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Basic Hosting Terminology

Below is a list of some basic hosting terminology.

  • Web Space (Disk Space) : The amount of physical space that you have to store your files (pages, images, videos etc).
  • Bandwidth : How much data can be transferred from your host to visitors. Hosts usually limit the amount of bandwidth on a monthly basis.
  • Shared Hosting : A hosting situation where hundreds or even thousands of websites are stored on the one physical server.
  • VPS : Stands for Virtual Private Server. A server is partitioned into several or more virtual drives. Each one can be modified and used in the same way as a dedicated server.
  • Dedicated Server : A server which is solely used by one customer (i.e. it is not shared with any other customer). The user has full control over everything on the server.
  • Cpanel : A popular hosting admin panel.
  • Plesk : A popular hosting admin panel.
  • Terms Of Service : The terms and conditions of a hosting package. They usually include details over usage policies, spam, payment details and cancellation terms.

Choosing a Web Host

Are you still unsure about some hosting terms? Then why not download our free e-book ‘Choosing a Web Host : Helping You Choose The Right Host For Your Blog‘. It explains all the features that hosting companies offer and will help you understand what you should be looking for in a web host.