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Hootsuite Vs Buffer: Which Platform Is Better In 2022?

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Anyone who spends any time on social media has likely heard of Hootsuite and Buffer.

Both platforms offer users a way to manage their social media accounts effectively, but which one is the better choice in 2022?

It’s hard to say, but we’re going to take a shot at it.  

While they both have a lot to offer, there are some key differences that users should be aware of before making a decision and some features to focus on that might sway your opinion from one to the next.

Not to mention, both platforms have their pros and cons.

So, which one is the best for your business? Let’s find out below.

Hootsuite vs Buffer: An Overview

Hootsuite and Buffer are two of the most popular social media management tools on the market.

Both tools offer a similar set of features, including scheduling and publishing content, tracking analytics, and engaging with followers.

However, there are some critical differences between the two platforms.

So let’s take a deeper look into what each platform is and offers below.

Is Buffer the Same as Hootsuite?

There are a lot of misconceptions out there about Buffer and Hootsuite.

For starters, people often assume that they’re the same thing.

But while they both offer social media management tools, they have quite different features and purposes.

Buffer is primarily focused on helping users schedule and publish content.

It’s great for managing a large volume of content, as well as for monitoring post-performance.

On the other hand, Hootsuite is more geared towards helping users track conversations and engage with their audience in real-time.

It also offers more advanced features, like team collaboration and social listening.

So while they may seem similar at first glance, Buffer and Hootsuite are quite different.

What is Hootsuite?

Hootsuite is a social media management platform that allows users to post and schedule updates, track analytics, and monitor conversations across multiple networks.

In short, it’s a one-stop-shop for all your social media needs.

Hootsuite was founded in 2008 by Ryan Holmes, and today it boasts over 16 million users.

The platform is particularly popular with businesses and organizations as it helps them save time and optimize their social media presence.

While Hootsuite offers a free basic plan, some more advanced features are only available with a paid subscription.

Overall, Hootsuite is helpful for anyone who wants to streamline their social media activity.

What is Buffer?

Buffer is a tool that helps you better manage your social media accounts.

For example, it lets you schedule posts in advance to make sure your content is being published at the best times.

It also helps you track your social media analytics to see how well your posts are performing.

In addition, Buffer offers a variety of helpful features, such as the ability to share content from other people and the ability to create custom graphics.

Overall, Buffer is a valuable tool for anyone who wants to better their social media presence.

Whether you’re a small business owner or a busy mom, Buffer can help you save time and increase your reach.

Hootsuite vs Buffer Features

While the two social media management platforms seem very similar, they offer different benefits.

vector graphic showing a hootsuite vs buffer image - a hootsuite logo on one laptop screen and a buffer screen on another on laptops arranged side by side

Hootsuite Features

Hootsuite is a social media management platform that enables users to schedule posts and integrate several apps to streamline their processes.

Social Scheduling

One of the most valuable features of Hootsuite is its social scheduling feature, allowing you to schedule your posts in advance, so you don’t have to worry about posting in real-time.

You can also use the social scheduling feature to post your content at different times throughout the day automatically.

This feature is beneficial if you have a large following on multiple social media platforms.

With Hootsuite, you can easily manage your social media presence and ensure that your audience is seeing your content.


Hootsuite’s analytics feature lets users see how their posts are performing, who is talking about them, and what kind of engagement they’re getting.

Users can also track their activity and compare it to other users.

The analytics feature is a great way to see how effective your social media strategy is, and it’s also a great way to get insights into your audience.


One of the most useful aspects of Hootsuite is its ability to integrate with other popular platforms and apps, allowing users to manage their social accounts concerning their other marketing, project management, or content creation platforms.

Hootsuite has over 150 app integrations available.

Some include:

  • Adobe
  • Canva
  • Google My Business
  • Shopview
  • Dropbox

Buffer Features

Buffer is a social media management platform that allows users to integrate other applications to streamline processes, schedule posts, and measure content engagement.


Buffer offers various app integrations, including Canva, WordPress, Zapier, IFTTT, and Microsoft.

However, it also connects with Zapier to provide users access to upwards of 4,000 other apps, such as:

  • Google calendar
  • Facebook pages
  • Twitter
  • Airtable
  • Google Sheets

Measuring Engagement

Measuring engagement is essential for any business owner who wants to get an accurate sense of how their audience responds to their content.

Buffer’s measuring engagement feature is an excellent tool for doing just that.

With it, you can see how many people are engaging with your content, where they’re coming from, and what kind of devices they’re using.

This information can be invaluable for understanding your audience and tailoring your content to them.

In addition, the measuring engagement feature can also help you troubleshoot issues with your content strategy.

If you do not see the results you want, you can use the data from Buffer to figure out what’s not working and make changes accordingly.

Hootsuite vs Buffer Social Networks

Both Hootsuite and Buffer are great tools for managing your social media accounts.

However, there are some critical differences between the two platforms.

For one, Hootsuite supports a broader range of networks.

Hootsuite Supported Social Media

Hootsuite supports:

  • Facebook and Instagram
  • Twitter
  • Youtube
  • LinkedIn
  • Pinterest

Buffer Supported Social Media

Buffer supports the same social media accounts as Hootsuite, except for Youtube.

You cannot use Buffer to schedule content for Youtube.

Hootsuite vs Buffer Posting

Both Hootsuite and Buffer offer post scheduling as a way to help users better manage their social media accounts.

However, the two features work in slightly different ways.

Hootsuite Posting and Scheduling

Users simply need to connect their social media accounts to Hootsuite to get started.

Once accounts are linked, users can create posts and schedule them for future publication.

Hootsuite offers several features that make scheduling simple and efficient, including the ability to add posts to a queue, bulk upload content, and set up publish times in advance.

Buffer Posting and Scheduling

When you create a post on Buffer, you can schedule it for later or post it immediately.

If you choose to schedule it, you can select the date and time that you want it to go live.

Once you’ve created your post and selected a date and time, Buffer will automatically post it for you.

You can also use Buffer’s scheduling feature to create a queue of posts that will go live at predetermined times, which is useful if you want to ensure that your content is being published regularly, even when you’re not around to do it yourself.

Hootsuite vs Buffer User Experience

Hootsuite and Buffer differ in terms of their user experience.

Buffer has a more straightforward interface that is designed to be easy to use.

In contrast, Hootsuite offers a more complex interface with more features and options.

Hootsuite User Experience

Hootsuite’s user experience is pretty straightforward.

Once you sign up for an account, you’re taken to a page where you can enter the URL of the website or social media platform you want to track.

After that, you’re given a dashboard with all relevant information for that platform.

You can see how many followers you have, how many people are talking about your brand, and so on.

The interface is simple and easy to use, which is one of the reasons why Hootsuite is so popular.

Buffer User Experience

Buffer’s interface is clean and easy to use, and the features are straightforward and effective.

Scheduling posts is a breeze, and you can easily see when each post will go live.

Plus, Buffer integrates with various other tools, which makes it even more convenient to use.

Overall, the user experience is positive.

Hootsuite vs Buffer Marketing

As social media management platforms, Hootsuite and Buffer offer various similar social media marketing solutions.

Hootsuite Marketing

Social media marketing is one of the most efficient and effective ways to connect with customers and promote your brand.

And Hootsuite is one of the best social media marketing platforms out there.

With Hootsuite, you can quickly and easily connect with customers on various social media networks.

You can also schedule posts, track your brand’s social media performance, etc.

Plus, Hootsuite offers a variety of helpful tutorials and support resources to help you make the most of their platform.

Buffer Marketing

Buffer is a social media management platform that helps companies with their online marketing efforts.

The platform offers a suite of tools to help businesses with tasks such as scheduling posts, analyzing engagement, and measuring results.

Buffer also provides a blog with marketing tips and advice.

In addition to its marketing features, Buffer also offers a tool to help businesses manage their social media accounts.

Hootsuite vs Buffer Pricing

Here is a breakdown of the differences between pricing for Hootsuite and Buffer.

Hootsuite Pricing

Hootsuite offers a free 30-day trial for prospective users.

After that, you can choose from a few different paid plans that increase in price depending on how many users you want to add to the account and advanced features.

For instance, if you can choose either the professional, team, business, or enterprise plan.


Hootsuite’s professional plan is $49 per month and offers:

  • Access for one user
  • Connect ten social media accounts
  • Advanced and multiple post scheduling
  • Unlimited posts


Hootsuite’s team plan includes the same as the professional plan, is $129 per month, and offers:

  • Access for three users
  • Connect 20 social accounts
  • Manage team access
  • Assigning tasks and comments


Hootsuite’s business plan is $739 per month and offers the same as the previous plan with the addition of:

  • Access for five users
  • Connect 35 social accounts
  • Review messages before publishing
  • Premium apps
  • Priority support connection


For Hootsuite’s enterprise plan pricing, you must contact the company directly.

However, you can expect:

  • Access for more than five users
  • Connect over 50 social accounts
  • Quarterly business review
  • Team performance reports
  • Social advertising

Buffer Pricing

Unlike Hootsuite, Buffer offers a free plan instead of a temporary free demo.

However, if you want access to advanced features, the platform offers paid plans too.


The essentials plan is $5 per month per social channel and offers:

  • Analytics
  • Engagement
  • Landing page builder
  • Planning and publishing tool


Buffer’s team plan offers the same features as the essentials plan, is $10 a month per social channel, and offers:

  • Unlimited team member and client access
  • Exportable reports
  • Draft collaboration tools


The agency plan with Buffer is $100 per month for ten social channels.

If you need to add more, you can pay $5 per extra channel.

The plan offers the same as those before it, along with custom access and permissions and agency-friendly pricing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you still unsure which social media management tool is for you?

We’ve answered a frequently asked question about Buffer below for your consideration.

Is Buffer Good for Instagram?

Overall, the answer is yes.

Buffer makes it easy to post content on Instagram, and it also provides users with valuable insights into their audience.

Additionally, Buffer offers several features specifically for Instagram, such as saving and organizing hashtags and including the first comment with the post.

Plus, Buffer recently introduced planning and scheduling Instagram stories too.

Hootsuite vs Buffer: Conclusion

So, which should you choose for your business?

The answer depends on what you need.

If you’re looking for a social media management platform with all the bells and whistles, Hootsuite is probably your best bet.

But if you just want to schedule posts and manage a couple of accounts, Buffer might be more than enough.

No matter which tool you choose, make sure to test it out and see how it works for you.

The bottom line is that both Hootsuite and Buffer can help take your social media marketing to the next level.

So, test them out.

Which one do you think is better?

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