialPilot is a suitable Hootsuite alternative due to the significant number of services they offer to paid users.

With SocialPilot, you will find standard social media creation and scheduling options, but it also comes with the ability to make RSS feeds and browser extensions.

Key Features of SocialPilot

You will find a wide range of amenities with a paid version of SocialPilot.

  • Social Media Scheduling: This streamlined calendar layout lets you quickly and efficiently plan out your social media posts.
  • Bulk Scheduling: In addition to being able to plan out your social media posts, you can also engage in bulk scheduling. This method allows you to complete many tasks in one swoop.
  • Content Curation: For those who struggle to come up with unique posts that catch the attention of their followers, the SocialPilot content curation services will help you get to the level you desire.
  • Facebook Ads Management: Besides standard social media posts, you can oversee your ads and boost content through SocialPilot.
  • Social Inbox: Instead of having to visit each platform to read and respond to messages, you can receive them all in one spot through SocialPilot.

Hootsuite vs SocialPilot: How They Compare

While both companies offer similar features, the social media platforms they integrate with vary.

Additionally, you’ll see that the price plans are wide in range.

However, at its base, you will have two companies with similar goals in mind: to help individuals and businesses streamline their online marketing in one central location.

Why Is SocialPilot a Great Alternative to Hootsuite?

When selecting a Hootsuite alternative, you are looking for a platform that offers similar services at a quality similar to the original option.

SocialPilot gives many of the same features and has proven to be at the same level of quality as Hootsuite, if not higher.

Pros of SocialPilot

  • Multiple Plans: With SocialPilot, you can choose from several different paid plans. Therefore, finding one that fits your need and style is highly probable.
  • High-End Content: SocialPilot works to give its users a leading edge in content creation, and the company includes multiple resources to get the content to the next level.
  • Unique Avenues: What sets SocialPilot apart from its competitors is its ability to schedule on the TikTok application and to manage Google Business profiles.

Cons of SocialPilot

  • Limited Support: As with CoSchedule, SocialPilot doesn’t offer its users around-the-clock support.
  • Instagram Functionality: Unfortunately, while SocialPilot allows users to schedule on TikTok, they cannot smoothly transition posts to Instagram without using a third party.
  • Interface: Compared to CoSchedule and Hootsuite, SocialPilot doesn’t have the same streamlined platform that its competitors do, which makes the learning curve a bit more complicated.

SocialPilot Pricing

  • Professional: This plan is for one user and can connect ten social media accounts. The monthly rate is $30.
  • Small Team: With this plan, you can integrate 20 social media accounts with up to three users. The rate is $50 per month.
  • Studio: When you choose this plan, you are allowed 30 social media accounts and up to six users. This plan comes with a rate of $100 per month.
  • Agency: As the most prominent package option, you are given a white-label service with up to 50 social media accounts and nine users. The cost for this plan is $125 per month.

Can You Try SocialPilot for Free?

As a unique benefit to SocialPilot, you can opt to get a free 14-day trial of any of the four plans.

To participate in this, you don’t need to enter any credit card information, and you can opt to enroll in a paid program at the end of the trial.

Conclusion: Should You Choose SocialPilot Over Hootsuite?

While SocialPilot isn’t as polished as Hootsuite when it comes to its platform interface, they have many positive attributes and a more affordable monthly plan than Hootsuite.

As a Hootsuite alternative, many perks are suitable for various websites and social media profiles.

Therefore, it’s a viable option for many, especially those looking for a lower-cost opportunity.

Sendible: Budget Pick

Why We Suggest This

SocialPilot is a great alternative to Hootsuite because it gives many of the same features and has proven to be at the same level of quality as Hootsuite, if not higher.

  • Best For: Various websites and social media profiles
screenshot of the sendible homepage

As a Meta business partner, Sendible knows a thing or two about social media.

The creation of Sendible was done to provide a cost-friendly option for those looking to incorporate social media scheduling and marketing tools into their websites and businesses.

Key Features of Sendible

There are many valuable features with Sendible, with some of the top listed below.

  • Publishing: Sendible offers various tools to help you publish your social media content to the proper platforms.
  • Analytics: With your custom dashboard, you can monitor the activity and engagement on your respective channels.
  • Collaboration: The team tools on the Sendible platform allow you to work alongside your colleagues on joint projects.
  • Mobile Access: Sendible works on mobile devices as well as computers. Therefore, you can plan and create content while on the go.
  • Mentions: The Sendible program monitors the times your social media handles are mentioned and compiles them for your review.

Hootsuite vs Sendible: How They Compare

Right off the bat, you will notice that the monthly cost for Sendible is much less than the rates that Hootsuite advertises.

However, the services from Hootsuite are of a higher quality than what you will find with Sendible, so it’s a bit of give and take.

Both companies have a predominant audience of small businesses.

Still, Sendible offers fewer restrictions on how many social media profiles you can post to, which is a significant selling point for prospective customers.

Why Is Sendible a Great Alternative to Hootsuite?

While there are a few variations between the two companies, Sendible acts as a great Hootsuite alternative due to being a partner of Meta and having a greater understanding of the needs associated with social media.

With competitive pricing and multiple plans that fit various needs, many find that Sendible performs at a similar level to Hootsuite.

Pros of Sendible

  • Comprehensive Dashboard: You can monitor a wide range of data through the custom dashboard given to you at signup.
  • Time Analytics: Sendible offers you specific time frames to take into consideration when it comes to posting your social media content. The platform will post at the best times for engagement.
  • Surplus of Platforms: With Sendible, you are less restricted in where you can post and schedule your content and how frequently.

Cons of Sendible

  • Team Collaboration: While Sendible offers the ability to work alongside colleagues, the tools to do so aren’t as extensive as Hootsuite.
  • Plan Variation: The Sendible plans vary in what they offer. However, the price differences between each of the programs are a considerable amount, which makes it difficult to upgrade.
  • Limited Customization: Compared to their competitors, Sendible offers minimal customization for the content that users post.

Sendible Pricing

  • Creator: With this plan, you can manage one brand and up to seven networks. The cost for this option is $29 per month.
  • Traction: The Traction plan allows you to control four or more brands and up to seven networks. This option runs for $89 per month.
  • Scale: For agencies or those with multiple brands, the Scale option permits over seven brands and networks. The cost for this comes in at $199 per month.
  • Custom: The most extensive package allows unlimited brands across all the allowable networks and requires you to participate in a demo to create a plan that caters to your needs. After the demo, you will receive a quote for services.

Can You Try Sendible for Free?

As one of the most extensive free trials in the industry, Sendible provides new users with a 30-day opportunity to try out all the features for no cost.

During this time, you can roll over into a paid plan or cancel the service altogether.

Conclusion: Should You Choose Sendible Over Hootsuite?

There are many benefits to both Sendible and Hootsuite.

However, if you’re looking for a more negligible monthly cost and features that resemble that of higher platforms, Sendible may be the best fit for you.

Its partnership with Meta means it will likely expand over time and accommodate further needs.

The Best Free Hootsuite Options

There’s no greater price than free when it comes to finding services and resources for your website.

While you can often get what you pay for with these options, some are beneficial, and you should take the time to explore them.


Why We Suggest This

TweetDeck is an excellent choice if you rely heavily on Twitter for social media marketing. TweetDeck is great for planning content

  • Best For: Planning content on Twitter
screenshot of the tweetdeck homepage

With the explosion of Twitter in recent years, the addition of TweetDeck has brought forward more deliberate messaging for users.

With this service extension, individuals and companies can produce and schedule their tweets for no additional cost.

Why Is TweetDeck a Great Option?

If you rely heavily on Twitter for social media marketing, you know the struggles of needing to post consistently to garner attention for your products and website.

Using TweetDeck to schedule this content in advance frees up your time to be creative in other areas.

Drawbacks to TweetDeck

While TweetDeck is great for planning content, it is specific only to Twitter.

You can’t utilize the service for other social media profiles.

Therefore, while it is helpful, it is also extremely limited in what it provides.


Why We Suggest This

When you sign up for Tailwind, you can use your account to schedule content for your Pinterest and Instagram profiles. Additionally, you can now utilize email marketing strategies from the same account.

  • Best For: Pinterest and Instagram profiles.
screenshot of the tailwind homepage

As another scheduling service that also implements email marketing, Tailwind is quickly gaining traction in the social media world.

While it was previously only known for its Pinterest capabilities, that has changed to incorporate other avenues.

Why Is Tailwind a Great Option?

When you sign up for Tailwind, you can use your account to schedule content for your Pinterest and Instagram profiles.

Additionally, you can now utilize email marketing strategies from the same account.

This layout helps you to keep on top of everything without things falling through the cracks.

Drawbacks to Tailwind

While Tailwind comes with a free option, it’s severely limited in functionality compared to its paid version.

Although you can use many of the services within the application for no cost, it’s at a lesser amount with strict caps.

Notable Mentions: Other Alternatives to Hootsuite

While the best of the best Hootsuite alternatives are listed above, there are far more considerations that shouldn’t be left out.

If you aren’t sold on the companies above, check out the notable mentions we list below.

Sprout Social

Why We Suggest This

Sprout Social is leading the way in new technology that centers around content management. It offers various products that cater to your specific needs.

  • Best For: Social media content management
screenshot of the sprout social homepage

Many haven’t heard of the Hootsuite alternative Sprout Social as it’s newer to the scene of social media management.

However, its features look promising and may be just what you’re looking for in an application.

Why Is Sprout Social a Great Option?

As a company, Sprout Social is leading the way in new technology that centers around content management.

They offer various products and cater to your specific needs instead of a generic approach for all prospective customers.

Drawbacks to Sprout Social

The most significant drawback to Sprout Social is its cost.

The monthly cost of the lowest package is $99, which is a considerable price for those just starting out.

Buffer Publish

Why We Suggest This

Buffer Publish offers a free plan to help those who are just starting in marketing and looking for an option to get a leg up in the field.

  • Best For: Those looking for affordable social media tools
screenshot of the buffer publish homepage

As another lesser-known option for social media marketing, Buffer Publish offers a few services to help those get their business online and appropriately marketed.

They work with all forms of social media, including TikTok and Shopify.

Why Is Buffer Publish a Great Option?

As a company, Buffer Publish offers a free plan to help those who are just starting in marketing and looking for an option to get a leg up in the field.

Their paid plans are very reasonable and start at just $5 per month.

Drawbacks to Buffer Publish

Compared to other options, Buffer Publish is a barebones service.

You only have a few tools to utilize instead of the more considerable amount that the higher-end applications offer customers.


Why We Suggest This

eClincher is a great choice because it spends a considerable amount of time researching the ins and outs of the industry to help those who depend on it for growth.

  • Best For: Novice websites and business owners
screenshot of the eclincher homepage

It’s not often that you hear about the social media management company eClincher.

The company has researched extensively how many hours website owners and businesses spend marketing their services and has made it their mission to help reduce that number.

Why Is eClincher a Great Option?

As an up-and-coming company, eClincher is experimenting with new ways to help novice websites and business owners succeed in marketing.

They spend a considerable amount of time researching the ins and outs of the industry to help those who depend on it for growth.

Drawbacks to eClincher

The eClincher service cost is relatively high compared to other companies offering similar products.

Additionally, the interface appears a bit dated and can be hard to navigate.

Even More Options To Check Out

You are mistaken if you thought that was the end of the list! In our research to find the best, we came across a few that we didn’t feel right leaving out of the roundup.


Why We Suggest This

Emplifi helps boost your social media marketing in a powerful way because it has in influencer marketing and live commerce features.

  • Best For: Creating and scheduling online content
screenshot of the emplifi homepage

Some in the industry are aware of Emplifi from when it was called Socialbakers.

The company has merged to offer multiple services under the umbrella of one organization.

With Emplifi you can create and schedule online content.

Another perk is that you can dabble in influencer marketing and live commerce, among other features available.

You’ll find that there are a lot of avenues to explore as an Emplifi user and that the amenities will help boost your social media marketing in a powerful way.


Why We Suggest This

Agorapulse is an excellent alternative to Hootsuite because it offers a free plan for one user and up to three social media profiles.

  • Best For: Those looking for affordable social media management tools
screenshot of the agorapulse homepage

Agorapulse offers fewer features than some of the more well-known companies but has the basics that many need.

They also offer a free plan for one user and up to three social media profiles.

The next option is the Pro plan, which comes at $79 monthly.

This plan allows you to add more users and market to more social media profiles than the free version.

However, many find the price tag associated with this ability hard to swallow.


Why We Suggest This

MeetEdgar is excellent because it provides the ability to quickly update evergreen content to keep your website updated and relevant.

  • Best For: Scheduling and content creation
screenshot of the meet edgar homepage

MeetEdgar is another new company on the market that offers a unique twist to the services routinely provided.

With MeetEdgar, you can perform all the scheduling and content creation you need.

Still, they also provide the ability to quickly update evergreen content to keep your website updated and relevant.

As a new company, MeetEdgar will likely continue to grow and expand.

The organization seems to have the drive to create top solutions for its users, which sounds promising.

Being an early adopter of the program may be beneficial now as well as in the long run.

Other Alternative Roundups (Similar to Hootsuite)

When starting up a new website or business, you often look for more than one service to help maintain your content.

For those who blog, you may want a social media management tool and also need graphic design.

Below we offer suggestions for those requirements.

  • Canva Alternatives: For your graphic design needs, Canva can help you create banners, icons, logos, and more. However, the cost can be a bit high for some budgets. Check out these Canva alternatives to see what is available.
  • Shopify Alternatives: E-commerce is a trendy way to earn money online and market your products worldwide. While Shopify is often the company of choice when it comes to these needs, there are several Shopify alternatives that you should check out first.
  • Semrush Alternatives: As an umbrella company for all things marketing, you can find every online tool needed to boost your rankings and SEO integrations. If Semrush isn’t in your budget, don’t fret. These Semrush alternatives will help meet the need.

Frequently Asked Questions

vector graphic showing an illustration of hootsuite alternatives logos side by side

The amount of work involved can be overwhelming when you are just starting to market your business or website through social media. Here are some of the top inquiries we receive about Hootsuite and its services.

Can Hootsuite be trusted?

As a company, Hootsuite has been around for many years and has a positive reputation for its online services.

While there are always some negative reviews, the overall consensus with Hootsuite is that you can trust them.

Should I use Hootsuite or Buffer?

The decision as to whether you should use Hootsuite or Buffer will come down to your personal preference and budget.

For some, the interface and easy-to-use nature attributed to Hootsuite are great selling points.

However, for others, Buffer’s lower cost point is more appealing.

Wrapping Up

When researching effective Hootsuite alternatives, you can easily and quickly go down a rabbit hole.

The sheer number of companies that provide similar services is high, but comparing each of the various nuances can prove to be too much.

In our extensive research, we have found the most suitable option to be CoSchedule.

As a viable alternative to Hootsuite, it gives the same quality and many of the same services.

Additionally, you’ll find the layout and functionality to be seamless.

If CoSchedule isn’t your program of choice, another top option is SocialPilot.

This company tends to fly under the radar, but you shouldn’t push it to the side.

They are comparable to both Hootsuite and CoSchedule in what they provide and with a lower cost.

While Hootsuite is the application of choice for many, it doesn’t always check all the boxes.

Therefore, it’s necessary to do your research and explore what Hootsuite alternatives there are on the market to get the job done.

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