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Hosting your own blog is a step which most bloggers need to make at one point if they want their blog to be successful. This page lists some of the most widely used webhosts by bloggers today.

Many of these hosts offer unlimited webspace bandwidth. Please read our note on unlimited hosting offers for more information on this.

Recommended Web Hosts

BlueHost HostingBlueHost

BlueHost are incredibly popular amongst bloggers. Their starter package starts costs just $6.95 a month and offers unlimited domains, unlimited webspace and bandwidth*, 2,500 pop email accounts and 100 MySQL databases.

Visit Site : BlueHost

HostGator HostingHostGator

HostGator have a range of affordable web hosting packages which are suitable for bloggers. Their cheapest package (hatchling) only costs $4.95 a month however you can only use 1 domain. Their next package (baby) costs $7.95 offers unlimited domains. All packages offer an unlimited number of ftp accounts and MySQL databases.

Note, the prices quoted above are only available if you pay in advance. Their packages are a little more expensive if you choose to pay on a monthly basis.

Visit Site : HostGator

DreamHost HostingDream Host

A hugely reliable web hosting service with a great reputation, Dream Host basic package is around $9.95 a month. Other than a fair usage policy, there are no restrictions on the number of domains and databases that you can set up through them.

Visit Site : Dream Host

JustHost HostingJust Host

With their cheapest package starting at just $2.95 per month, JustHost have become a popular option for bloggers with a low budget.

Visit Site : JustHost

Laughing Squid HostingLaughing Squid

Boasting a basic website design, Laughing Squid may not be as well known as many other hosting services. However, they do have a great reputation amongst bloggers. Their basic package costs $8 a month and boasts an impressive 1GB of web space, 50GB of Bandwidth and 3 MySQL databases, more than enough for most new blogs.

Visit Site : Laughing Squid

Choosing a Web Host

Are you still unsure about what to look for in a web hosting package? Then why not download our free e-book ‘Choosing a Web Host : Helping You Choose The Right Host For Your Blog‘. It explains all the features that hosting companies offer and will help you understand what you should be looking for.

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