HostCo Review: Are They Worth Your Time and Money?

By: | Updated: July 22, 2021

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HostCo is known as a Concrete5 Hosting company from Tampa, Florida. They provide plenty of packages and multiple options for using Concrete5, along with the add-ons and themes. However, they may not be the best choice and this HostCo review will address why.

HostCo Review

HostCo offers two types of hosting: Shared and Cloud Hosting. They offer multiple packages with both types of hosting. The packages include:

    • Shared 1 – $10/month good for one website with 100GB of space and unlimited bandwidth.
    • Shared 2 – $20/month good for up to ten websites with unlimited disk space and bandwidth.
    • Shared 3 – $30/month good for unlimited websites with unlimited bandwidth and disk space.

    Cloud hosting ranges in price from $40 per month all the way up to about $150 per month. It all depends on the type of operating system you choose, along with the processor, disk space and IP addresses. They do offer a discount when paying annually instead of monthly.

    All hosting packages from HostCo provide everything you need for using Concrete5, but they are certainly not full of value. Paying $10 to $30 for shared hosting is steep, especially paying $30 to get unlimited everything. FatCow offers a similar package, which will work for Concrete5 hosting for just $3.15 per month. Plus, they are better-known in the hosting industry and provide great support.

    When you look at what HostCo gives you for your hosting, they don’t provide much value. Yes, it’s solid Linux hosting and works great for Concrete5, but you will pay ten times the price compared to a similar package from FatCow hosting.

    What do Other HostCo Review look Like?

    It’s not easy to find many HostCo reviews available online. This is probably due to the very low number of websites they actually host. This is a very small hosting company, which is probably why they have such high prices. They do have a good uptime rating, but their overall rating from SiteGeek and other review sites is mediocre at best.

    Simply put, they are inexperienced and too new to really have many reviews from real customers. Even though HostCo advertises that they offer excellent Concrete5 hosting, they are not the right choice if this is the CMS you want to use. Instead, FatCow should be your hosting company of choice.

    Comparing HostCo to FatCow

    The easiest place to look when comparing HostCo to FatCow is the price. HostCo starts at $10 per month and you don’t even get unlimited resources. They only let you host one domain at this price. FatCow doesn’t have a shared hosting package as expensive as $10 per month and they give you unlimited resources and domains for just $3.15 per month.

    HostCo offers an upgrade to cloud hosting, which starts at $40 for a very small and low quality package. You will spend as much as $150 on cloud hosting if you need to upgrade.

    With FatCow, you can upgrade to a better hosting option called VPS hosting. Then, you have the option to upgrade to a dedicated server, if you need it. Their VPS hosting accounts start at just $20 per month and go up to as much as $80 per month. If you reach a point where you need a dedicated server, they offer dedicated hosting from $120 to $192 per month.

    Overall, FatCow hosting is a far better solution for Concrete5 or any other CMS you want to use. HostCo isn’t very large, they lack experience and they charge a massive price for shared and cloud hosting packages. If you want the best, stick with FatCow website hosting for all your hosting needs.

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