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By: | Updated: July 22, 2021

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Hosting a blog on WordPress is the best way to go. It’s the easiest platform to use and the most stable. WordPress is by far the top platform for bloggers worldwide. With nearly 75 million sites using WordPress, it surpasses all other CMS choices easily. WordPress sites make up nearly 19% of all the self-hosted websites found today.

Surprising Statistics about WordPress

Along with being the largest CMS, there are many other statistics that show the domination of WordPress for bloggers. Some surprising stats include:

  • 48% of the Top 100 Blogs from Technorati are managed with WordPress
  • WordPress-related keywords are searched for nearly 40 million times per month
  • There are 40 different translations of WordPress
  • gets more unique visitors every day than (US)
  • Six new posts go up on sites every second
  • WordPress has nearly 30,000 plugins

After reading these stats, it shouldn’t be a surprise that WordPress is the choice for bloggers.

Setting up your Blog on WordPress

The first thing you will need to use WordPress for your website and blog is hosting. While the free version of WordPress is good, the self-hosted version is far better. Any hosting account with just about any hosting company will include the self-hosted WordPress version free of charge.

After you get your hosting, you will need a domain name. The domain name will need to have WordPress installed on it with the easy one-click installation most hosts provide.

Once WordPress is installed, you can get down to the business. Now is the time to choose the plugins, your theme and all the other tools you will need to set up your site.

After your site is set up, you can just log in, create posts and publish.

Benefits of Hosting Your Blog on WordPress

When you choose to host your blog on WordPress, you gain many benefits. Not only will you gain access to the massive library of plugins, but you will also be using a platform primed for great SEO. Just install the right SEO plugin and you will be all set.

Other benefits of using WordPress for your blog include:

    • Incredibly User-Friendly
    • You gain full Control of your Site
    • Can manage your Blog from Anywhere
    • No Coding Knowledge Necessary
    • Massive Network of Support
    • 100% Customizable Themes for your Site
    • Ability to add Multiple Users
    • Your Site an Grow at Your Pace
    • And More!

    These are only a few of the many benefits you gain from using WordPress for your blog. Whether you plan to use your blog to make money online or you just want to vent to the public, WordPress is the best choice.

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